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Professional Wrestling: Can you spot the Irony of James (User) talking about Fanboyism?
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Default Professional Wrestling: Can you spot the Irony of James (User) talking about Fanboyism?

'In my opinion if you continue to watch it you aren't really a wrestling fan anyways. The only show WWE puts on that has wrestling is NXT and even a show like that is not as good as ROH. Around 2004 when WWE stopped listening to people all the real fans went away and it became an entertainment company for families. Going to a WWE event is like attending American Idol.

I want to know why people still watch this garbage. The typical fanboy says WWE has bigger arenas and fireworks so that must make it better. I don't care if a promotion puts on shows at a local gym because the chances are they still put out a better show than WWE. Instead of wasting 60 bucks on a pay per view that isn't worthy of buying you can grab a few dvds from FWE or ROH.

There is no excuse other than pure fanboyism. The IWC says wrestling is dead because WWE has no competition. Sorry to have to break the news to you that WWE is not a wrestling company. If they were a wrestling company they wouldn't compare their views to the NFL or shows like American Idol.

Getting views is not an accomplishment if it means the people that watch are not wrestling fans lol. I will leave you with that to think about. Have fun watching Cena kick out at two and never putting a guy over clean for 10 years. Kids like that because it isn't wrestling it is like he is their fav cartoon character.'

Since James blocked me, I'll have to ask this question. This coming from somebody with an Ethan Carter III Avatar, that panders to everything Total Nonstop Action is doing currently; which is 85% Dixie Carter, her predictable Heel Brigade and 'The Savior of Impact! Wrestling' MVP. You can't honestly answer me, explaining to me what is better in TNA then WWE currently.

'Around 2004 when WWE stopped listening to people': Proof?

'became an entertainment company for families': Up until 2007/2008, World Wrestling Entertainment still had everything that people pandered to in The Attitude Era; asides What about 60s - 80s Professional Wrestling which was PG.

'Instead of wasting 60 bucks': Examples?

'We Love Headlocks Here' Ring Of Honor: I love how you suddenly know what ROH is. I doubt you've even seen one of their shows or own one of their DVDs; if the proof isn't in your avatar alone. Nice Scapegoating.

'If they were a wrestling company they wouldn't compare their views to the NFL or shows like American Idol.': Compared to Who? TNA.

'Have fun watching Cena kick out at two and never putting a guy over clean for 10 years': We're just following the 'Bash WWE Script' now aren't we, perhaps you should go back and follow John Cena's Career. He has put over more people then 'Do Nothing' Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The List goes on. I love this whole 'Kick Out At Two' example people like to use, yes sometimes this is the case; for example Cesaro Vs John Cena, Damian Sandow Vs John Cena and Seth Rollins Vs John Cena. But here is the thing about all three, John Cena made all three of them look like gold; yeah I still believe Damien Sandow should have won when he cashed in the money in the bank briefcase but WWE thought he was 'To Green'.

Yes. WWE has it's issues, but you can't give me any examples of how Total Nonstop Action is currently better; stop scapegoating ROH like you've actually seen one of their shows.
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I couldn't read everything James wrote and, quite honestly Dave, I didn't read everything you wrote, the irony with James is quite clear though, he is speaking out against WWE fanboys, when he himself, is a fanboy of TNA!

I'm not saying that their is anything wrong with it, that is the brand he loves and will stick up for, I just don't agree with him because there is a lot of great wrestling content within the WWE, some people have this unfair bias against WWE, the more ironic thing is, TNA is always trying to outdo WWE's ideas by countering them with a similar one, and it comes off as copying! If WWE sucked, TNA and it's fans wouldn't be so obsessed with it!
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Lol I know man I know it is just your job you are a videogame critic and we don't see eye to eye on things I totally understand. I could state my opinions why I think TNA is better but you are already sipping Hunter's koolaide anyways. Nothing I say will change your mind but il give the reasons why I think TNA is better.

-building up every wrestler on their roster including mid card guys like The Bromans

-booking different matches every week as opposed to Cena vs Orton 1000

-giving womens wrestling a fair chance and providing good matches from them

-putting out a product that is tv 14 and can appeal to the more hardcore fans

-offering free ppv shows on Spike tv

-One Night Only ppvs that book matches you wouldn't normally see

Another promotion who is better than WWE would be BCW. I have never seen anything televised by them and they are still a better wrestling promotion. Like I said WWE isn't wrestling and I stand by that. You are right that I am a fairly new ROH fan though. I just started tuning in about a month ago to be honest. I really enjoy watching guys like Michael Elgin over the boring roster at WWE. I realize how much I have been missing out and I don't need to torture myself watching a show that is only going to make me mad because they don't listen to their audience. A 9 minute match with ROH is better than Royal Rumble but I could go watch my buddies wrestle on trampolines as well and they would put on a better performance than that ppv. Have fun. I also unblocked you and the reason I did before was because you were trolling. Sorry man maybe you were just being sarcastic I removed the block.

One last thing I am not a fan of any specific company. If wrestlers put on a good match no matter where it is I can appreciate them. I never claimed to be this TNA fan boy but they are better than WWE because they are a wrestling company. WWE is an entertainment company. "We make movies" Vince Mcmahon. When John Cena kicks out of everything and wins with the attitude adjustment of course I don't buy it! It isn't realistic it is kiddie stuff! It isn't wrestling guys come on!
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see what I did....

oh might I add the past 3 months or so the primary story of TNA Impact is Dixie Carter. not who the champion is, not who is the fan favorite, not who is having the best matches.....not even Kurt Angle literally killing himself in the ring.

Impact is not good right now.
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