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These are my 2014 in-depth Royal Rumble predictions (excluding the Royal Rumble match itself as it will have it's own question, if you will). I hope you enjoy these and these predictions came off of studying these matches for about 14 hours a day this past week. So I've only gotten several hours a day of sleep this week. Tell me your thoughts about my predictions.

Pre-Show Match:

Tag Title Match

Rhodes' Brothers vs New Age Outlaws

I want the Rhodes' Brothers to win this match because I can't stand the New Age Outlaws. I think this should be the Usos against the Rhodes' Brothers. Unfortunately, I see the NAO winning by some shenanigans. I don't know but my gut feeling is telling me the NAO have the Rhodes' Brothers number.

Winners: New Age Outlaws

1) Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt

This match can go either way. The one thing I've noticed from me studying for this match is Daniel Bryan's confidence. You can see it in his eyes. The man believes he can and will beat Daniel Bryan. That is a huge factor when you get in the ring with Bray Wyatt. Daniel Bryan believes he exploited Bray Wyatt's weakness and if he thinks this, he should expect Bray to not let D-Bryan expose that weakness in this match. I don't actually believe Daniel Bryan exploited a weakness in Bray Wyatt but if D-Bryan believes he found the weakness, he better go after it quick in this match to make Bray weak.

On the other side, if Bray Wyatt wants to win this match, he has to find something else other than mind games or creeping out Daniel Bryan. Bryan isn't scared of Bray Wyatt. I'm sure Bray has a gameplan for D-Bryan and I feel it will take Daniel Bryan off guard and something D-Bryan doesn't expect. I think Bray Wyatt feeds off of the ?Yes? chants the crowd will chant as he said on Smackdown ?I live off this.? Because of this, I think Bray Wyatt pulls it off in a tough match. I don't see the other members of the Wyatt Family getting involved.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

2) Brock Lesnar vs Big Show

Besides the Royal Rumble match, this is the match that I want to see and the people who will attend the event are lucky to see two Godzillas go against each other. I know these two faced each other about a decade ago. I think that match is irrelevant to this match. It's so long ago.

Here is what I see happening: Brock Lesnar will go after Big Show quickly the way he has gone after him the past couple weeks, attack and try to bring the Big Show down. If it works, he will go at it like an MMA match, similar to how he did against John Cena and Triple H. If it fails, I think he goes to his old roots and puts a lot more of an emphasis on his wrestling ability than MMA ability. I see the latter happening. He hasn't been able to control the pace he wants against Big Show the past couple of weeks. Big Show knows this and he will do what he did to put fear in Brock Lesnar, throw him around.

My heart is unsure of where this match is going but my mind is telling me to go with Big Show. What I've seen the past weeks from the Big Show is confidence and intimidation. He isn't scared of Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar. He hasn't backed down from Lesnar which is something you have to respect. The only way I see Brock Lesnar winning is if Paul Heyman gets involved and screws Big Show, which would be a shame. This is like a 52-48% match. I'm 52% sure Big Show wins. That's how close this match is. Like JBL says, this is something Steven Spielberg would direct.

Winner: Big Show

3) WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Randy Orton vs John Cena

How sweet it would be if John Cena wins this match? I really want Cena to win this match but if he doesn't, Orton has to face Brock Lesnar next. Something I'd love to see as Lesnar will dominate Randy Orton. Back to this match. John Cena has unfinished business with Randy Orton for attacking Cena's dad weeks ago on Raw. John Cena will fight hard for his dad in this match. Meanwhile, Orton is still whining about the Authority and how they have treated him recently.

Randy Orton has a lot on his mind going into this match. He has to focus on John Cena, he has Brock Lesnar and Batista on the back of his mind knowing they want that title. That alone, is an advantage for John Cena. An advantage for Randy Orton, will John Cena try to hard to get revenge for his dad? Cena wants to beat the heck out of Orton but will it cost him here? That is what I'm worried about for John Cena. I just think Randy Orton will slither out of this match as champion still. It's just a gut feeling and I hope I'm wrong but I don't know if Orton wants to let this title leave his hands. I think Orton will be hungrier than John Cena, and I never thought I'd say that.

Winner: Randy Orton

There you have it and if you noticed, I'm almost unsure about all these matches. It's a really stacked PPV and all these matches can go either way.
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The Rhodes Brothers

Daniel Bryan

Brock Lesnar
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You're right, Cena will probably get himself disqualified. And If that happens, Randy retains the title.

I doubt the NAO will win because that would mean they'd have to be FULL TIME wrestlers again........really???

Big show will beat Brock Lesnar.

I hope Daniel Bryan wins. I hate the Wyatts.
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