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Rate and predict this WM 30 match card?
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Default Rate and predict this WM 30 match card?

Before I begin, Undertaker's opponent at WM is either Brock Lesnar OR John Cena, im going with Cena

Pre-Show: Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs Cody Rhodes (he will return after his honeymoon)

Kickoff match: Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs JeriShow (Chris Jericho returns at RR and teams with Show)

Match #1: United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs The Miz

Match #2: Bray Wyatt vs Kane

Match #3: Divas Champion AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Match #4: Ryback vs Big E Langston (face)

Match #5: World Heavyweight Champion Damien Sandow vs RVD vs ADR

Match #6: Brock Lesnar vs The Rock No DQ

Match #7: CM Punk (heel) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Match #8: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs RR Winner Daniel Bryan

Main Event: The Undertaker vs John Cena in a steak vs streak 'I Quit Match' (Cena never lost an I Quit Match, Taker never lost at WM)

Next night on Raw, IF Randy Orton retains, he keeps braging and say that no one will beat him for the WWE title,, then Batista's music hits and he gets in and challenges Orton at Extreme Rules (for those of who don't know, Orton Cost Batista the title back in 2009, so he is back to get the title)
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Preshow - I agree with Axel, but I believe Jericho would suit better as an opponent. Especially the fact that Jericho has been known to put the younger talent over.

Kickoff Match - All depends if the Tag Team Championships are that important for Wrestlemania. I think a better Kickoff match would be The Shield vs The Wyatt Family since the Wyatt Family has been getting a lot of TV time lately

Match #1 - I think Jack Swagger would fit better in this picture. If he is going to keep his American gimmick for a while then they might as well have him turn into a face and have someone like Antonio Cesaro fight for the belt with Zeb Colter, and Zeb Colter trash talks Americans which would make the match a bit more noticable

Match #2 - I thought of this at first, but I can't see this going all the way until Wrestlemania. I think a better matchcard would be the entire corporation storyline which involves Triple H, and McMahon fighting for control of the company in the near future. Triple H continues as a heel and Vince does not like the way Triple H does things that he believes is "best for business". With both men trying to fight for control of the company, McMahon wants to gain control of it, so he brings in Shawn Michaels who is concerned with the way Triple H has been acting lately and decides to represent Mr McMahon in battle for ownership of the WWE. This match though would be later in the night and definitely not 2nd. Plus 2 reasons I think Michaels over any one else

1. Michaels vs Triple H has never happened at Wrestlemania

2. Wrestlemania 30 is a milestone, so you need Mr. Wrestlemania himself to be there.

Match #3 - I can agree on this one. Divas Division is so terrible right now (Thanks Triple H...) that it doesn't really matter who AJ Lee fights to defend the Divas Championship.

Match #4 - Seems good, but all depends if Goldberg does decide to return or not. Whenever WWE Superstars are questioned for returns in near future they usually say no and then end up do returning (Like Jericho did in 2011). For now I say Ryback vs Big E but anything is possible.

Match #5 - I don't think Sandow is ready quite yet. RVD doesn't have much of a position elsewhere on the matchcard so it does make sense to have him in the WHC picture, but I don't think people would be interested in what they already saw. Alberto and RVD feuding again? Maybe but I can't see it. My match card for the WHC would be RVD vs Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Del Rio in a Fatal-4-Way match.

Match #6 - Yeah, seems legit. There's no one else really that The Rock and Lesnar can face other than each other. Rock always has the option of facing Cena a third time. But I think the buyrate and the popularity would not exceed like it did the first time. Brock always has CM Punk and the Undertaker, but I think people are more attracted to Cena facing Taker and Punk facing Austin. This is more of a "Attract a larger fanbase audience and make more money match"

Match #7 - It'd be hard to believe if this does not happen. The only way I can't see this happening is 1 reason. Austin might wait and see if Wrestlemania 31 is in Texas and then make a return. But from all the videos I have watched with CM Punk and Austin talking even in the WWE 13 video game interview, I just can't see it NOT happening. I think that would be the biggest disappointment to Wrestlemania if this match does not happen. But yes, I do agree with this.

Match #8 - I'm still iffy on this one, but as of right now these are the best 2 stars that are on the roster full time schedule. So it makes sense to have this at Mania and to put Bryan over.

Match #9 - Will most likely happen. I don't know if it would be an I quit match though. I wouldn't believe the idea of Taker saying I quit to Cena and losing at Mania. I think a 1 VS 1 singles match encounter is simply better.

My Wrestlemania 30 Match Card

Pre Show Intercontinental Championship - Curtix Axel vs Chris Jericho

Kickoff Match - The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

Match #1 United States Chamionship - Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Colter

Match #2 Last Man Standing - Ryback vs Goldberg (If not Goldberg then Big E)

Match #3 Divas Championship - AJ Lee vs Brie Bella vs Kaitlyn

Match #4 World Heavyweight Championship - RVD vs Sheamus vs Ziggler vs Del Rio

Match #5 NO DQ Match - Brock Lesnar vs The Rock

Match #6 WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan (Rumble Winner) vs Randy Orton

Match #7 For the Ownership of the WWE - Shawn Michaels representing Vince McMahon vs Triple H

Match #8 Singles Match - CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Match #9 Taking on the Streak - John Cena vs The Undertaker
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I disagree with the preshow, kickoff, and match three. Everything else is great expecially 'Taker v. Cena. Don't forget HHH and Vince have to participate in some way. But overall i love that next night on RAW prediction.statistically speaking, The night after WrestleMania someone returns and shocking stuff happens.
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