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Professional Wrestling: Let's give RD the platform for Attention?
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Default Professional Wrestling: Let's give RD the platform for Attention?

Rocky Daye has done nothing for two weeks straight but attempt to prove that 'I didn't watch the Attitude Era/WCW Live' because his proof is 'He recorded most of it' and now he's copy & Pasting my answers from the Video & Online Gaming Section as if that proves I'm not who I say I am. RD doesn't believe in coincidences and he likes to drag up outdated information or criticizing what I write to attempt to make himself look good, I'm predicting I'm not the fake here since nobody who doesn't have some sort of issue would spend their time protesting something unless they are attempting to hide something about themselves. So. Go ahead Rocky Daye, Pander to the people. I've given you a platform that you clearly want;

RD: You think I'm mad? Couldn't be farther from the truth, this entire situation depresses me because clearly you don't have anything better to do with your time. Typical Attention seeking troll on the Internet attempting to do the whole 'U Mad?' shtick in defense to being a pathetic waste of space.

Alexander: Ego. Amusing since most of the users here have been targeting me since Day One, not the other way around. As for Accepting other peoples opinions, I've made this clear. You give me a reason to and you prove me wrong or I'm not going to accept a damn thing, I'm not going to follow your 'Accept me cause I said it' nonsense. I'm not going to sit here nodding my head because you said 'That's my opinion', I come from a time period when a person could back up their opinion. As I've done, if that makes me Egotistical fine. I don't give a damn. But saying I'm in the wrong compared to a group of people attacking me, is a bit far fetched.

Did you not read what I wrote. Let me rewrite then. 'If that makes me an Egotistical douche fine. I don't give a damn'; did you get that?

People are hysterical. If I defend myself, I'm Mad. If I don't, you are right. Hypocritical Attention seeking Holier then thou ********.
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Rocky Daye is on a distinguished road

Lol you're mad
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Rocky Daye doesn't have an overinflated ego, he accepts other people's opinions, and he isn't a total douche. And people like Rocky, not you. So Rocky Daye>>>>>>>>You

lol I like how you don't mention the egotistical douche part.
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Ladies ladies please, theres enough wrestling for everybody
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