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What if this happens, will you like it? +BQ?
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Default What if this happens, will you like it? +BQ?


We all know Batista is going to return soon(he already signed a 6 month contract with Triple H and will be back before WM 30) and so is Brock Lesnar and there have been rumors of Golberg returning. What if all 3 return and form a team along with Big Show to face 'Corporate Evolution'? do you think it will be a good storyline? and who do you think will win this fight?

BQ: What would be the name of their team
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Then wwe will break all records. The ratings will go off the roof. And most importantly, the days of badass faces will be back.

The name of the team should be The Anti Corporate.
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I think it's good. But it would be better if they had their own feuds.

We don't need a lot of top-shelf stars in the whole Corporation feud. Many fans love Batista and Goldberg. If they place them in the feud, they would just out-shine Daniel Bryan and worse, the WWE champion Orton, who should basically be the center of the whole damn feud.

I mean it would be great to see Batista and Goldberg and even Lesnar on the same team. But we need a few great feuds, not just one. If WWE pools all their attention on to ONE feud, the other matches would just be a filler in comparison. This is what happened to the titles. WWE focused so much on WWE title that the WHC just looks like the Intercontinental title in comparison.

Batista should go after the WHC. WIth the Heavyweight champion steadily losing its meaning, WWE needs a superstar that has champion material, this superstar is Batista.

And another win for this situation is that IF Batista becomes WHC, the brand loyalty and separation would become more apparent since BOTH brands have some sort of "leader", unlike today where RAW is just hogging all the spotlight.

As for Lesnar, he should go up against Taker in Mania. That would be one hell of a match.

And Goldberg, if he does return, should feud up with Triple H himself, leaving Daniel Bryan and Orton to be the stars of the Corporation feud. Because so far, I'm more interested on Triple H rather than Orton and Bryan, despite the fact that they give good matches.
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It should be Batista returns to try to stop Triple H, The Shield, and Orton. The feud goes on for a few weeks and it mainly ends up with Batista getting beaten up because it is a 5 vs 1 situation. Then one night on Raw, Batista mentions he has been secretly trying to get a partner to help him and he will be revealed at the end of the show. The main even on that night is Batista vs Orton with Triple H as special guest referee and The Shield at ringside. Batista is about to go for the Batista Bomb. But then Triple H goes for the Low Blow. Triple H does the Pedigree on Batista and Orton is getting ready for the RKO. Then you here Goldberg's music and see his titantron. Roman Reigns runs down but ends up getting Speared by Goldberg. Rollins runs over and gets clotheslined and Ambrose gets hit in the face by an elbow. Goldberg runs in the ring and does a Spear on Orton that almost breaks his body in half. Triple H runs away. Rollins runs back in the ring but ends up getting a Jackhammer by Goldberg. Ambrose and Reigns pull Orton and Rollins outside the ring. The show ends with Batista and Goldberg with their hands raised in victory.

The two groups feud for a few weeks. Then at the PPV, it is Goldberg and Batista vs The Shield. The Shield get disquallified for using a chair. Then Orton comes out and helps The Shield beat up Batista and Goldberg. Goldberg is about to do the Jackhammer on Ambrose but Batista Spears Goldberg. Batista does a Spinebuster and then the Batista Bomb on Goldberg. Reigns does a Spear to Goldberg and Orton does an RKO. The show ends with Triple H coming out and shaking hands and smiling with Batista. The Shield, Orton, Triple H, and now Batista raise their hands in victory. This is showing that Batista has "sold out" and joined the gang. It has now become Corporate Shield and now Corporate Evolution.
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