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Which WWE WCW and ECW Wrestlers Gimmicks do you prefer more?
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A.C. 007 the Panther is on a distinguished road
Default Which WWE WCW and ECW Wrestlers Gimmicks do you prefer more?

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE) or "Stunning" Steve Austin (WCW)

2. Hulk Hogan (Red and Yellow) (WWE) or Hollywood Hogan (nWo) (WCW)

3. Razor Ramon (WWE) or Scott Hall (nWo) (WCW)

4. Diesel (WWE) or Kevin Nash (nWo) (WCW)

5. Mr. Perfect (WCW) or Curt Hennig (nWo) (WCW)

6. Big Show (WWE) or The Giant (nWo) (WCW)

7. "The Total Package" Lex Luger (NWA/WCW) or "All-American" Lex Luger (WWE)

8. Shane Douglas (WCW/ECW) or Dean Douglas (WWE)

9. The Sandman (WWE/ECW) or Hardcore Hak (WCW)

10. Too Cold Scorpio (WCW/ECW) or Flash Funk (WWE)

11. The Hurricane (WWE) or "Sugar" Shane Helms (WCW)

12. Earthquake (WWE) or Shark/Avalanche (WCW)

13. Sycho Sid/Sid Justice (WWE) or Sid Vicious (WCW/ECW)

14. Flyin' Brian (WCW/ECW) or "Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman (WWE)

15. Cactus Jack (WCW/ECW/WWE) or Dude Love (WWE) or Mankind (WWE)

16. 1-2-3 Kid/X-Pac (WWE) or Syxx (nWo) (WCW)

17. Haku (WWE) or Meng (WCW)

18. Paul Heyman (WWE/ECW) or Paul E. Dangerously (WCW/ECW)

19. Tugboat/Typhoon (WWE) or The Shockmaster (WCW)

20. The Big Boss Man (WWE) or Big Bubba Rogers (NWA/WCW)
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I SAID!! is on a distinguished road

1- You forgot Superstar Steve Austin (ECW)

2- Red And Yellow Hogan (WWF)

3- NWO Scott Hall (WCW)

4- NWO Kevin Nash (WCW)

5- Mr. Perfect (WWF)

6- The Giant (WCW)

7- All American Lex Luger (WWF)

8- The Franchise Shane Douglas (ECW)

9- The Sandman (ECW)

10- Too Cold Scorpio (ECW)

11- The Hurricane (WWE)

12- Earthquacke (WWF)

13- Sid Justice (WWF)

14- Flying Bryan (WCW)

15- Mankind (WWF)

16- 1-2-3- Kid (WWF)

17- Haku (WWF)

18- Paul Heyman (WWE)

19- Typhoon (WWF)

20- Attitude Era Boss Man (WWF)
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The Rassling Critic is on a distinguished road

well Razor Ramon was basically the Diamond Studd from WCW....

same look and everything but without the "scarface" personality

DID YOU KNOW: the Franchise Shane Douglas gimmick was copied by HHH in WWE when he decided to use the name "the game"

when the internets talk about how great Mick Foley was as a pro wrestler....they discuss his time as Cactus Jack.

Fun Fact: 90% of the gimmicks on your list are heels

Loose Cannon was a once in a life time thing.....
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Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE)

Hollywood Hogan (nWo) (WCW)

Scott Hall (nWo) (WCW)

Kevin Nash (nWo) (WCW)

Mr. Perfect (WWE)

The Giant (nWo) (WCW)"The Total Package" Lex Luger (NWA/WCW)

Shane Douglas (WCW/ECW)

The Sandman

Too Cold Scorpio

Shane Helms


Sycho Sid Justice

Brian Pillman

Cactus Jack

1-2-3 Kid / X-Pac


Paul Heyman

Tugboot / Typhoon

Big Boss Man
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