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Is this the reason why Total Nonstop Action is better then World Wrestling Entertainment?
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Default Is this the reason why Total Nonstop Action is better then World Wrestling Entertainment?

'-building up every wrestler on their roster including mid card guys like The Bromans ''Building up every Wrestler on their roster'? Impact! Wrestling would rather attempt to build up Chris Sabin, Dixie Carter, EC3, Gail Kim, Jessie Godderz, Madison Rayne, Magnus, MVP, Robbie E, Samuel Shaw and Velvet Sky over Abyss, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Chris Daniels, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Eric young, Gunner, Hernandez, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Kazarian, Mr. Anderson, ODB, Rockstar Spud, Samoa Joe and Zema Ion?

-booking different matches every week as opposed to Cena vs Orton 1000

Clearly you don't watch World Wrestling Entertainment, it isn't like John Cena faces Randy Orton every single night; think of it this way. There aren't a lot of people from 2002 - 2005 that John Cena or Randy Orton started with, there for; they are the only two from the ruthless aggression era that have a long rivalry history.

-giving womens wrestling a fair chance and providing good matches from them

TNA's Knockout Division is overrated, WWE 'Diva' Division is garbage. Only actual Women Wrestler with personality on Impact! Wrestling is ODB, where has she been lately. Only Actual Women Wrestlers on WWE are AJ Lee and Summer Rae.

-putting out a product that is tv 14 and can appeal to the more hardcore fans

Look into NBCUniversal, there is your reason.

1. Bra & Pantie Matches: Because 95% of the 'Divas' in those matches couldn't Wrestle worth a damn, we had people like Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in those match types. Besides WWE Has Groups knocking down their doors telling them Women should only be managers, you think the Bra & Pantie matches where really helping their case?

2. Blood does not a Professional Wrestling match make, look at JCW and CZW for example. Besides we've grown up and realized health concerns behind all that, as Jim Ross said if you can't see why they don't have blood anymore you have to be blind to the world.


Did you know during the Attitude Era Big Boss Man was facing somebody, got busted open during the match and right when his heart pulsed he turned his head towards the commentary desk and the blood blasted from the cut spraying Jim Ross's Glasses. Think about that for a moment?

3. Chairshots: We've also grown up and realized the effects these can have long term.

4. Cussing & Adult Themes: WWE also has groups knocking on their doors still for some of the stuff that went down during the attitude Era, you think more will help them whatsoever?

There as I've said repeatedly is your other reason.

-offering free ppv shows on Spike tv

THEY CAN'T PAY FOR THEM! THEY AREN'T WORTH BEING CALLED 'PAY-PER VIEW'. Figured if I cap-locked all that, you'd understand better.

-One Night Only ppvs that book matches you wouldn't normally see

Nobody Buys These.
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what a list.

I see talent there but the problem is that TNA missed the opportunity to promote said persons in the correct light.

Impact is about the wrestlers not who is the owner.....or who is pretending to be the host that month. oh and get that reality tv drama BS off of impact.....ain't nobody cares who the ring girl is dating.

WE THE PEOPLE only want to see:

James Storm

Austin Aries

American Wolves vs Bad Influence

you hear that....the fake Velvet Sky fans are no where to be seen.
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1.Well the tna knockout the didvison is still better than the wwe divas didvison plus they got gail kim who is better than any current wwe didva

2.tna have better matches most of the time.

3.Sting,jeff hardy,abyss,kurt angle etc is in tna

4.better commentators

5.abyss monster ball match
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TNA Fan Interaction Weekends:
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Dave... that is it dude we have an official IWC rivalry. I bet anyone here 20 dollars that Dave has as many as 3 ws accounts under his wing right now. You are so determined to put WWE over that you are willing to make multiple accounts. The WWE uses tactics to manipulate people similar to yours such as telling lies about what is trending on twitter and reverse psychology on their audience.

There is also a dirty little secret... with the current technology of the internet nobody buys WWE ppvs either. Fanboys here look at the network as something that will change up the game but it doesn't change the fact that their ppvs are not believeable. You talked about ruthless aggression so you can't tell me you don't remember when ppvs used to matter. Nobody has cared for a long time.

Now can you honestly tell me Raw Is Snore had a match that mattered at all over the last three years? The Eric Young vs Abyss thing was awesome and they built it up in a way to make people actually look forward to their match.

I couldn't believe you had the nerve to put over John Cena in that other question by saying "he makes guys look good". John Cena makes people look good?! Have you seen John Cena wrestle?! You have lost your mind Dave you must be crazy. WWE is using subliminal messages to warp your brain into looking at Cena as a credible wrestler.

Cena...... oh yeah where is The Miz, Ryder, Ziggler, Ryback, Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow now? He was making those guys look good? History always repeats itself only that pandering purple dinosaur didn't have what it takes to suck the momentum out of Daniel Bryan this time because people like him too much. What will those clowns do now? Let Bryan wrestle and Cena suddenly becomes his best friend lmao. That is why I don't watch a company who is too scared to build up their wrestlers. They think the answer is Cena should bury everyone on the roster.
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