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Has the booking for Ryback been good or bad?
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Default Has the booking for Ryback been good or bad?

I was thinking about this a bit today. Ryback is still hot so obviously, someone in the WWE is doing something right. However, prior to his current feud against John Cena for the title, he owns a pretty unimpressive PPV track record.

Since Hell in a Cell back in October, he's lost at every single PPV he's competed in. HIAC against Punk. Survivor Series to Punk and Cena, TLC with Team Hell No to The Shield, the Royal Rumble to John Cena, Elimination Chamber with Cena and Sheamus to The Shield and Wrestlemania to Mark Henry. I mean, that's six freaking PPV's in a row!

Granted, his looked great at the Rumble, but beyond that, it's not overly impressive. Now, despite the string of losses, almost all of them (except for the Rumble and Wrestlemania) had extenuating circumstances where Ryback got absolutely screwed. By rights he should have won the WWE Championship a few times over. Given how insanely popular and hot he still is, this type of booking has...ahem...shielded him.

So is this good or bad booking? I'm kind of divided on it. I like Ryback a lot, but the repeated losses just piling up one after the other got a little hard to take as a fan of his. I mean, if he keeps losing, again and again, what's the point?

What do you guys think?

BQ: The Rock in the new Star Wars? Yay or nay? Personally, I'd love to see him in it.
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The booking is 100% ideal,Ryback belongs in the mid card at best not the main event,it is evident from his horrible matches.

It's just that he cannot put on good matches,he ABSOLUTELY Sucks!

Take a look at his matches with CM Punk-They were horrible

Vs Cena-Horrible

Vs Henry-Horrible

His only good matches are the tag matches so they don't count.

To become WWE Champion,you need to put on great main events so people buy the PPV and if Ryback is champion,people know he hasn't put on 1 Epic Singles Match in his career when he has been given several oppurtunities.Hell in a Cell was a test for him,obviously he wasn't gonna win the title but he screwed up the main event.
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Let me enlighten you with my wrestling wisdom, Clark.

Ryback is a snarling, wild-eyed beast of a man who squashes his opponents with extreme malice, leaving them for dead in the ring. He has plowed his way through WWE, disposing of many opponents along the way and as his popularity grows, he seems to be headed for superstardom in Vince McMahon?s company. But is he really ready for the next step to main-event status?

It?s a question that has been posed in Yahoo Answers numerous times in the past, and to be honest my own opinion has changed nearly as often as I have written about him.

And that?s quite a lot.

It started out well for Ryback in the beginning. When we first saw the man once known as Skip Sheffield wearing the singlet and fight gloves, it did appear as though he was fairly comfortable in his new character.

He crushed his way through one handicap squash match after another, showing off his strength and intensity every time he stepped through the ropes. He seemed extremely focused, completely in the zone, and ready to impress the fans.

But then the Goldberg chants began almost as quickly as he started and before long that was the hot topic of conversation. Was he just a rip-off? Vince?s reproduction of the retired star who once reigned in WCW?

Before any of us could definitively answer that one however, Ryback came to the aid of Mick Foley backstage and locked eyes with then WWE champion CM Punk. For the first time during his run, Ryback had crossed paths with a ?made man,? a top-level guy who ordinarily would have had no reason to inhabit the TV screen at the same time as the new Superstar.

When that moment occurred, everything changed for Ryback. He was suddenly seen as more of a legitimate star, a guy who could potentially be WWE?s new next big thing.

The unproven commodity was now challenging Punk for the WWE Championship, flexing his muscles on pay-per-view. He had gone from zero to hero virtually overnight and the sky appeared to be the limit for the man that Michael Cole began calling ?Big Hungry.?

But then his upward momentum was ground to a screeching halt thanks to three other new stars, the trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, collectively known as The Shield.

Ryback had finally met his match. He was outnumbered. He was out muscled. And he was overwhelmed. His power and intensity were of no use to him, his crowd support, which had been steadily building, did him no good.

Ryback was beaten. Conquered. And he has not been the same since.

Although, Ryback was still a winner on TV. And, the fact that WWE continued to feature him at all meant that they were likely still committed to his character and helping him succeed. So, when The World?s Strongest Man came into the picture, it appeared as though perhaps Ryback would finally get a good rivalry that he could really sink his teeth into, one that he could actually win, then be put back on the right track.

But then he lost his first match against Henry at WrestleMania 29.

Is there such a thing as less than square one?

However, we all know what happened on the April 8 edition of Monday Night Raw. Ryback came to the aid of newly crowned WWE champion John Cena. He took out Mark Henry and then helped the champ to his feet. But, before you could say ?super pals,? Ryback attacked John and laid him out in the ring.

In my opinion it was good booking! It made Ryback's attack on John Cena unpredictable, and that's something the WWE fans complain constantly about. This past Monday was the exception.

BQ: I'm a fan of The Rock "the wrestler" opposed to the Actor. But I would be intrigued by Dwyane The Rock Johnson's involvement in the Star Wars movie.
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It is a bit confusing because it is unclear where WWE is going with Ryback, if this feud with Cena results in him becoming WWE Champion within the next 6 months, then WWE might have a huge new star they can push, if this is just a pointless feud, which Cena is victorious in, then the booking is going to end up being bad for Ryback!

The losses at past PPV's don't bother me much, I'm surprise by the lost to Mark Henry, but at the same time, I don't think it hurts Ryback any, he is over with the crowd, if he ends up with the WWE Championship, the booking actually ends up being pretty good!

BQ: I'm not a Star Wars fan so I don't really care if Rock will be in it or not!
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Clark how are you bro?

It would of been good to see Ryback get that high profile victory over Mark

Henry at Wrestlemania 29. I have no idea why Mark Henry won he is going

to be retiring from pro wrestling soon so, he should of lost to Ryback there.

It seems obvious that Ryback turned heel on Monday Night RAW he for no

apparent reason attacked John Cena and this seems to create a new angle

or wrestling story line on Monday Night RAW. Randy Orton is going to be a

heel soon too so, instead of the WWE Universe seeing the same Cena and

Randy Orton feud again its good to see them, create this fresh new Ryback

feud with John Cena. Perhaps this will lead to great new fresh rivalry where it

will eventually get to where John Cena puts Ryback over and drops that Wwe

Championship to him just like John Cena did with Sheamus at TLC in 2009 it

is going somewhere so its very good to know that the writers are creating new

stories and rivalries that we haven't seen before. We'll see what happens Wwe

Extreme Rules is the very next pay per view event and it will lead to a pay per

view match between John Cena and Ryback in the main event that evening.

BQ: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was also, rumored to be the 'Race Bannon'

character for the cartoon motion picture film adaptation of Johnny Quest that's

not confirmed yet this year alone The Rock's in four hit movies G.I. Joe Part 2,

Fast & Furious 6 and No Pain, No Gain with Mark Whalberg. I didn't hear any

news yet about the new Star Wars movie could be cool hopefully the cast him.

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Absolutely agree with everything you said. The booking for Ryback is very, very bad.

Back then, I wonder what WWE is going to do with Ryback. I even wonder if Ryback would finally ever losing FAIR in WWE. Ryback was then suppossed to be unstoppable. Everyone was afraid to get in the ring with him and those unluckies who got to face him in the ring are just be Ryback's next meal. This is the same case with Goldberg during his WCW days. Goldberg went undefeated 173 matches in a row, and only losing because of screwjobs. And Goldberg never lost FAIR his entire career. All his losses are because of outside interference. Not even The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan could claim this thing. Both have lost FAIR. Goldberg never did.

I think Ryback would be like Goldberg. I think he would undefeated FAIRLY his entire career. But, I was wrong. Ryback is no different from WWE's monster heels who are one hit wonders. Look at Umaga, The Great Khali, and Vladimir Koslov. These three went on impressive undefeated streaks and once they suffered their first defeat, they lost their aura. And all of sudden, they went into lengthy losing streak and suffered a very big downfall. And eventually, they become nothing but jobber to the stars. Also don't forget Lord Tensai who suffered the same fate.

The same happened with Ryback now. Now, he went to a lengthy PPV losing streak. I'm sure Ryback would lose to John Cena. This will be Ryback's last hurrah as a main eventer. After this feud with Cena's over, Ryback would be in the same position as Vladimir Koslov was in 2009-his release from WWE. Ryback would be just another jobber to the stars. Don't be surprised if this truly happen.

I don't know why WWE turns Ryback into a jobber. The crowd is really over with him. I also liked him a lot before WWE TLC 2012. I can tolerate WWE making him losing twice to CM Punk, because those are UNFAIR LOSSES. But, WWE TLC 2012 Ryback suffered a FAIR loss. And later, three straight PPV losses are ALL FAIR. This is just so horrible. Ryback's aura as a monster and his invincibility had all been gone. Everyone already knew Ryback is just a man who can be defeated, no different from other wrestlers. Ryback is no Goldberg and even no The Undertaker. Ryback is even below than John Cena. Ryback is way more beatable than John Cena, seeing the fair losses he had suffered.

A very poor booking to once a great monster gimmick. Back in late 2012, I have high expectations on him. I honestly hope much on Ryback. I hope he could be the next Goldberg or The Undertaker, a monster who's almost impossible to defeat FAIR. I even hope Ryback would beat CM Punk to win WWE Title back then. But, now I no longer like Ryback. He's no different from other wrestlers, who win and lose.

BQ : Yeah. I also would love to see The Rock star in the new Star Wars.
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The booking of Ryback has been bad because he was pushed way too early and WWE won't put him in the mid card because they are too RETARDED to. I'm also sick and tired of seeing squash matches every damn week.
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@I'm Comin Home

Tell us that without your mouth sucking on CM Punk's left nut. Ryback put a great match with Kane and Dbry against the Shield. Of course you wouldn't include that, though.
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I think they screwed up with the way they put him in the title picture. He should have not faced Punk at Hell In A Cell and at Survivor Series The Shield should've taken him out before the triple threat match. Then he should have been missing throughout December and January and returned at the Royal Rumble, being eliminated by Cena last. Then he should've beat up the shield and made them flee the next night on Raw. Then fight some random guy at EC. Then had a double countout with Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. Then did the thing he did on Raw last week.
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