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Do you think WWE/WWF questions should be banned from the 'sports' section of Yahoo Answers?
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Default Do you think WWE/WWF questions should be banned from the 'sports' section of Yahoo Answers?

Its ridiculous... WWE/WWF and such companies are NOT sports. It is an ENTERTAINMENT business and it is all scripted and "fake". With how many questions pop up about WWE/WWF maybe there should be a seperate section for them? or they should be asked in the 'entertainment' section? I have nothing against the questions being asked (even tho most of them are asked as if it was real) but i HATE seeing the sports section plagued with it. What do you think?

@Dave Hymen:

How full of yourself are you? Im not a UFC fan and i didnt once state that i was "hard". actually i use to be a major WWF fan in the Attitude Era.

And to answer your question i give a damn because im in the sports section of Yahoo Answers all the time because i like to talk about sports and enjoy reading responses.

Im not saying that their career isnt tough as hell and that anyone can do it. Im saying that its not real and its not a sport. So shove your arrogant attitude and come back down to a realistic level instead of generalizing your attacks and assuming that im bashing on WWE because im some "UFC hardcore wannabe" fan. You didnt even begin to ATTEMPT to answer my question.

@Everyone: LMAO i love all you "top contributor answerers". Youre complete retards who think there shit doesnt stink because they give their opinions on the internet. Im asking a legitimate question and im not even being condesending about. Unlike all of you in your answers

@ Dave Hymen: "what exactly are we supposed to answer" god youre dumb... ANSWER THE QUESTION... shouldnt there be a seperate section for WWE/WWF??? I dont know why all you guys are attacking me as if im attacking you. All that Im saying is that its not a real sport and should therefore not be in the sports section. Im not asking it to piss people off or troll. I enjoy going into the sports section for multiple sports and its plagued with questions about an ENTERTAINMENT business. YES it is a very difficult and i recognize that but its only entertainment. So if youre all done being 10 years old answer me this. Shouldnt there be a section for WWE/WWF seperate? That way everyone gets what they want

@ Endless, Nameless: THANK YOU for being the only one to actually have an opinion on the matter instead of just mindlessly attacking. I agree with you that there is competition WITHIN the companany(behind the scenes) but in the end its all a SHOW. yes NFL, NBA, NHL theyre all entertaining but they are sports and anything can happen. WWE would probably agree with me and theyve said before that they are an entertainment company not a sports industry.

But yet again youve not answered my question... shouldnt there be a WWE/'Pro Wrestling' section instead? If the company (WWE) even claims to be scripted entertainment and not a sport then there wouldnt even be an argument right now. Agreed?

and thank you again for actanswering my question in a respectful manner
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You be breaking the kids hearts, but really thanks for stating the obvious. Guess what, if you look up at the sky. It's still going to be blue junior, I really can't stand you*Ultimate Fighter*fans. You act like you are the hardest person alive, just because your Fights barely last a single round. Really, Ultimate Fighter is duller then watching Paint Dry, you want to see a real sport Watch Boxing.*

But the question does remain, Why do you give a damn?

Here is something you might want to think about. If Professional Wrestling is 'Fake' why do most Mix Martial Arts/Football Players/Soccer Players/ Other Sports Players and people that are suppose to be the 'Hardest Mother ******* on the planet' who try Professional Wrestling whine and cry that they couldn't handle it? Think about that for a moment.

Nikolas: What exactly are we suppose to answer. You are clearly attempting to piss people off, which don't be mistaken I'm not. You are just another unoriginal piece of **** that for some reason needs to beg for attention. I'm not bothered by you, I'm just thinking about better things you could be doing.
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Only if retards like you are banned from Yahoo Answers.
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It's "Sports Entertainment" and if you can't see the sport element of it then that's your problem. Just go on the sub categories that you actually like and then you won't have to see wrestling questions.
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I think you're butt hurt. You're like a Jerry Sandusky victim. I'm going to call you Little Dusky lol
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What are you saying? UFC is sweaty men rolling around. You like watching that, dont you?
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You little pussy, this is the WWE Section whether you like it or not. Look around pussy boy, we're all talking about Professional Wrestling. Plus it is called "World Wrestling Entertainment", therefore you shut your mouth or I'll put a sock in it- Mick Foley
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You say that WWE is an entertainment company and that is true, but the fact that it is entertainment alone isn't enough to dismiss it as a sport and more importantly, that it doesn't belong in the sports area of Y!A. NFL, MLB, NBA etc. are entertaining yet they are sports. But is pro wrestling a sport? Perhaps. What is a sport? A physical endeavor in which two more sides/opponents compete?

Competition does exist within WWE, but not in the way you'd think. It is true that pro wrestling is scripted, however, the men and women of the company must compete to be the most entertaining performer and it involves a lot of physical work to do so. Figure skating, dancing, and other sports have scripted elements in them yet it's safe to say that they are still sports.

Sports are game, and games cannot be defined by having just one thing that makes them a game/sport. At best we can show resemblance between them, but if we look for our characteristic that all games share, our efforts would prove fruitless. Wittgenstein's idea of family resemblance explains that instead of some things sharing one common essential characteristic, they share overlapping similarities.

I'm sure people in the entertainment section would complain and say that WWE is more sports-geared, so that would raise more issues. In any manner, I think WWE related questions in the sports section are fine, people who are into amateur wrestling still ask questions here and since there are more people here, the chances of them being answered increase.

Anyways, I hope I addressed the main issue of your question. Let me know if you need me to explain anything.

EDIT: Maybe there should be, I don't think I see the harm in it. I guess the biggest problem is that a lot of people would still ask WWE questions in the wrestling section instead of the pro wrestling section be it because they're unfamiliar with Y!A categories or don't necessarily care to change it (maybe this could be solved?). WWE can say anything they want, but it doesn't mean it's true. I can sit here and say that I am this, this, and that but unless I really am these things, me saying it doesn't make it be.

I don't think Y!A cares that much for that sort of distinction though. There is a similar problem in the Rock and pop section in which people say that Rock, pop, and even metal should have separate sections. I guess it depends on how willing people are to try it. Overall, while I don't have a problem with people asking WWE questions in the wrestling section I am not against the idea of a pro wrestling section.
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