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I have an idea for tna stop trying to satisfy people who hate tna, what do you think?
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Default I have an idea for tna stop trying to satisfy people who hate tna, what do you think?

To me that is the one problem with tna, I am a tna fan, but they must realize there are catering to the WRONG people, yes there are some wwe fans who will give tna a chance, hell even if you do not not give tna a chance, it does not mean your evil, a little bias. To be honest the reason why the product is lackluster at times, is because they are trying to satisfy people who hate tna, who want it to fail to go under , tna is not the best product, not the worst, but even if it was the greatest thing in the world, they would hate it. Tna should work on just satisfying the people who are fans of it, who would watch it, and to a degree they are, but they should not even consider people fans who hate it, because you know what these people want, they want tna to go under, they want Aj Styles to be homeless, Roode to be homeless, James Storm to be homeless ,hell I bet they want his daughter to get cancer, they would celebrate this really well, they want all tna originals, wcw orginals, to suffer because they did not make their name in wwe, they made there name somewhere else, they want people to be homeless because they did not make their name in wwe. Why would tna WANT these sort of people watching their product, these are wwe fan boys, who want nothing but wwe on tv, Roh is in syndication, so that Tv deal is not that bad, but tna being on spike really burns them. I promise you if Roh gets a tv deal like spike, THE WITCH HUNT WILL BEGIN, screw these people, they don't like tna, they can chose not to watch it, ohhh what an interesting concept. Tna needs to use their nastiness, not on refusing to pay medical bills for Daffeny, that was awful, I will admit, they need to pay those people's bill no excuse. They need to tell Hogan, Sting, Bischoff, Bischoff's son, Knux, Wes Brisco, to hit the bricks, not out of money no, but to send a message, they need to steal some of Vince's nasty syndrome, they need to get tough. I hope tna survives , even when wwe is good, and they are not to bad right now, I like to watch wrestling other than wwe, and not have to search the internet for it, where I can watch it on television to be honest my current favorites are in tna, and without, they will not get the exposure they deserve. Overall go tna, I hope you do well and oh do pay Daffeny and Jesse's bills when you get the money, it is the right thing to do.
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maybe Dixie Carter should hire people that know what they are doing instead of listening to 12 year old trolls....
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I agree, but their trying to boost ratings.
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There is a lot of truth to that, some people will never be happy or satisfied, TNA can't worry about that, they try to satisfy those people, all that is going to happen is they are going to neglect their loyal fans, TNA loses those fans, then that is what is going to screw them and cause them to go out of business!
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