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Professional Wrestling: In all his matches since his return, What has Brock Lesnar done?
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Default Professional Wrestling: In all his matches since his return, What has Brock Lesnar done?

People act like Brock Lesnar is still 'The Beast' that we should be intimidated by this guy because of his UFC Career and his past. But seriously, in-ring what has Brock Lesnar really done...I mean, yeah I've had some "Oh ****" moments with Brock Lesnar but people seem to think

1. He had the most impressive Return ever (Next to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson)

2. He's still 'The Beast' that dominated World Wrestling Entertainment years ago

In any of his matches since returning, what has Brock Lesnar done asides be carried through them?

Xtremenator1: The ****, How does The Undertaker get carried by his opponents?

Rocky Daye: Coming from somebody who was complaining about Triple H Vs. The Rock Vs Mick Foley Vs Big Show - Wrestlemania 2000. I was simple asking what Brock Lesnar has done inside the ring in all his matches, to compare Brock Lesnar to The Undertaker is insulting.

???? ??????: My Mistake, let me pander to someone who took their ball and ran to UFC, talked **** about Professional Wrestling; then Crawled back to World Wrestling Entertainment and got handed a Title shot. *Clap Clap* Kiss my *** junior.

Ratings are falling because of illiterate Tapeworms such as yourself with your unoriginal ****. How about CM Punk, somebody who worked his *** off to get to the company. Who has more Wrestling ability then Brock Lesnar, no Batista doesn't deserve to be handed a shot anymore then Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson did when they handed him the championship.

Stop pointing out Professional Wrestling is scripted like it makes a difference, we're talking about Brock Lesnar not doing jack to deserve a championship just because of his name. He's no better then Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson or Batista... Hell, he's not doing anything outside of Professional Wrestling that I know of. So, why isn't he Dominating the WWE now instead of waiting to be handed the check at the next Pay-Per View.
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Well you could say the same about the Undertaker. Only shows up for Wrestlemania, gets carried by opponent. But your not going to hate on him now are you? It's all about reputation. Brock Lesner gets his from his dominant career before with the WWE, his dominance in the UFC, and return recently beating CM Punk and Triple H.

Dave, your certainly not saying Undertaker carried Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and CM Punk are you? Because that would be one of the dumbest statements I've heard today, and I've heard a lot of stupid stuff involving prostitutes and sugar daddies, but that's besides the point. Being carried by your opponents isn't like a spit in the face or saying you suck as a professional wrestler. It just means your opponent performed better then you that night. Undertaker did not out perform any of those three other individuals.
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Make you into a butt hurt b*tch
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He puts bums in seats, that's the point.
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Decimated John Cena. Broke Triple H's arm...TWICE. Beat Cm Punk. Dislocated Mark Henry' elbow. Decimated the New Age Outlaws. Beat the crap out of the Miz. Broke Vince Mcmahon's hip. Gave Ryback a cut under the eye, from a real life fight backstage between the two at Summerslam '12. His return was bigger than the Rock's.

Wow...that was a lot.
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@WrestlingBoy He still lost to Cena lmao
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???? ?????? (?..? ??????? ????) is on a distinguished road

you do know that he just passed through a life risking disease?and yet he still there to entertain us he is doing things far more better than most of the wwe roster what you expect more?he cant make a move by himself its WWE and its SCRIPTED he have to follow the script..after all he is doing something unlike you who always says the same thing about him ..people likes him because there is no one likes him in wwe in the past or present so dont act live you are better than him by running your mouth just shut up and enjoy the show.

And yeah i wonder your thoughts may have changed about him after you get and f5 or kimura by him. Maybe a single punch would be enough for you.


Junior?ok grandpa listin up the only thing he said about wwe was 'WWE IS FAKE' whats wrong with it?he was in ufc at the time there isnt anything about mentioning the truth of a sport..

He didnt crawled back wwe wants him to return why cuz none of ur fav. Superstar was doing anything and the rating was goin down in ur as$. They paid him a fat check just to be a part timer lesnar made himself what he is today truth be told he was the youngest wwe undisputed champ. Yet ur telling he dont deserves it than who does?cena?c.m punk?or batista?

@dave: so you want c.m punk to get a shot,he holds the tittle for 434 days just to jobbed to the rock and yet u r saying he is better than lesnar? Let me remind you lesnar pinned c.m punk 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring claming 'The beast is the best' bdw whats the point of this arguement for a scripted sport?cmon man just grab a seat and enjoy the show.

@dave: man we can do this shit whole day. Cool?
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It's just another in a long string of sad cases where the only way WWE can sell a few tickets and PPV's is to try to rekindle the past. We get Lesnar and Batista AGAIN, meanwhile talent that should be on top and could carry the company, like Barrett, Del Rio and Cesaro have to read bad news, job to to Batista and do sirplane spins.
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in my opinion, he hasn't really done sh1t but try to look intimidating cause of his UFC past. but if people can manage to look past that, they'll realize that he ran away from WWE the first time cause he felt that the grass was greener in the UFC, only to come crawling back to WWE after getting his a$$ beat into retirement by Alistair Overeem. now all of a sudden, he's this 'beast'???? get the f*ck outta here wit that. he's a lotta hype if you ask me and way past his prime
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