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Professional Wrestling: What would YOU do with the World Wrestling Entertainment Roster?
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Default Professional Wrestling: What would YOU do with the World Wrestling Entertainment Roster?

People always complain that WWE's Writing is bad, but I never hear any examples of how they'd do things and only hear "They should bring back such and such". So, with the limitations of the Networks, Media, Today's Health Standards and Groups badgering you allow; what would YOU do with the World Wrestling Entertainment Roster?

DeadManRising :

- What was so Terrific about John Morrison? He was in the same position Kofi Kingston is now.

- What's wrong with Triple H The COO being part of WWE Programming, that's like complaining about Vince McMahon.

- The Miz wasn't even good as a Heel, he's good at imitations for example his work with John Morrison on Dirt Sheet. But anything else, he's pretty much garbage at. As the saying goes "We're booing you because you suck, not because of your heel work".

- Daniel Bryan is fine as one of The Wyatts, anyone who says otherwise can't see the bigger picture or doesn't understand Professional Wrestling.

- Shield Vs The Wyatts, yeah it's a dream match sometimes those don't happen.

- You don't understand the basics of advertising a product, that's all they are doing with the WWE App.
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I would do many things with the roster.For example-

1.I would make the tag division improve.It is becoming a waste.I would make some credible tag teams and have them feud with each other.Like I would make Tyson Kidd and Kofi Kingston a team and have them fight with Real American.I would even make a storyline of the usos becoming heels and fighting Los Matadores.I would stop making only two people out of a stable champion.

2.I would make shield tough heels.They will be heels but they will be tough,they will not lose easily with anyone.

3.I will make Cena a face but a bit edgy.He will not be the good guy but he will be good enough to make children cheer for him and bad enough to make adults like him.

4.I will make daniel bryan a heel.He will still be cheered but he can be a top heel so he can have main event feuds with top faces.

5.I will make Kane a heel.

6.I will give dolph ziggler a push.He can feud with cm punk.Or he can form a team with bryan.

7.I will make rhodes feud with his brother goldust in a who is better with dusty as the guest referee.

8.I will make brock feud with orton.

9.I will make del rio a face with another finisher.

10.I think cena is close is close to flair's records.His match when he will overtake flair will have flair as the guest referee.

Feel free to give constructive criticism.
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I will use Cena differently, mainly as an icon not as a contender for world titles. Cena should be used in major PPVs against likes of Lesnar, Batista and sometimes to promote potential main eventers. His matches should be like what Undertaker's WM match - non title but important just by virtue of his presence.

I wil have both the WWE and WHC belts. Punk, Bryan, Orton, Batista should mainly be used for WWE title scene, and Reigns, Barett, Sheamus, Rhodes for WHC. Also likes of Christian, Jericho will be occasional contenders to the WHC title, to give it the star power.

I will rather join the IC and US title. And have likes of Rollins, Big E, Cesaro, Swagger, Fandango in that scenario.

I will reintroduce the Cruiserweight title. Outside the title landscape there will be some other important characters, who will create lot of impact like Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose.

I will drop the Divas title and reintroduce the Women's Championship title. Total Divas will stay for eye candy & drama purpose but Women's Championship will be a serious affair with likes of AJ, Snuka, Paige, Natalya.

For tag teams there will be Usos, 3MB, Tensai, Brodus, and other superstars from time to time.

I will have Rene Young as a commentator replacing Lawler. Rene, Cole and JBL. When Punk retires (I hope not soon), I will bring in Punk into commentary.

And just like HHH brings in HBK from time to time, I will bring in SCSA and other legends.
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Fire Fandango, Hornswoggle, Alicia Fox, The Bella Twins, Jinder Mahal and JTG

Build The Shield into an superior united coed alliance by seize 100% full permenant power of Raw, Smackdown and PPVs, gain the heart, desire & respect from the crowd, lock to win every championship under the freebird rule & reaching out to TNA and OVW once Superstars merged with NXT, Free 4 All and This Week

Move John Cena and Randy Orton out of the Main Event Division for good and form them together as cocky aggressive tag team

Have Kane to get buried alive by The Big Show and ressurect himself as the Big Red Machine

Freshen Kofi Kingston into a ladies man persona

Have Triple H to do the separation/divorce rivarly angle with Stephanie McMahon[similar to the mix of Trump vs Vince in 2007, DX vs McMahons in 2006, Long vs Bischoff in 2005, Austin vs Bischoff in early-mid 2003, Shane vs Vince in 2001 and Austin vs Vince in 1998-99]

Repackaging Santino Marella as serious psychopathic heel character by fully overshadowed Cena and Orton
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