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WRESTLING : Whats up with king of the ring?
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Default WRESTLING : Whats up with king of the ring?

Why doesn't the wwe schedule that PPV anymore

It used to help not only bring more competition

But it also helped bring lots of welled skilled superstars to the spotlight

with more respect

Q2 : If the KOTR was scheduled. Which 5 superstars would you include

in the tournament.

Q3 : Who deserves to be KOTR (IYO)
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They should do it.

King' Sheamus won it in 2010

Q2:CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,John cena,Randy orton,Alberto del rio,and Ryback

Q3:King ryback sounds good to me but so does King Punk
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The only time king of ring was meaningful was 93 & 94 when bret & owen won it,since then it has become the WHO CARES! pay per view.
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Because they prefer to have these crappy PPV names instead..

King of the Ring Tournament:

Champion vs Champion: Curtis Axel vs Dean Ambrose

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

CM Punk vs. Sheamus(since he was last KOTR winner)

Ambrose def. Axel

Ziggler def. Del Rio

Cesaro def. Kingston

Sheamus def. Punk due to distraction from Paul Heyman

Semi Finals:

Ambrose vs. Ziggler(the Shield attack Ziggler on his way to the match)..ref send Rollins and Reigns to the back..Ambrose goes for his finisher on Dolph..and hit it..but Dolph kicks up..Ambrose picks Dolph up and slaps him..then goes for it again Dolph muscles out and hits the Zig Zag...1....2.....3!..Dolph adv to finals.

Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro..Swagger and Colter are immediately sent to the back..Sheamus and Cesaro are going at it in an all out brawl..then Sheamus hits White Noise on Cesaro..and is ramming up for Brogue Kick..Sheamus goes for it and Cesaro moves out way..and hits Sheamus below the belt..the ref didn't see it..Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Sheamus..1....2....3!..Cesaro steals the victory and heads to the finals!

Finals: King of the Ring Crowning match-Antonio Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro is hammering away on the already injured Ziggler due to attack from the Shield..Cesaro stops and puts his hand over his heart to shout, "We The People"..Dolph rolls him up..Cesaro kicks out at 2 and delivers a hellacious clothesline to Ziggler..Cesaro goes for pin...Dolph kicks out right before 3...Cesaro throws Dolph to the rope..Dolph jumps over for Sunset flip pin..Cesaro grabs him up by the neck..jawbreaker by Ziggler then Ziggler hits Cesaro with dropkick..Ziggler goes up top..Swagger comes out..Ziggler splashes Swagger..then turns his attention back to Cesaro..Cesaro kicks Ziggler in the head and then hits the Neutralizer..1.....2....Ziggler gets a foot on the rope..Zeb Colter is complaining to the ref as is Cesaro..Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Cesaro...1......2........3....*bell rings*

The Showoff King Era begins!

I wanted to do Cody instead of Ziggler..but he is currently not in wasn't much to work with.
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Is pointless. The last king was Sheamus, and he didn't even wore the clothes for 2 months, unlike Regal or Booker T.

Q.2. Austin Aries, Punk, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Kassius Ohno.

Q.3. King Aries
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