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This is my prediction for the actual 2014 Royal Rumble match. These are in-depth and I will go into key Superstars in the match and their role in this match. Hope you enjoy and tell me if you agree or disagree.

CM Punk- He enters this match at #1. The odds of winning this match entering at #1, according to Kane, is 1 in 500,000,000. You actually have a better chance at winning the lottery with a single ticket than winning the Royal Rumble at #1. I think CM Punk will last for quite a bit, probably into the mid-late twenties. Do I think he will win? Not a chance. I give CM Punk no chance. The Shield will go after him, all three of them together will go after him. And as he said himself, Superstars will go after him since he says he is the ?Best in the World.? Superstars will want to eliminate the self-proclaimed ?best in the world.? I think he will eliminate a couple of Superstars but he will be tired and I see no chance he wins.

The Shield- I will be interested to see if their ego will cause friction during the match. I think one of these guys lasts into the final four. Question is: who? I think Roman Reigns. He seems like the one who would rather be on his own than work with the others during the match. Dean Ambrose seems to talk to much about ?us? instead of ?me?. Seth Rollins, same thing as Ambrose. I do think these guys will be tough outs though and do think they will work as a team. I don't see either of these three winning.

The Miz- I don't think the Miz will win but keep an eye on him. He main-evented Wrestlemania just a few years ago and I'm sure he wants that spotlights so badly. I think he can surprise a few people. JBL on commentary told Miz he used to be relevant, and just trashed Miz for not being huge anymore. I think Miz will want to shut up some people and I think he will. I don't think he will win but he will eliminate a few people. I will be interested to see how he does against Xavier Woods, since these two argued about who would do better in the Royal Rumble match.

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan- For all the attention a ton of Superstars are getting in the Royal Rumble match, I haven't seen many, if any, talk about Luke Harper and Eric Rowan in this match. I don't think it favors or goes against them but it's interesting no one's talking about them. These two will really help each other out and I can see these two lasting a long long time. These are two big guys who creep a ton of Superstars out. That will help them in this Rumble match. I don't think either of these guys win but they'll affect the course of the match.

Kofi Kingston- I bring him up because I want to see what kind of stunt he will pull in this Royal Rumble match. Last year he used JBL's announcing chair to avoid elimination. I don't think he will win or make much of an impact in this match, but keep an eye on what stunt he pulls in this match. Should be fun.

Rey Mysterio- He is one of three guys in this match to have won a previous Royal Rumble. One has to factor that in and has to consider Rey Mysterio a contender to win this match. He has the experience and the veteran mindset on how to win the match. It will help him during this match. The one thing I don't like though is if he draws an early number, does he have the endurance to last and win the Royal Rumble? I would say no but if he draws a number in the 20s, I think he can win. He can't perform the 619 because if he does, he risks getting eliminated. Finally, I don't see him winning the match. I will root for him and hope he does because I think it'd be an upset to many people, but I don't see it happening.

Alberto Del Rio- Again, a past winner of the Royal Rumble. But I don't like that he talked bad about Batista, an angry and returning Batista. Batista wants to make an impact in the WWE and wants the WWE Universe to know, Batista is back. He will fight Alberto Del Rio in this match and I see Batista withstanding him. I don't think Alberto Del Rio to win but I do expect him to last in the match.

Fandango- Underrated here. It's his first Royal Rumble match and even though he has lost matches recently, don't let that fool you. I can see Summer Rae, if she goes out to ringside, helping out Fandango. She can easily distract the guys in the ring as they will want to impress her. I don't think he wins but Fandango won't disappoint.

Big E.Langston- If this guy doesn't make it to the Final 4, I will be stunned. He is tough to stop and slow down. He is agile and for a man his size, that is unique. I don't see many slowing him down, whether he starts early or later in the match. I think he makes it in the Final 4. The one thing that does concern me is that this is his first Royal Rumble match

Batista- Last but not least, it's Batista.

My Final Four: Batista, Roman Reigns, Big E.Langston, CM Punk.

Winner: Unfortunately, I think Batista wins.
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The actual odds of the #1 entry winning the Royal Rumble match is 12 to 1 against. There have been 26 Royal Rumble matches. 24 times the #1 entry didn't win. Twice the #1 entry won. The #30 entry has the same odds (12-1). 24 times the final entry did not win. Only twice the final entry won.
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