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Isnt is sad how wrestling is a joke now compared to how it was during the Attitude Era?
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Default Isnt is sad how wrestling is a joke now compared to how it was during the Attitude Era?

And prior to the attitude era as well. Scumbags like alberto del rio are champions. 10 yrs ago he would of been on sunday night heat. Kane is the last of a dying breed. Once he's gone, there wont be any hope for WWE. Its sad to see what its become
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Wwe/wwf has always sucked that's why our legend ryback has come to save us
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First of all, these sh*t heads that keep commenting about Ryback on every post need to go Ryback themselves in their room.

And yes, you are right. But don't count on Kane. Do you think he's a monster now? He's Daniel Bryan's little b*tch who keeps hugging everyone, including Vickie Gurrero. I mean, how disrespectful can WWE get. Kane was a beast, a hell raiser. Why not remove the mask and let him dress in pink now? That's all that's left.

But Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and the Undertaker do make occassional appearances. CM Punk is awesome. Simply awesome. There's still hope.
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I agree del rio sucks but I hard him since he debut but I'd rather have del rio as champ than ziggler

Also Kane is no longer a monster but he is the big red Elmo or a better moniker would be Clifford

The dying breed went has been dead Rey mysterio John cena randy orton sheamus Christian Kane and punk but not as much as the previous ones are the only good wrestlers left in wwe

As for hope in wwe there is none when Bryan becomes wwe champ every title will have no prestige
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LOL, really WWE is now finally a joke? Let's do a quick rundown of things that happened during the attitude era.

1. Trish Stratus being made to bark like a dog and demean herself for Vince MacMahon - One of the most sexist things that has ever taken place within WWE, and that is saying something.

2. Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry - He is treated MUCH MUCH better than he was back then. Remember this was a gimmick where he impregnated Mae Young and she gave birth to a hand.

3. The constant homophobic jokes made by people(still goes on to this day actually), and also all the times The Rock made sexist remarks or called Kevin Kelly a hermaphrodite - Because it is so funny to make light of a person with a birth defect, it is just fun to make it seem like they are a freak or wrong for being born a certain way, that is something to really be proud of.... yeah right.

4. Kane the big red monster? For like what, 2 seconds? He was a lovesick puppy for the likes of Cat, and then put in weak tag teams with x-pac and others, and don't forget the dumb voice box stuff. Kane has been getting treated like a joke for a long time, not just recently.

5. Perry Saturn fell in love with a mop..... A MOP! That isn't a joke whatsoever.

The Attitude Era had just as much bullsh!t if not more so than the PG era. Just it was supposedly "adult" humor, or "edgy", so it is looked upon as it is better than the "kid stuff" now.
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