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Why is this the case in the WWE?
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Default Why is this the case in the WWE?

There was so much hype in the WWE when CM Punk returned after Money in the Bank 2011. People went from not Punk fans to hopping on the CM Bandwagon. All a bunch of hypocrites. Adults and kids saying how they disliked CM Punk and then cheering for him after he introduced the 'Best In The World' gimmick which got boring in less than 2 months. However they still pandered to him and disclaiming any other pro wrestler at the time, and probably quite rightly so as so one was as popular or a skilled during his big hype.

But the real problem is this 'underdog' mentality that the WWE shoves down our throats and the fans just edge it on. For example Punk was the hyped up star that everyone had to love and cheer for last year and the year before but now the focus is on Daniel Bryan. Why him? Okay so he has some interesting moves which he has put into his matches. If other pro wrestlers in the WWE were 5, 10 in height and knew loads of submissions then anyone could do it. Would I say the guy has charisma? Personally no, he bores me on the mic I would rather listen to a tape recording of Hulk Hogan from the 80s banging on about how you should eat your vitamins...what's so special about Daniel Bryan?

Is it his stupid one word catchphrase? Yes, or his other one No. Words which are used for responses being used by the fans to chant yes when they see him, but I would rather say get the hell backstage and have a shave Gandalf the White. Also I would rather see a 64 year old Ric Flair wrestle then Daniel Bryan. This hype over one guy is just torture. And the fans....they are even worse...chanting yes to everything he does...he smiles, YES! He takes a step, YES! He craps his pants, YES! This isn't the kiss my a?s era with Vince McMahon. Look I'm doing it! (Sticks his hands up in the air and points to the ceiling while pumping his arms up and down while yelling YES! or NO!) Simply the Ultimate tool which the WWE has designed to controlled you.

And he is getting a shot as Summerslam? Lord have mercy if he wins, I can barely stand John Cena as the champion as everything with him is either interference or he overcomes the odds. Poor Mark Henry, think of his children thinking Daddy is a loser.

@Allen DB only has to appear or have his name mentioned before people start chanting his name, is a popular guy because of his catchphrases and appearance (that's what the fans only care about) his has great wrestling ability but let's be honest WWE fans aren't very smart and probably don't even know what his finisher is...doesnt really demolish my argument, you only want it to. Him becoming WWE Champion would be a disaster. He should wait like Ryback.
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Face it losers CM Punk is the next superman hell always be hyped up as the underdog in anything no matter how you look at it
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Stone Cold E.T didnt bother to read your stupid a$$ writing.....ill whoop your a$$ instead
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Because DB is actually a good wrestler, and possibly the best wrestler on this planet. THe fans appreciate DB because of his dedication in the ring and how great he was during the indys. Keep in mind the Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit trained DB so he is suppose to be a future star. He is gifted and talented in wrestling thats why guys like William Regal, and Benoit took time off to train DB. He is boring on the mic? Really? The fact that when he starts talking and the crowd goes nuts completely demolishes your argument. You should go back and watch Indy tapes and you will see that DB is actually as good as a talker as CM Punk is. Even he was a really good talker on NXT. Maybe the fact is that he reads off a script is why he sounds not as good as he is suppose to. DB is over with every single fan in the crowd so how does he not deserve the championship match at summerslam? I really hope DB wins the match at summerslam becasue that would be a spark to the road of DBs long career that he has ahead of him.
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bryan has way more wrestling skills than john cena. okay, him chanting yes into john cena's face was a bit strange but you can't overlook his abilities. he's without a doubt a top caliber wrestler and deserves a title shot.
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Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
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Waiting for the Punk fans answers and see what they make up.
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Never seen someone love Cm Punk, and hate Daniel Bryan. I thought all indy stars were equally loved? Cm Punk was the WWE Champion for 434 days (longest in 25 years). He fought the likes of John Cena, the Rock, and the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Now he's going to fight Brock Lesner at Summerslam. What more could you as a fan ask for? Now your just getting greedy. The WWE gives you the fan what you want in Cm Punk all day and night, and now that he's slighty down the ladder you get mad at the WWE. SMH. That's pure greed right there.

You said how if everyone was 5'10 in height and could do a bunch of submissions, then anyone could be Daniel Bryan. That might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If everyone was Cm Punk then everyone could be Cm Punk also
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