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Daniel Bryan fired again?
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Default Daniel Bryan fired again?

To start off with Daniel Bryan is not, and never was seriously injured after an RKO on Monday night Raw which left him clutching his wrist. Daniel Bryan has posted a video on his Facebook account and his offical website, in which he does not speak, he just shakes his wrists and proves he isnt injured in the "Daniel Bryan" way we all know and love. So Daniel Bryan was not released due to an injury on Raw.

Another suggestion is that Daniel Bryan has been injured recently a lot and is injury prone. This is not the reason of his release, as he was intended to be the next title contender against Orton. WWE showed this when Daniel Bryan returned after Orton and Cena's Arguement. So Vince clearly had major plans for Daniel Bryan in the not so distant future.

Another strong view involves a back suplex he did on Randy Orton which wasn't performed correctly. In the ring Orton looked frustrated at Daniel Bryan for perfoming the move incorrectly (more towards the shoulder than the back). Orton and Daniel Bryan had a discussion after Raw which was not a heated one. It merley consisted of Orton telling Daniel Bryan of his mistake and the fact he landed very near to his collar bone (which previously put Orton out for quite some time). Daniel Bryan didnt argue his case and he agreed with Orton. Orton by the way wasn't injured, he was only concerned at the result of an injury if it had been caused. It is also easily understandable that Daniel Bryan made a mistake as he was a bit ring rusty as he had been out for a long time, so if anyone would realise this, it is Vince. So everything here was settled and forgotten.

Daniel Bryan's release however wasn't immediate. It was four days after Raw was aired. This indicates that WWE had thought about the decision and not acted purely on Ortons "alleged" fury over Daniel Bryan's move. If it was however, based on Ortons alleged opinion, then why didnt the WWE easily move Daniel Bryan to Smackdown the following week? So this shows Orton cant be to blame and if he is it must have been a small factor in something much bigger.

There are thoughts of this being a work (storyline). If so it would be a wonderful idea, and i would have to take my hat off to Vince and co. However in WWE's current storyline Vince and Orton hate one another and it would be very unbelievable that Vince would listen to Ortons requests to fire Daniel Bryan. The rumours about this are heightened as the RAW commercials are shown to advertise Daniel Bryan. These are apparently only being aired because of the late release of Daniel Bryan during the week. WWE therefore cant pull the advertisements and they dont have the time to produce new ones

If this is real, which it most probably is, there are rumours of Daniel Bryan joining TNA. Daniel Bryan as we all know is very injury prone. He could most easily make it in the big leagues in TNA and has worked there before. However due to his numerous amount of injuries it is unlikely he will prevail if he "crosses the line". TNA asks for more higher rated moves and quicker in ring action, however the schedule is much lower than WWE's is. Do the two cancel out? Or is the increased heat inside the ring going to end up resulting in Daniel Bryan's "glassman" image proved forever his downfall in the business.

I think this weeks RAW will end the speculation of a storyline one way or the other.

If it is true of his release, then It cannot be based on a current injury (as he dosnt have one).

It cant be based of previous injurys (because he was getting a title push by Vince)

and it cant be soley based on Ortons reaction (because things were settled between the two. And if it wasnt then Daniel Bryan would have been sent to Smackdown)
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Where did you got this from?
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That was Kennedy's release. Changing the name alone can't hide the truth.
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That's not true
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no he isnt
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Source: Kayfabe news. com
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