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Why should top tna stars past and present go to wwe?
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Default Why should top tna stars past and present go to wwe?

People like to say sting, morgan, love, styles, aries, roode, etc should go to wwe. Why should they? Let me tell you why not. It is simple, they would be JOBBERS.

Look at kaval, never made it past nxt, but had a great career in tna.

Look at awesome kong. She was let go by wwe cause she was fat. Then became a star in tna. Came back to wwe, then was told she was to ugly and fat on tv after announcing she was expecting.

Look at r truth. Was a no body in wwf. Became a main eventer in tna. Came back and was on fire, but now look at him, he is rarely on tv and became a jobber.

Look at matt morgans first run in wwe. Jobber.

So why should they leave tna, as a maineventer or was when they were there, to be a jobber in wwe
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Simply cuz they get paid more in WWE.
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I'm a TNA fan and even I think you are twisting facts around!

Kharma was accepted in WWE and finally full filled one of her dreams in becoming a WWE Diva, I as a TNA fan am proud she was able to make it, but even I realize that there was no possible way she could of done more within that company since she was pregnant! She couldn't wrestle, obviously, and after her miscariage she probably wasn't in her right frame of mind, WWE did what was best for both sides in the case of Kharma!

Kaval's career wasn't all that great in TNA, he tried to go back after the whole NXT thing and they told him he would have to earn his spot back in a match, which he was unable to do!

R-truth was a main eventer in TNA for a while then they didn't know what to do with him, how is that any different than what WWE is using him right now!

Matt Morgan never won a championship in TNA, maybe he isn't a jobber but obviously he isn't happy with the company if he keeps wanting to return to WWE!

Most of the guys should stay with TNA though, Styles, Aries, Roode, Storm but lets face some hard facts, Sting, Hogan, and maybe even Angle, they aren't the future of the wrestling business, I think they have earned a lot in the business, but for a company that has to make these big budget cuts, it doesn't make sense to keep these guys around, you know they have to be making the top money within TNA and that should be going to the current top stars, not guys who are well past their prime!

You might be able to make an argument for TNA to keep Kurt Angle, but Sting and Hogan, they should both be under Legend's contracts in WWE, WWE can afford to pay them the big $, TNA wouldn't have to cut guys from the roster, they could be paying their top home grown talent more like Aj Styles, who does want to be paid more, and honestly, I can't blame him, he has been with the company longer than anyone, fans pay to see him just as much as they pay to see anyone on that roster, there is no reason he should be making less than anyone else in TNA!

Can you imagine the money TNA could free up by realeasing guys like Hogan and Sting, and they could focus that money into more resources, fresher faces, and paying more to the current talent, there are a ton of guys out there who would love to have a spot in TNA, who would love to make more money, and god damn, I love dixie carter and she seems like a sweet lady but why oh why is she constantly contradicting herself, she states they are not competing with WWE but then during the same interview justifies releasing talent because the competition does it all the time! Seriously, if Vince McMahon went crazy and jumped off a bridge would Dixie Carter do it too, you are suppose to be better than your competition, WWE has released talent and has been very criticized for it as well, so why would you, Dixie Carter, think that doing that would be alright, you aren't suppose to be as corporate as the WWE, you are a family ran company and your company always felt like it was a big family but it just doesn't feel the same as it use too!
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