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Ric Flair from Dynasty to Tragedy?
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Default Ric Flair from Dynasty to Tragedy?

I recently read a very good article about a certain Wrestling legend. I highly recommend reading It before read my question or statement, or whatever you want to call It. I'm going to be brutally honest just like the man that wrote the report that Inspired me to do this. Now the article Is from two years ago but It's still very relevant today especially with what's happening right now. Now my two cents.

im a 2000's kid, born In the mid 1990's started watching this crazy business In the mid 2000's.

When I started watching I saw an old man. An old man that a lot of people were calling the greatest Wrestler of all time. Now as a very young and Impressionably kid I didn't get It. Really? this old, pruny, pig sweating geezer Is the Greatest of all time? Shawn Michaels my favorite wrestler Is bowing to this guy like he's God, why? What's so special about this guy? Well when I bought a "Ultimate" Collection and I found out why. From his look, to his promos, to his charisma, to his In ring work I didn't see a washed up old man I say The Nature Boy Ric Flair. limousine riding, Jet flying, Kiss stealing, willing dealing Son of a Gun. Now while HBK gets my vote for best all around performer of all time Flair Is way up there. Now that I saw the real Ric Flair I looked at his current state more optimistic. My mindset changed to "You know he's not what he used to be but he's actually pretty decent for his age". Now to his retirement. Now I wasn't nearly as emotional for his retirement as I was for HBK, and I'll be for Triple H and Undertaker. Their my guys, I respect Flair's work and can enjoy his matches but he's not one of my favorites. Man though his match with HBK was magic. The Flair of old was back one more time. It was really cool to see the last three days of Ric Flair's career as an active Wrestler. Hall of Fame, WrestleMania, and Raw. Then he went to TNA. Now while I didn't mind him being a manger but I cried foul when he wrestled.Flair got the greatest retirement of all time but I'm not going Into that because It's been debated to death.

Now baring how I felt about his TNA run I thought his Legacy was retained and he'll be seen as a Legend. Then all the stuff about his personal life. He keeps getting divorced, he was cheating on his wives, he spent all his money, he sold his NWA World Title belt. Wrestling well over 60 years old, his family Is getting Into fights. Now the thing that really rubbed me the wrong way. Ok Flair was bad dad, you've heard his kids talk about how he was never home. Either he was Wrestling or partying most likely enjoying groupies. Thankfully David and the rest of them were able to move on. Then there's Reid. Reid was obviously suffering emotional trauma from his father issues. after years his drug abuse he died earlier this year. Everyone was feeling bad for Flair until just a week after his son's death h's traveling around partying. I lost a tone of respect for Flair.

Then on Celebrity Wife Swap with Roddy Piper he was talking about having a good relationship with his girlfriend's kids. Really? Your youngest son Is dead and the rest of your kids are hurt that you didn't raise them and your worried about your Girlfriend's kids. Now he's arrested and owes his ex far more then he can afford. Now at 64 he'll get back In the ring, embarrass himself to pay off his ex.

Man what happened to this man? Future generations are going to see him as a piece of sh#t human being that wrestled In his Grandpa years just to pay off his countless ex wives and eat an decent meal. In closing I'm very saddened by what's happened Ric Flair and I wish this was our last memory of him
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Well first off, Ric Flair kind of got screwed over with his arrest. The former wrester was in the hospital for an extended amount of time (blood clot I believe), which forced him out of work. Consequently, he didn't make any money or substantial money while at the hospital...thus he couldn't make the payment to his ex-wife even though he claimed that he would pay her off by the end of that week. Anyways, the criminal justice system kind of F'd him over, they should of compensated with more time to pay off the wife. And I don't know what you mean by "he'll embarrass himself in the ring." Wrestling is rigged, it's an act/performance. Therefore, he'll only get embarrassed if thats part of the act. Anyways, more to the point of this question. The beauty of life is the fact that you can't control other people's actions. So I find it pointless when people get depressed when their heroes/idols let them down. Regardless of how much you pity this wrestler's actions, its never going to change what he did or how others perceive you might as well as accept reality. Ric Flair's personal life is a tragedy (assuming the media portrays it correctly; however, the media tends to skew/over-exaggarte things). Anyways, nobody's last memory should be what they accomplished in the ring, the football field, behind the camera, etc; their last memory should be what they did in their personal life...what type of person they actually were. Embracing the ego of the "Nature Boy" is the last thing you should want people to remember..the Ric Flair character was a figment of Vince McMahon's imagination. So in closing, I have no problem if people view Flair as a worthless piece of crap. Because if that is what Ric Flair truly was, then he should be accounted for it...because that is who he really was.
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Aint nobody got any time to read all that. But I will say this: Anyone who thinks ric flair is cool is an idiot.
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I understand what you mean but thankfully for me, I don't watch TNA so WM24 was the last match I've seen Flair compete in. And I'm just like your I was born 1996 and started watching in 2000's and did not understand him at first but he's not one of my favs of all time somewhere in top ten. Whenever I see him or think of him I don't think of the old, old 60+ year old man but rather when he was still good. You said you lost a lot of respect for him, watch this video of him after winning the undisputed wwf title when a few months ago he was un employed in 1991. Not much people know of this and its not a popular promo like Austin 3:16 or Pipebomb in Vegas but In my mind its better than those and I hope this will help you respect the legend once more.
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This is the problem a lot of people have with Flair and the fact that he's treated with so much respect by the wrestlers, and even Vince McMahon. Today's fans, and the recent generation or two of fans, don't know the real Ric Flair.

Vince McMahon didn't create Ric Flair. Richard Fleihr created Ric Flair. He took the Nature Boy gimmick from Buddy Rogers but the Ric Flair character himself, that's all Richard Fleihr. Throughout the 80's and early 90's, while Vince was putting every promotion out of business, the one promotion he could NOT harm was Georgia Championship Wrestling (it became WCW at the end of the 80's) and that was because of one extraordinary performer named Ric Flair. Because of Flair's star-power and the fact that he sold out arenas wherever he wrestled, Vince could never do any damage to "Flair country" (GCW and WCW). Fans considered Hogan a cartoon superhero. But Flair was considered a real wrestler and had the credibility AS a wrestler Hogan never had. Vince tried and tried to get Flair to jump ship to the WWF because he knew that without Flair GCW/WCW would be easy to steamroll over. It finally took a complete moron in charge of WCW to drive Flair to the WWF (this idiot wanted Flair, Ric freaking FLAIR, the Nature Boy, to do a Spartacus gimmick. No lie.).

Because of the respect Vince has for Flair he allowed Flair to do something he hasn't let ANYBODY else do, ever. And that's sign with the WWF/E and bring his own gimmick with him. Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes both had to leave their gimmicks behind and get assigned something demeaning when they signed with the WWF. Terry Funk, as well. Only Flair was allowed to be the same guy he was in the NWA. The WWE, Vince, and his commentators never tried to pretend that Ric Flair was anything other than Ric Flair, the 16-time World Champ.

Vince respected Flair so much that he got that awesome "retirement" party. Flair has honored his promise. He said he would never again wrestle in a WWE ring and he has not. But that "retirement" angle was just that, an angle. It was never implied that Flair would ride off into the sunset and go sit on the porch in a rocking chair until he died. Flair's time in TNA was as a manager. Every manager in wrestling history gets dragged or forced into some kind of match now and then; Flair was no different. But he did what he was supposed to do and that was put over young wrestlers who needed the attention.

In his day nobody was better than Ric Flair. I've watched him since the late 70's, before he became NWA World Champ. Nobody did better promos, hype a big fight better, put over his opponents better on the mic, and hold the fans' attention for a 60 minute wrestling match better, than Ric Flair. That so many pro wrestlers call Flair the greatest of all-time is a testament to just how great a performer he was. He's certainly in my top 10 of all-time and I've been a wrestling fan for 46 years.

His personal life is no different from a lot of celebrities who get easy access to all the temptations that fame brings. Women have been throwing themselves at him for decades and like a lot of guys in that position he doesn't say "no" very often. The women he's married know what they're getting into when they say "I do". He's on the road year-round and the temptations are there all the time. Those women knew it. I'm not making excuses for anybody, or laying blame; it's just the way it is.

Flair, like most people who make a fortune, never learned how to manage his own wealth. He just hired "professionals" to manage his money for him. Not knowing accounting himself, he didn't know when he was being taken advantage of by the people who were supposed to be looking out for his best interests. That's a familiar story. Flair isn't the first rich guy to be taken advantage of by shady accountants and he sure won't be the last. Some women latch on to guys like that TO screw them over and take their money. The latest one Flair married seems to be one of them. I've read, from Flair himself, that one of his biggest regrets was not being around while his kids were growing up. That's a big problem with the "show biz" types, they AREN'T home all the time and their kids often don't have both sets of parents around constantly.

Everybody deals with grief in their own way, in their own time. Some people are basket cases (after the death of a close family member) and never recover; some appear to be not too concerned and seem normal after a few days; most of us grieve for a few weeks and slowly move on with our lives. We all deal with grief in our own ways. Some of us try to drown our grief with alcohol and/or excessive partying (which I believe Flair does).
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