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Is this a good idea for Undertaker's final WrestleMania chapter?
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Default Is this a good idea for Undertaker's final WrestleMania chapter?

I think I remember doing something like this a while back but I wanted to see if I could make any changes to improve it. Now this may or may not happen at WrestleMania 30 but I would like to see him face Cena at some point, whether he is the right opponent to be Taker's last I don't know, but here's what I'm thinking during the match and this is what I think should be Taker's last match unless WWE have something bigger planned.

Undertaker and Cena battle like two legandary icons. As passionate as Cena is about the business, he has gotten tired of it because he has won everything and achieved so much, but what thanks does he get from the fans in return? This could be his heel moment. As he also has done everything he has done and is tired of the same routine, win after win, the streak is new to him and because it all feels fresh and has a purpose he tries his upmost best, scratching, clawing through The Undertaker, Attitude Adjustment after Attitude Adjustment, he is more determined than anyone has been about ending the streak and there has been a great rivalry behind this over the last few months.

Undertaker fights back just as impressively, but Super Cena comes back in full gear. Who else has beaten Super Cena when he's been really determined? I can't think of anyone. Not even Bryan. Because he had an injured shoulder and was tired of defending the Championship, and now he has something new to prove that has earned him the name of the biggest threat to The Undertaker's streak.

Both men are down. Referee Charles Robinson is down. The Undertaker is the first one to get to his feet, but look who's coming to the ring! Jimmy Fly Snukka. WTF is he doing here? He tries to attack The Undertaker but he gets chokeslammed for his trouble. Undertaker is in a confused battered state. But what's this? Jake Roberts is coming down to the ring. Does anyone see a pattern yet? Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are starting to finally catch on. This is all very strange. But Undertaker manages to quickly fight him off with a tombstone.

And now Big Sexy Kevin Nash, King Kong Bundy and Sycho Sid are coming down to the ring. Three big men. Now do you get the picture? These all seem to be Undertaker's past WrestleMania opponenets, and the truth is, they were all fed up of being put to rest, physically yes, but psychologically it has had an even bigger affect as it has secretly tormented all the wrestlers that have been put to rest by The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and they all made a plan together to finally stop it once and for all, who's plan exactly? The new boss that has taken over the WWE, Triple H, who has been more tormented than anyone and has been a shell of his former self ever since the losses he suffered at WrestleMania 3 consecutive times, and he has now been known as the boss to compensate for his fears."It's what's best for business. And ending the streak, is what's best for business. It will put my mind to rest" He says with the microphone. Is this really the end for The Undertaker? As HHH stands tall at the ramp and orders the 3 big men, Sid, Nash and Bundy to the ring. Undertaker is cornered. He tries to fight them off but they all take advantage, yet somehow, Undertaker is managing to hold his own on a 3 on one assault.

Undertaker successfully knocks down Bundy and Sid and is left fighting Nash. Nash tries to set up Taker for a Jackhammer, but Undertaker reverses it into his own Vintage Last Ride. Triple H begins to panic and almost craps his pants as Kane's fireworks set off, as the big red monsters theme plays. He comes down to the ring as Undertaker has managed to fight off the 3 giants for the time being. But Kane is an even bigger and scarier giant.

He looks at Kane and in his eyes he can see that Kane doesn't really want to go through with this because he is his brother, but he has also been tormented like the rest of them. His bitter hatred over all they've been through still remains to this day, like when Kane got burned. He picks Undertaker upside down and delivers him a tombstone, grabs Cena's body who is still on the floor to pin The Undertaker, wakes the ref up, and 1.....2.....TO BE CONTINUED.

Sorry about that but I can't post it all into one question so this seems like a good way to end it. Maybe I'll post some of the rest tomorrow if I'm in the mood. I haven't planned that far ahead and I don't know how to end it so I might be out of ideas, but who knows, maybe Cena will beat Undertaker straight away in my next chapter. Never say never.

Sorry if this is looking too much like Vince Russo's booking but I just wanted to spice things up a bit. I feel his last match at WrestleMania needs to be special as much as they have been the last few years, but it really needs to mean something for when he does retire, whenever that is.

Just because I think it should be Cena doesn't mean you have to. Picture it as Brock Lesnar or someone else you have in mind.
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That's too much to read...
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stopped at Taker vs Cena.

what you have to realize is at this stage in his career.....Undertaker needs the best of the best to make him look good in that very ring. Cena can't carry a bag of groceries much less a match with the "biggest" star in the company.....
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That's good you should apply for wwe's script writers.
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I think that is not possible cm punk vs undertaker was real but after undertaker streak being just about to get ended WWE will not let that happen..
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good storyline but seems like a videeogame storyline this would work if it was 05 or 04 cant see it today
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To make a long story short, Cena vs Undertaker at WM30, Taker wins and he gets into the HofF
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Its so much to read dude.....
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but undertaker wins, kills them all and leaves forever
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