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A couple wwe questions?
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Default A couple wwe questions?

It's the time of year when neither basketball or football are on, so I'm watching wwe again.

I have a couple questions.

1. Cody Rhodes is a face now? I saw him attack the Damien sandow. Is he a face?

2. Del rio, is he a face? He acts like both face and heel, a tweener?

3. Dolph Ziggler, heel or face? He has been confusing the hell outa me.

4. Can someone explain to me Paul heyman and his group of people?
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1. Yes cody is a face now

2. No del rio is heel after payback

3. Dolph is a face after payback

4. C.m punk said he isnt a paul heyman client and heyman dont like it heyman turn on punk and send brock to attack punk and now at summerslam its C.m punk vs. Brock Lesnar
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1. You could call him a face now. A lot of people were rooting for him (Well, and Dean Ambrose) To win the Money in the Bank and Damien stole it from him.

2. Del Rio is now a heel. He's back to thinking he's the best World Heavyweight Champion ever. See below why about Ziggler.

3. Ziggler is a face. To continue from above, everyone wanted Ziggler to be champion and he did successfully cash in to become champion. What sucked was, his title reign was horrible once again due to injury and he lost it so quickly. The crowd was behind him as champion and Del Rio used his concussion to his own advantage to win the title back.

4. Paul Heyman's guys include the following: Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Curtis Axel. What that means is that Paul Heyman handpicked these three individuals and calls him his own clients rather than WWE's clients. Legend has it that whoever has Paul Heyman in his corner will become WWE Cahmpion. Brock Lesnar did it, CM Punk did it, and now it's possible in the future that Curtis Axel will be champion as well.

Hope that answered your questions.
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1. Cody Rhodes turned face at Money in the Bank. He was supposed to win the contract. He almost did, until Sandow beat him down and took it in a cheap victory. So yes, Cody is now a face.

2. Del Rio was a face for a few months, but at Payback he targeted Zigger's concussion and kept striking him on the head. The fans thought this was cheap and boo'ed him. The following Raw he said "Now I'm doing this only for myself" and officially turned heel.

3. Dolph Zigger, even when he was a heel, was loved by fans for his awesomeness. He is now a face, but he is still a Show Off.

4. Paul Heyman brought in Curtis Axel about two months back. He saw potential in him, and took him under his wing. Axel got countout victories over Cena, Jericho and Triple H. He became the Intercontinental Champion.

After losing to the Undertaker, CM Punk did not appear for 6 weeks. He then came back and beat Chris Jericho live in Chicago on pay per view. However, he did not want Heyman as his manager anymore. So what Heyman did, was make Lesnar attack Punk, and then say that it had nothing to do with him. On Raw, Punk believed Heyman was innocent and even hugged him. At Money in the Bank, Heyman attacked Punk with a ladder and destroyed his golden chance of becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. Then Heyman explained his actions and made Lesnar beat the crap out of an already injured Punk. They now hate each other.

Heyman now only has Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar. He hates Punk.
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1. Yes, Cody is a face.

2. Nope. Del Rio turned heel like a month ago at Payback.

3. Ziggler is a face. He turned at Payback and he recently left AJ Lee.

4. CM Punk isn't a "Paul Heyman Guy" anymore (if you saw what happened at Money in the Bank), Heyman manages Curtis Axel & Brock Lesnar, but rumours are coming around that he might be finding someone else. If these rumours are true & he is looking for someone else, I personally hope that it's Ted DiBiase. Seriously, the guy needs a push or something. He's underrated & wasted talent.
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Cody Rhodes turned face the night after Money In The Bank after he was betrayed by his 'best friend' Damien Sandow when he was going to get the briefcase.

Del Rio turned heel at Payback after defeating Dolph Ziggler but fully turned heel the next night when he he had been saying he gave the fans everything and deserved more respect when he did all of this for them and now says he does it for himself only.

Dolph Ziggler is now a face since it switched the other way around between Ziggler and Del Rio with Heel and Face during their feud.

Paul Heyman is recruiting new guys to manage and it is also a way of WWE recruiting new stars to the main roster
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Cody is a face after Rhodes attacked him at Money In The Bank, it has been rumoured it'll be Rhodes v Sandow at NOC for the WHC.

Del Rio was a face until he lost to Ziggler then regained the championship and turned heel.

Ziggler is face again after Big E and AJ lost him the championship, he is favourite to be the next WHC after Sandow

Heyman used to familiarise himself with just Punk and Lesnar but since MITB, Punk was disbanded from Heyman's stable, and Heyman got with a new protege Curtis Axel. There are rumours that the Wyatts and Wade Barrett will be linked to Heyman as there are light developments on there being a similar Nexus/NWO storyline for wrestle mania involving Undertaker and Kane
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