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Fellow TCW and WWSE superstars?
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Default Fellow TCW and WWSE superstars?

Fellow TCW jobbers, have any of you notice that you are big cowards? Marcus (the biggest loser and fggot in TCW) blocks WWSE users. Randy fan for life is also a coward who blocks.

WWSE, do you agree that TCW is full of jobbers that'll accept any jobber. WWSE is the best e fed right now and pssies like Marcus and Randy fan (2 of the biggest jobbers) are saying that TCW is better.

BITW TCW, where are the divas? WWSE has only four but that's better than not having any. We also have legends like seor Booker, JCPF, commentator, the ghost hunter, the dragon, etc.

In conclusion fellow WWSE superstars, TCW is not a threat to us, we have main eventers like Alexander, SK, Enrique, IAmJericho, FT9, ROHPunk etc and superstars that'll make it to te top like Vital witness, demented dwarf, RatedPGSuperStar, did I do dat, real slim superstar, Russo

Mr.Daye JCPF is here to put new fresh superstars over

Seor Booker and Commentator vote as well when it's time to vote for a match

Mr. Daye You're pretty well known here in this section, think about it.

Mr.Deadman, so you're telling me that'll you'll be a huge pussy and report? Let's face it, as businessmen, reporting means that you're a coward that can't win an arguement.

Fellow TCW jobber Marcus is insulting our company so if you are kind enough to tell him to stop commenting negative things about WWSE then we will leave your little company alone

And btw, you said WWSE sucks in an answer. If WWSE gets reported, WWSE (which consists of many Top Contributors) will report TCW back as well, keep that in mind)

I agree in your terms then mr.deadrising, I will no longer talk badly about TCW is TCW does the same with WWSE. This is my last statement about TCW in a negative way
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Rocky Daye is on a distinguished road

JCPF is the worlds biggest tool. Senor Booker/Commentator are the same person

I pretty much like everybody else you named though, even the ones you keep dissing
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DeadManRising: TCW Owner is on a distinguished road

Dear Thy Assistant, this is a WARNING to you.

First of all, you have no business deciding who I choose. My wrestlers are extra ordinary. The promos they cut are better than the orgasm your mom fakes... and TCW is not a threat to you? Oh my god, you have no clue what you talk about, do you?

We run on an actual website with actual amazing shows, while you type a little summary on Yahoo (which is not even meant for e-fedding) and think you're better?

Now listen up. I have with me around 35 solid superstars, and I have about 20 of my friends who are ready to back me up. I have a wrestling group of 2521 members. So get this..

The next time you insult my company, I will personally tell all my roster to keep reporting you. There is NOTHING you can do when hundreds report you; I will make sure you and your little game is buried for life.

Bottom Line: I have nothing against the WWSE. I have spoken with your boss, Viva Enrique and we have decided to have friendly relations. But if this continues, more than a hundred people are going to retaliate.

PS: While you desperately check OUR roster and OUR federation, we try to improve (not that we need to... it's just that we Want to)


@SK: I don't care what I say about the WWSE... I will always respect you, SK. #Respect, you are my homie.

@Thy Assistant: All right, I'll tell Marcus not to insult us. Blocking is cowardly? Well, what is this you are doing? You don't think I have better things to do than to answer to someone who b!tches about me and my company when I NEVER did anything to him?

You can call it "cowardly" or whatever, but I guarantee you with my life that if you don't stop this whining and insulting hundreds of people will report you until your fed DIES. And you cannot report us because we run on a private site where I can ban you for life if I want to.

So let me try this again. I'm not insulting you now. Friendly relations. I will tell Marcus not to insult you. And I typed "WWSE sucks" only AFTER I saw these posts that YOU uploaded.

I'll tell them not to report, and you stop talking trash about us and focus on your federation.


Good. I will not insult your fed and will tell my superstars not to!
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First of all Welcome back Thy Assistant.

Now Mr. DeadManRising we don't have any problem with you and your company. You have your own website and growing larger and we appreciate it. But don't you think it ridiculous to block people. I mean you're a businessman and you know there should be competition. it makes you better! There should be trading of harsh words but it doesn't mean that you and your men will block or report us.
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Marcus ? T.C.W is on a distinguished road

Whatever b**ch

You and your peeps are the real jobbers.....TCW are loaded with pro's like

myself and others

And BTW: Blocking D!ck heads like you is not cowardly

Its very smart

So can you handle that little girl?

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