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Why do people act like Aj is forced to be in tna, and want it to go under?
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Default Why do people act like Aj is forced to be in tna, and want it to go under?

I do not understand this, it is pretty clear he wants to stay in the company, however the man deserves his money, even if he were to go to wwe, aj clearly loves tna, and his time in tna is his legacy, why would you want that to die, if you are an Aj Styles fan. If they are true Aj Styles fan, then you will want to tna to stay in business, even as bad some of the crap has become at times, wwe had a kiss my foot match TWICE, A Good wrestler in Jack Swagger and former world champion argue with a muppet, and the Christmas episiode, so by that logic, wwe should be gone and all that should be left is the indies heck there should be no wrestling, there is going to be stupid crap people it is pro wrestling MAY YOUNG GAVE BIRTH TO A HAND. Now could it go under, it could no doubt though with them getting off the road they will survive, but growing for now is out of the question. I will say this if Aj goes to wwe, I will be happy for him, but it looks like he wants to stay, so if you are a fan of his, you would want tna to succeed period. Plus I and others enjoy watching impact I do not enjoy wwe that much to be honest not my type my show, though it is good now I will not care for it later. , so if you don't like it, you can change the channel, though I understand if you want it to get better, I love it when people criticize the company, good, there are things they are doing that suck, it needs to be fixed. Also to a lot of you, don't you LIKE complaining, you are probably going to say "no I am tired of complaining ", however you are lying and you know you are, even if you hate the company you are still watching it, you LOVE making fun of it, you know you do, and without it, you only have wwe to make fun of. However if you are tired of complaining, why take away impact from the few fans it has, there is a remote, you can change the channel, then you won't have to complain anymore.
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AJ is doing great as the Divas Champion, she's not going to TNA.
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aj is tna
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People feel because he is as great of a wrestler as he is that he deserves a chance to shine in the big leauges and not waste his time in TNA, because he has achieved everything that he's needed to in there and I just don't think AJ has the passion for TNA as he used to, but there is always a chance if he leaves for WWE that they will bury him, so I'm not so sure.
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cause he has not gotten title shots lately
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They've no idea and don't know Why they're saying that Aj Styles is being forced to stay with the company. Aj Styles always loved Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The wrestling fans needs to realized that, TNA is exactly the phenomenal one Aj Styles home all the years being with the company over 11 years with James Storm, Jeff Jarrett and more others.

Aj Styles has accomplished everything in the company. He might have been more success than all the wrestlers in the locker room. They're acting like that, They know everything about someone being forced stay with the wrestling company.

It's extremely hard for Today Fans these days to stop complaining, Bitching and moaning when, The Booking always making huge mistakes. They're tired of the same people in the Mid card and Main event picture for years. They believed there's another wrestlers to earned get pushed as well in the title picture when, They'd pathetic characters, not being charismatic like the ones from the past.

They're just talented wrestlers anyway when, Some wrestlers don't have charisma or personally or Not good on the Microphone these days. That's the main problem to me is zero charisma or personally or beauty .. I'm trying to be Truly wrestling fan to watched all the wrestling promotions to enjoyed their Promos and matches being entertained around the world.
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