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Has starting The Shield off against main event stars been a wise move?
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Default Has starting The Shield off against main event stars been a wise move?

What I mean is, does having The Shield compete almost exclusively against main event level talent (their little one shot against 3MB notwithstanding) do good things for them in the long run or bad? Now obviously, it's a little too soon to truly tell, but history has shown that it's not always good. Nexus started off with a bang against John Cena but just couldn't sustain their momentum. Now, The Shield has already been booked far better than Nexus ever was, but the question remains.

The nWo didn't start off against the cream of the crop of WCW, which allowed them time to gain steam and build up the allure and appeal of seeing this new, dominant heel stable clash with the elite heroes of the promotion.

The Shield has a lot going for them that I think has allowed them to avoid a lot of the pitfalls Nexus stumbled through. For starters, all three of The Shield are clearly ready for the spotlight. They can all wrestle, and they can all wrestle a great match. They have excellent chemistry together, they're all decent, above average talkers. Their uniforms, their entrance and their music work. None of those things applied to Nexus.

But there is an innate problem, and it's one my Dad pointed out to me. We watch WWE together but I'm a much bigger fan. He's very casual with his viewing habits, and sometimes he points things out to me that hardcore fans don't always think about but regular fans do. In this case, he said that he just didn't believe as a fan that three guys who have never had a match in the company before could take down the reigning tag team champions, Cena, Orton, The Undertaker and the other upper echelon stars The Shield has been pitted against. He could never really take Nexus seriously because of that exact same issue. The WWE has done a good job so far of heavily playing on the teamwork angle of The Shield, but the issue remains, which is why I raised the question of whether or not putting The Shield up against those caliber of stars is a good idea or not.

What do you think?
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I honestly didn't read the whole question, but I will say bad move. The only direction left to go is down.
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GOOD thinks will happen and besides the sheild are still an nxt stars so you tell me that they can't compete in main event
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I'm tired of that stupid stable,

wwe doesnt know squat about wrestling they should just drop it and start over with something else,

the shield is just selling tickets and i doubt this idiotic wwe fans really fall for it (the people mostlikely pay for the whole card every week not just to see the shield) so the fact they are in there or not is completely meaningless cause wwe will still have them in wwe regardless if they're boring or not and still push weather the fans are tired or weather they like them or not (like santino)

to really answer this question this stable is obviously not going anyware, like i said wwe only has them cause they want them they really dont need that much money is just a bit more couple of extra grans a week for vince to pay for his hookers, or probably just burn it and light his own cigars with the flames to have a feeling of self-power and success.
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Definitely a wise move. I mean that's what make them interesting. They just take down everyone (heels of faces) just like old Kane destroying everyone in his path with no fear. And notice that they win every match clean without taking a cheap shot and put a decent A+ match everytime.
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I like it, definitely they will be stronger and bigger than Nexus
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it's brilliant, The Shield have been everything the Nexus should have been. As evident by the live crowds, most casual fans are taking the shield seriously, and they're getting over huge because of the guys they're facing (and beating) this early in their careers.
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I answered a question recently asking "why has The Shield succeeded (so far) but Nexus (and it's derivative, The Corre) failed?". I analyzed what (to me) makes up a great team/stable and applied those components to The Shield and Nexus. To wit:

Credibility/believability. Tyler Black and Jon Moxley have "indy cred" and are well-known enough that a good portion of the WWE audience had at least heard of them (especially former ROH Champ Black). Reigns has the lineage and family history to have built-in credibility. We all knew that these guys are wrestlers and not just some pretty boys who passed a TV audition. Nexus were just a bunch of guys from a pseudo-"reality" show promoted and produced by Vince McMahon...basically "pretty boys" who passed a TV audition. I'm fairly knowledgeable about the "indy scene" and I'd never heard of any of them (except for Bryan Danielson); I doubt the average WWE fan had, either.

Gimmick. Both stables had the same gimmick, young hotshots banding together wanting to make an impact. Cliched, but still effective. Both claim(ed) they were going to change things. Standard "new guy" angle.

In-ring skills. The Shield are all polished experienced pros, having "paid their dues" in the indies. The Nexus guys had potential but only Barrett stood out as a "seasoned pro"; the other guys were talented but very green.

Teamwork. The Shield's teamwork is amazing for a team so young. JBL babbles on and on about The Shield's teamwork and even puts them over the likes of The Freebirds and The Four Horsemen. Obvious McMahon hyperbole and bullshit, but the point is valid. The Shield ARE a team with a common goal. Nexus, on the other hand, was just Barrett and his gang. Barrett was continually having to discipline and motivate his boys and they never coalesced into a real team. It was just a bunch of guys who didn't have any direction and were always battling each other over the pecking order in the group.

Quality of opponents. Nexus got to ambush and gang attack a lot of the big names The Shield have attacked. The difference is in a real match The Shield work as a team and win. Nexus did not because of their lack of focus and everybody wanting to be the star of the group. Maturity. The Shield have it. Nexus never did.

I understand your Dad's point of view. Pissed me off no end when William freaking REGAL got "schooled" by that cartoon character Fandango and pinned in less than two minutes. Are you freaking kidding me? In a real match Regal would stretch and torture Fandango and have him curled into a ball crying for his mama. But Vince wants to push that dancing clown so Regal had to take a dive AND get upstaged by Jericho stealing Fandango's girl. Jeez...

Cena couldn't get Nexus over. Punk couldn't, either. The Corre was just a copy of Nexus doing the same things and failing as Nexus did. It was just a group of immature kids in-fighting, driven by ego to be the star of the group, and Barrett telling everybody that we aren't smart enough to possibly comprehend why they do what they do. There is truth to that. NEXUS didn't comprehend what they were supposed to be doing and why. If they didn't understand their purpose then how could the fans?

The Shield are a talented threesome. Individually they have three different wrestling styles and between them they have all the bases covered. Black...I mean the finesse and flying, Ambrose the scrappy brawler, and Reigns the power and muscle. They can put these components together in the ring to utilize all of their strengths and minimize their individual weaknesses. There are no egos, no individual grandstanding; they have a common goal and each does his part toward that goal.

They succeed because of their teamwork and focus toward one goal. The big names underestimate that but The Shield do not underestimate THEM. The Shield know what they have to do to beat the likes of Cena, Orton, and Sheamus and they execute their game plan without worrying who gets their hand raised at the end. It's not about individual glory with The Shield (unlike Nexus); it's about The Shield winning.

In other pro sports we occasionally see some young hotshot come in and blow away everybody else on the field. He's new and the other guys haven't figured him out yet. But once they do the young hotshot generally stops being the unstoppable marvel he once was. Sometimes he remains at the top, sometimes he loses his "magic" and never repeats his amazing rookie year, but once the other players figure him out he's no longer unstoppable. That's the situation with The Shield. Nobody has figured them out yet. Until that happens (and eventually it will), they are the young hotshots blowing away everybody else.
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That's an interesting question my friend. The SHIELD being promoted in the

main event scene definitely is a wise and good move. First, with the exception

of Roman Reigns both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reputations speaks for

themselves on the independent circuit. Only the true, hardcore indy fans of pro

wrestling fans know who they are. And one might suggest that even though the

SHIELD made an impact on the indy circuit that doesn't mean anything cause

know the SHIELD is in the "big leagues" with World Wrestling Entertainment.

However, Cm Punk took that same route he made a name for himself first on the

indy scene and then, worked his way up to getting signed with the WWE and in

both cases Cm Punk, Rollins and Ambrose the WWE actually reached out over

to them to sign them to lucrative WWE contracts. Cm Punk actually had to work

his way up the ladder though the hard way through the ranks in ECW, finally then

getting drafted to RAW and SMACKDOWN. In the SHIELD's case it's different in

their careers they are automatically being pushed into the main event scene and

is it a good move. Yes, the SHIELD has performed very well in high profile WWE

pay per views, main event matches at the elite level against the top stars WWE's

got to offer the John Cena's, Randy Orton's, Sheamus, Ryback's, Big Show's and

they're winning the SHIELD has been WINNING. Right now the SHIELD is WWE's

most powerful force in wrestling, they are a cohesive unit, unlike NEXUS and NWO

I think it's great to see the WWE creative department try new things and give these

guys a chance to shine and wrestle to their fullest potential they definitely shouldn't

be on the lower card, mid card status competing against jobbers or lesser wrestling

competition, they deserve to be having matches with the best the WWE has to offer

and kudos to major superstars in WWE Cena, Orton and The Undertaker for helping

to get these guys over because they all represent the future superstars of the WWE.

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