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Professional Wrestling: Do people actually believe Titus O' Neil*and Darren Young*are Decent?
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Default Professional Wrestling: Do people actually believe Titus O' Neil*and Darren Young*are Decent?

"Darren Young is getting screwed because he came out, Titus O' Neil much like R-truth, Kofi Kingston, Xavior Woods, JTG and Alicia Fox are getting screwed because he's black"

Who hasn't heard this? What blatant ******, Even CM Punk couldn't make Darren Young & Titus O'Neil look good in the ring.

What is Prime Time Players:

- A Dance Move

- A Hair Pic

- A Dawg Bark

- A Whistle

- A Penalty Flag

Seriously? Darren Young and Titus O'Neil can't do anything inside the ring, There Tag-Team Finisher is a Backbreaker & Elbow Drop called The Ghetto Blaster! Sure Titus O'Neil looks impressive, but that doesn't mean he's good in the ring. Roman Reigns looks impressive, but we know he isn't good in the ring. There isn't much you can do with the lack of personality or ability either Titus O'Neil or Darren Young has, look at Big E Langston for how to do something right.

Darren Young: Cardboard

Titus O' Neil: Cardboard

R-Truth: Cardboard

Kofi Kingston: Cardboard

Xavior Woods: Cardboard

JTG: Cardboard

Alicia Fox: Cardboard

??Aaliyah BITW??: This has nothing to do with me Liking or Disliking them, this has to do with what they can do. As for AJ Lee being Trash or Drew McIntyre being boring, compared to who? Your opinion doesn't mean squat anymore because all you do is protect CM Punk, yet bash AJ Lee. Go along and troll some AJ Lee Fans, that's about as far as your material goes.

Vital Witness: I said Titus O' Neil was impressive, but he isn't really Entertaining.

Real Slim Superstar:

As you can see by my Current WWE Roster Ranking (Based on Televised Show Visibility): Updated: 12/16/2013*

1. Drew McIntyre*

2. The Undertaker*

3. Bray Wyatt*

4. Erick Rowan*

5. Luke Harper*

6. Damien Sandow*

7. CM Punk*

8. Daniel Bryan*

9. Dolph Ziggler*

10. AJ Lee*

11. Antonio Cesaro*

12. Dean Ambrose*

13. Seth Rollins*

14. Roman Reigns*

15. Mark Henry*

16. Big E Langston*

17. Big Show*

18. Cody Rhodes*

19. Golddust*

20. Heath Slater*

21. Jinder Mahal*

22. Jack Swagger*

23. Alberto Del Rio*

24. Tensai*

25. The Miz*

26. Rey Mysterio*

27. Fandango*

28. Titus O' Neil*

29. Darren Young*

30. Diego*

31. Fernando*

32. Curtis Axel*

33. Ryback*

34. Brodus Clay*

35. Santino Marella*

36. Jimmy Uso*

37. Jay Uso*

38. John Cena*

39. Randy Orton*

40. Summer Rae*

41. Tamina Snuka*

42. Natalya*

43. Naomi*

44. Cameron*

45. Nikki Bella*

46. Brie Bella*

47. Kofi Kingston*

48. R-Truth*

49. Xavier Woods*

50. Sin Cara*

51. The Great Khali*

Endless, Nameless: Good Point, But Darren Young and Titus O' Neil haven't really done anything inside the ring. I believe Darren Young has done a northern light suplex, Titus O' Neil has done a fallaway slam. I don't recall them doing anything else. There Gimmick is atrocious.

Mrs Bree: Did you not get the point of the entire of the question?

1. I stated people are using that as an excuse

2. I said Big E Langston is proof of how to do something right

3. Glad you can't admit that everyone I named on that list doesn't have a personality worth a damn or can't do squat in the ring.
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??Aaliyah BITW?? is on a distinguished road

Just cause you don't like them doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't like them

Like who cares about AJ Lee, she's trash

You like Drew he's boring as hell
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You are the most stubborn peron I have ever come across on Yahoo Answers.

Tell me, is thier a wrestler you actually like and dont criticise!? Nobody is perfect dude.
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Most wrestlers are able to look good when they're working with someone they have chemistry with. The PTP can be okay but their gimmick isn't really bringing them anywhere. They can't do anything inside the ring? I'm sure they can, I don't think it's fair to simply some of the stuff they do and reduce it to what you described. You can do that with pretty much any wrestler. "Daniel Bryan only does kicks, yes chants, and a diving headbutt etc."

PTP have the potential to be a decent, maybe even good tag team if their gimmick wasn't overly childish.

As for the rest of the people you mentioned, most of them have bland personalities or are very one-dimensional. Although Xavier Woods is pretty new and despite the fact that he dances around the ring, he could change over time.

But yeah, in conclusion, I think the PTP can be alright in the ring and I'd be more interested in them if their gimmick was a lot different than it is now. I understand why WWE wants all these immature gimmicks because of the kids, but c'mon throw us a bone every now and then.

EDIT: I suppose. Perhaps they need to find something that works for them in order to get the crowd excited. Kinda like Cesaro's big swing. Prior to that, did the casual fan care THAT much to see him in the ring? Not saying that they are now, but at least he gets a type of pop when he does that. Maybe having something like that could make them a LITTLE better but who knows. I get what you're saying though.
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I love how you named every black wrestler saying that theyre cardboard, way to not come across as a racist. Anyway Titus is great in the ring and has a lot of charisma.
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