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Cm Punk overrated? Who agrees.?
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Default Cm Punk overrated? Who agrees.?

- He's very sloppy and unathletic in the ring. Now I know some will go "How come?" but let me explain. When he wrestles, you cannot suspend your disbelief because the guy has no intensity and as I said, a lot of the time, his executions are sloppy as ****. For instance, the Suicide Dive. He's jogging his way out of the ring and it makes his opponent look like an idiot for standing here while he's taking his time to jump between the ropes and land on them. Then there's his finisher, the GTS. He often hits them in the chest and if they weigh too much, he can't even execute the move on them. And yes, he's very unathletic. He can do a backflip and all that basic sh** but you know what he can't do? A DROPKICK! A move as simple as a dropkick and he makes it look like sh**. But on the positive side of his ring abilities, he is capable of putting on a good match but not without a talented opponent who can help him up his game. He's lucky that most of his opponents have been good wrestlers or else people would have been bored of him a lot faster.

- Overrated mic skills. Don't get me wrong. He's a natural talker and can deliver a good promo with the right material but it doesn't change the fact that I find him to be extremely one-dimensional in the promo department and more often than not, he can only capture a certain mood. For example, he can't do a "tough guy" promo worth a damn. My first example is that ROH "I hate you" promo which a lot of his marks jack off to. He sounds like an emo who just had a bad breakup to me. And his irritating attitude where he has to be a smart-*** all the time. You know what I mean, all the real-name calling, the unfunny jokes and the no-selling sarcastic response to what his opponents say.

- An awful look. For a guy who is so damn loud about being Straight Edge (two freaking tattoos that indicate his drug-free lifestyle!!!), he sure as hell doesn't look healthy. Whether it's the lack of muscles or the extremely ugly bunch of tattoos that cover up his chest, I don't know. I just can't stand looking at him in the ring. He looks like a junkie and extremely filthy. And it also makes it hard to buy into him being such a dominating bad-*** that can beat a guy like Mark Henry. His height is not even the problem here because there's others such as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and John Cena who are about the same height or even shorter but yet have actually looked on par with a larger guy like Brock Lesnar. And you know why? Because these guys had something Punk doesn't have. MUSCLES. And I don't care if they have used steroids or not, my point still remains.

- Overpushed to the moon. I was fine with him earlier this year but as his title reign has gone on, I've been BORED to the point that I switched off the show completely. Far better talents like Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Triple H and Brock Lesnar have never had a title reign that went on this long. Now I understand the roster has no depth and is very thin on main event talent but that's why they should push newer guys or better yet, give a title reign of this length to a more entertaining guy. Plus they also passed on the chance of making Ryback a star at Hell in a Cell because of some stupid statistic. I agree with the notion that Ryback is not ready to have the stakes raised so high for him this early but when the match was on, they should have gone fully with it and had him become champion. Now they've jobbed him out twice to Punk at PPV (I don't care if it was unclean) and now he's lost the appeal and chance to become a star. All to let Punk go beyond one year with his reign as if it makes such a huge difference. He's already gotten about as far as he can, no need to hold others back just to feed his ego.

- Annoying fans. Now this shouldn't be a reason but sometimes you can't help it. I used to be on the Punk bandwagon when I joined during his hottest period in the 2011 summer and I can't believe I bought into the hype. But it's his fans that I'm talking about here. Most of them are sooooo sensitive every time someone makes a negative comment about him. It's pathetic. If you don't like Punk, you're automatically a troll. Now I understand there's a lot of annoying trolls that join just to say "lulz punk cant draw" but with the attitude of the defenders, I can't blame them one bit for doing so. That said, I don't want to be put in the "troll" category for voicing my honest opinion which happens to be unpopular around here. Unfortunately that has happened anyways and therefore, it proves my point.
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Eh, you have a right to your opinion. I personally love Punk, but I see your points, especially the fans. He is not close to Stone Cold or Hogan and anyone who thinks that is dumb. Punk is my 3rd favorite in this Era, but he's not even in my top 15.
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"He's very sloppy and unathletic in the ring"

Says the Cena fan"He's very sloppy and unathletic in the ring"

As opposed to who, Ryback?"An awful look"

Steroids aren't attractiveness, and as a straight guy I like Punk's look"Overpushed to the moon"

Him being a heel is partially an excuse, but I don't completely disagree with you here"Annoying fans"

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CM Punk and his fans suck.
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Who do you expect to read this crap?
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