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Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
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Default Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?

Motivate. Validate. Participate.: No Dixie Carter in site, Impact! Wrestling got off a good start with a match happening directly afterwards but honestly anybody here tell me that Abyss doesn't look like Total Nonstop Action took The Great Muta's Mask, Fused it into Kane's Mask and then tossed The Undertaker's Trench Coat on the guy?

Abyss Vs Samoa Joe: There is no need for Janice to be involved here, I like the continuation of Abyss Vs Eric Young though.

BroMans Vs Sanada & Tigre Uno: Who finds BroMans Entertaining? I don't, Who finds Spotfests Entertaining; I don't. Guess what, that's what this match was. Just like watch a Triple Threat/Fatal-Four Way X-Division Match; Total Nonstop Action turns it into a Stop Spot, Stop Spot; session.

Britney Vs Gail Kim W/ Lai'D Tapa: You know. I can already tell I'm going to despise Britney because she's just another one of those 'Hey Guys I'm Knew Here!' personalities TNA likes to throw down our throats, I don't care who her father is; I don't care that she's a second generation wrestler. I don't care that she beat Gail Kim mainly because I don't give a rat *** about Botch Kim and TNA's Tamina Snuka;

Bully Ray Vs BroMans: Thank God.

Tribute To Dixie Carter: This from Start to Finish was pure hilarity Gold, I love Rockstar Spud and I don't mind Ethan Carter III's Character when he's not attempting to Wrestle. I thought this was ****** Great. Got no complaints, EC3 has a chance to prove me wrong facing Bobby Lashley next week.

Bully Ray Vs EC3: Thank God.

Mr. Anderson Vs Samuel Shaw: A Manikin. Honestly, I'm suppose to find this guy to be a CLB (Christian's Original Nickname) because he has an obsession with the Ring Announcer Girl? Really. Mr. Anderson was the best part of this whole entire match, I don't care about some stupid Manikin; I don't give a rats *** about Samuel Shaw. As for 'Street Fight' Forgive me when did 'Street Fight' become Basic Professional Wrestling Match? Or did Mr. Anderson tossing the Manikin Christy Hemme count as a 'Weapon'?

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love: NOOOOO! Beautiful People was a complete utter waste of time originally, Angelina Love looks and sounds like ****! Stop Shoving Velvet Sky down our throats! I Don't Give A Rats ***. No Beautiful People wasn't 'Good', Sure as hell won't be 'Great'; they where about as much of a waste of time as HLA which was ****. I said when I heard TNA was bringing back a Knockout that I figured the person would probably suck, I was right.

Samoa Joe Vs Magnus W/ Abyss & Eric Young cuffed together: Interesting.

Willow Vs Rockstar Spud: You know. I've been a fan of Jeff Hardy since 1994. But. What's the point of Willow O'The Wisp if it's basically going to be Jeff hardy wearing a mask? I mean. A more twisted side of Jeff Hardy? You see Alter Egos work only if they are different from how you normally are, being slightly kinda more aggressive isn't much of a switch. Sorry. TNA's Willow O'The Wisp, Mick Foley's Mankind you are not.

Bully Ray Vs Bobby Roode: GET THE TABLES! Beautiful Ending to the show.

Bonus Question: Raise your hand if you don't care about Live Q & A Session on Twitter with Gunner #AskGunner, Bellator MMA or TNA 365. Yet WWE Plugs their products to much...*Sniffles*

Fair and Balanced: I actually do review Video Games for a living, why would I waste the time to make that up?

I'm not on Googletube Mate, that website is taking the shotgun to anything with slightly copyrighted material because of their blanket Copyright Bot system. I don't feel like wasting my time, which is nonexistent already with how swamp I am that I'd upload Reviews and have them Deleted and my account ban for 'Copyright Infringement'. Freedom of Use clause doesn't exist to Google, who owns Youtube now.
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joe vs abyss - okay whatever.....can they spend $200 for a new mask instead of asking some kid to spray paint graffiti some cheap merch?

to be honest that Sanada & tiger match was good. not great. but it served its purpose of putting the new guys over. I'll give them credit for that.

Britney Vs Gail Kim - meh. is this new girl going to be there next week.....probably won't when TNA leaves Orlando again

Tribute To Dixie Carter: should of called it SPUD this is your moment.

Mr. Anderson Vs Samuel Shaw: kill it with fire

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love: what year is it?

Willow Vs Rockstar Spud.....I got good news Spud is a wrestler.....I got bad news he got in a injury angle

Bully Ray Vs Bobby Roode......okay PPV set up already.


oh will you stop with the video game gimmick.....admit it your nothing but a fake faze clan member and a squeaker. come on your a camper. admit it. no youtube money for you #adblock
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TNA has talent. That they throw away on useless crap. I loved it how two guys got beat down with a piece of cardboard. You could have hit a small child with that Dixie poster and it wouldn't have hurt them.

Their writers suck. Or maybe they don't and upper management actually sucks and tells the writers what to write. TNA is imploding. They do far too many stupid things and keep repeating them.

From what I've read Spike TV hasn't resigned their contract and may in fact be in talks with WWE. If they lose their contract with Spike TV they are done for.
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