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Are 95% Of Professional Wrestling 'Fans' Ignoramuses? (No Efeds/Dirt Sheet).?
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Default Are 95% Of Professional Wrestling 'Fans' Ignoramuses? (No Efeds/Dirt Sheet).?

1. Stuck in the past

2. Reading The Dirt Sheet

3. Spoilers

4. Outside The Business Crap

5. Misunderstanding the purpose

6. Do nothing but rag on the whole thing, yet refer to themselves as 'Fans'

Got anymore examples, I'm tired of this being all I see through out Professional Wrestling 'Fanbases'. It's like 95% of the people that claim that are 'Fans' are ignoramuses.

Nameless Jobber: I think you've proved me a bit right, unless intended sarcasm.

SKristmas: There are some flaws, but most of them are good points.

Bad News Barrett: Clearly you missed me mentioning about WWE Shoving The Great Khali, Sin Cara, Brodus Clay and Xavior Woods down our throats; or my comments about the 'Divas' Division. Yes WWE Has it's faults, but people seem to act like they know more about Professional Wrestling then they really do. Most of the 'Fanbase' looks at it as Script, rather then how it's suppose to be viewed. People talk to much about Kayfab/Dirt Sheet & Spoilers. The entire point is to watch everything unfold on screen, notice how I don't ever even use that stupid phrase Kayfab other then the previous sentence.

Basically, you are suppose to view it as any other Television show. I don't see how Professional Wrestling is any different in this situation, I don't see people watching Law & Order ragging on how it's Scripted, ect.

Khole12: Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing drag on TNA. I like TNA, I like WWE, I also like ROH. Personally the only Professional Wrestling Companies if you can refer to them as that I don't enjoy or even consider them Professional Wrestling Promotions would be JCW (Juggalo ChampionShit/Chip Wrestling) & CZW. TNA Has it's good points, sadly it has a lot more bad points.

Bad News Barrett: You do realize, PG is simple a Television Rating. As for Two in a half men, nice up to date reference.
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95% of WWE fans are ignoramuses. TNA fans are smarter they dont contain spoilers or major dirtsheets, their backstage segments make sense, 2 hours is better than 3, the fans arent f*cking retarded, people dont get stuck in the past, etc, etc, etc.
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Oh God, I completely agree. I mean, I can't just sit down and enjoy the product without hearing little bitches whining and complaining. I know this might be difficult to comprehend, but if you do not enjoy the product, you do not watch it. A confusing concept, I know, but try your best, guys. -_-
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I agree they always wanna are some things that I discovered...tell me what do you think..

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I never read the Dirt Sheet not even the Wiki any more and to tell you the truth I now Enjoy wrestling more than in the past (not so much like I did long time ago but still wrestling is back in my "to watch this week" menu once again). I genuinely loved the come back of Brock Lesnar last year cause I stopped caring about things like Wrestling sites.
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So you're the guy who thinks that whatever wwe does is absolutely correct. Different people have different tastes. We criticize the product but we are the same people who chant "This Is Awesome" when wwe does something great. Prove me wrong. Everyone can't be a Yes Man.

EDIT : If it is supposed to be viewed like any other tv show, then I must remind you that people did complain about Two And A Half Men when Charlie Sheen left and Ashton Kutcher signed in. Same thing happened when wwe turned PG and Cena became the main guy. Watch an hour of Attitude Era tapes and then watch an hour of PG Era, even a robot like Jim Crockett Promotions Fan can tell the difference. Not liking anything and keeping your mouth shut is not normal.

EDIT : I've got some bad news for ya, you got owned (no hard feelings).
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I don't like hearing them bitch and complain (trashtalk) and hash it out over + over and I just like wrestling in the ring. Most people on average are of low education but intelligent people do enjoy wrestling the sport and I agree TNA does make sense and there is more action in the ring in my opinion. That's mainly why I think TNA is going to survive, they have horsesense. Triple H is a very fine wrestler and decrapped business a bit it's slowly getting better and making more sense.
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