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What is 'The Forth Wall' in WWE?
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Default What is 'The Forth Wall' in WWE?

I'm watching back CM Punk's 'PipeBomb Speech' from back in 2011 and he said "Oops I'm breaking the forth wall" and waved at the camera, I was just wondering what that ment? I think it means cussing but I don't know.
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He's directly addressing the fans in his own opinions.
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It means he's going over the boundary of what he can say and reference.
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The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional three-walled box set in a proscenium theatre, through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play. The idea of the fourth wall was made explicit by philosopher and critic Denis Diderot and spread in 19th-century theatre with the advent of theatrical realism, which extended the idea to the imaginary boundary between any fictional work and its audience.

Speaking directly to or otherwise acknowledging the audience through the camera in a film or television program, or through this imaginary wall in a play, is referred to as "breaking the fourth wall" and is considered a technique of metafiction, as it penetrates the boundaries normally set up by works of fiction.

The fourth wall should not be confused with the aside or the soliloquy, dramatic devices often used by playwrights where the character on stage is delivering an inner monologue, giving the audience insight into his or her thoughts.


On television, breaking the fourth wall is rare, though a regular proponent of it is the main character of the Irish sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys. Mrs Brown, regularly breaks the fourth wall, talking to the audience, and will run from set to set (for instance to retrieve a prop needed from a scene, left in another set). Mrs Brown will also drop character to comment on a situation, or wish a happy holiday to the viewing audience. Another television character who regularly breaks the fourth wall is Francis Urquhart in the British TV drama series House of Cards, To Play the King and The Final Cut. Urquhart addresses the audience several times during each episode, giving the viewer comments on his own actions on the show. The same technique is also used in the American adaptation of House of Cards.

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the 4th wall is a general TV/entertainment term based on the practice of most sets having only 3 walls with the 4th being either the front of the stage, or the lens of the Camera

-- think of most TV shows: the characters have No idea they are being watched because the audience is viewing Most of the action from 'behind the 4th wall' ... in most sitcom living room sets the Camera is placed in the spot most likely to be where the characters' TV set would be (at least in the Pre-Flat Screen days)

as Wrestling is 'theater in the round' there is no 3 walled set anymore... arguable the old 'Talk shows' like Barbershop, Piper's Pit kind of did as they were essentially 3 plywood walls

as long winded and off topic as I've gotten I guess 4th wall as it relates to wresting (especially in the context Punk used it) is more or less the same as "keyfabe' and Punk being Punk he didn't want to use the real insider term, so as not to encourage more fans to start using the lingo.. so he substituted the term 4th wall

yet another way to see it is as the 'Barrier' between the reality of the audience and the reality of the characters
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