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What is the difference between "fake" and scripted?
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Default What is the difference between "fake" and scripted?

Movies are scripted too,but no one gets offended when you call movies fake. Wrestling and movies are pretty much the same thing,the pain is real for stuntmen in movies when they get hurt just like wrestlers. It just seems like semantics. Fake and scripted are the same thing.
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The 10th Dimension is on a distinguished road

Because a movie is always 100% pre-manufactured.

When you watch wrestling, literally anything can happen.

Maybe the guy will break his neck (like Droz) or break off his leg (like Sid Vicious). He could even die (like Owen Hart). Maybe the performer won't follow the script (Shane Douglas winning the NWA Title), or won't even be told what the real script is (the Montreal Screwjob).

Wrestling isn't as predictable as a movie. As such, it's important to distinguish it as "scripted, but not fake."
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A1990 is on a distinguished road

'Scripted' makes it sound more respectable.

'Black person' and 'n*gger' also mean the same thing... just saying.
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Pro wrestlers are no difference from a LA movie stunt men.
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I find it funny when IWC marks try to sound smart using buzz words such as you realize how stupid you appear?
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Moe Money is on a distinguished road

Fake = Phony, not genuine.

Scripted = Set up, prepared, directed.

Pro-Wrestling is scripted because they are told what to do (cut a promo, run-in to a match, cheat, etc.) and matches are predetermined, but it is called "fake" by some (or most, depending on your view on it) because they think of it as a "cheap" sport, if they even think of it as a sport at all.

"Scripted" is a more accurate term for it, because they actual have to train to do this type of stuff. Wrestling isn't fake because it is actually very high risk and it is done in front of a live crowd of people. On top of this, only the very inexperienced wrestlers are rehearsed with. With everyone else, they are only told the outcome, with everything in between is basically up to the wrestlers, unless there are planned spots.

There have been many instances of wrestlers breaking rules/script both accidentally and on purpose (eg; Mankind falling through cage roof at "KOTR 1998", or CM Punk blading during his match with Jerry Lawler). All of these contributing to what wrestling is.

In the end, wrestling matches are predetermined (or scripted) and promos/feuds are planned out, but once you get into what goes on behind the scenes, it's actually a very real experience.

Stuntmen in movies are given a heavily edited script and they are given preplanned stunts to perform in a safe environment, mostly as fill-ins for maybe 2-3 minutes of screen time between every 6 months they actually work. Pro Wrestlers are none of these. Stuntmen do not destroy their bodies anywhere close to how much pro wrestlers do (compare Jackie Chan to Hulk Hogan as far as wear and tear goes). With WWE, with all the luxuries it has, it's hard to compare. With companies like TNA, ECW, WCW, CZW, NJPW, BJPW (and so on with the many 3-4 lettered companies out there), most/all of these luxuries are thrown out the window.
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__Jim Crockett Promotions Fan__ is on a distinguished road

Movies use Computer Generated Imagery, Sound Stages, Blue Rooms and other illusions for movies and television. Professional Wrestling doesn't have that luxury. Wrestlers execute Athletic Moves, apply wrestling holds, apply submission holds, kicks, strikes. If Professional Wrestling was "Fake" as you say, Rey Mysterio would not be doing rehab, recovering from another Knee Operation, Edge would not have had to retire because of Extensive Damage to his Spinal Column and Central Nervous System from years of Wrestling. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit and Lita would not have need Spinal Surgery and had Cervical Discs Fused. Triple H would not have had one of his Quadricep Muscles ripped away from his hip bone. Wrestling Fans who use the term "Fake" are obviously not intelligent enough to understand the hard work and effort that goes into putting togather a wrestling match.
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the storyline are fake

the actual wrestling is fake to a point some of the injuries are real though
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