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Why do people hate John Cena?
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Default Why do people hate John Cena?

What do people have against John Cena? He always respects everyone, and does a lot of charitable work, not to mention he works his ass of every week to entertain us WWE fans. He never cheats, or is dirty, he stands up for people, and he really loves us! The crowd!

So please someone give me an answer. Why do people hate John Cena?

And it can't be because WWE have made him the face of the show. It's not his fault! They make him do what he does, because it's making them a lot of money.
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Tell me about it.
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Because he has 5 basic moves and is pushed dpwn our throats to the point where everything that has to do with WWE features Cena, plus he represeants the PG Era, which is for a younger generation. I have no problem with him but that's why everyone else hates him.
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Moe Money is on a distinguished road

It's his character. Very generic, saying the exact same promos about never giving up, or rising above hate, or some inspirational nonsense that no one really wants to hear. As far as working his *** off to entertain fans, there are a bunch of other guys who work their ***es off too, but they aren't even given a chance (like Zack Ryder, who has been vocal about his position in WWE on Twitter before, and JTG who has been vocal about backstage politics).

People want an exciting character, and Cena's character is nothing special. That's why fans boo him more than they boo the actual villains/heels. He's been doing the same thing for about 8 years now, and fans are sick of watching "WWE: Cena overcomes the odds". The least they can do is not make it so predictable to the point where fans know what's going to happen just by looking at who Cena's facing. If Cena became more unpredictable, and maybe more aggressive, then many more fans would love him than they do now. That's why most fans want him to turn heel, because at least if he were heel, it would make sense for him to get all the heat he gets, but because he is too deep in sponsors and charity, the WWE doesn't want to risk losing money over Cena turning heel. So in a way, he is shoved down our throats.

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Jealousy would be my guess. I have always liked cena. Just because he is in the so called pg era doesn't mean he isnt going to be one of the greatest wwe champions in history. The wwe chose to go that route and cena is doing his job
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They hate him bcoz from so many years wwe is highlighting him at every see at every event he gets main event and all of his matches are predictable..and some guys hate him bcoz of jealousy..but still those people play as him in wwe videogames coz he is the smartest player by looks.
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We don't like this Cena he is to wonderful, to perfect he is the exact reason why people watch wrestling to see him get a dose of what the real world is like it isn't always so overcome the odds, when nobody gets behind you of course the odds are overcomed, his outcomes are already chosen, we are tired of always seeing SuperCena and tired of always having SuperCena be on T.V it's not that we hate John Cena we don't hate Cena we hate his character and gimmick, if anything if Cena were off for a little while maybe we could put up with him a little more

in fact look at us we are all saying "turn him heel" it proves we don't hate Cena just the gimmick he is running and as for the whole he works his *** off and loves the crowd so does everybody else in WWE to name a few CM Punk, JTG and Zack Ryder all argued on behalf of the wrestler all the ones being pushed aside for Cena they work just as hard as Cena and get absolutely nowhere because of it (okay except for Punk who got somewhere) and yes it is both the WWE and Cenas fault Cena can easily say "look I think this guy here needs a push" get into a feud then at least put him over Jericho did it and with Fandango none the less why can't Cena do it I think Cena has a lot of leeway to actually do that so, that's why people hate Cena
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they dont hate cena they hate themselves...

they are jealoused in short its amazing they boo cena so why do they always select cena in wwe games why do they use his tshirts his cap and his "u can't c me""never give up" as their status everywhere.

i believe cena is best of them all and what does it mean he has just 5 moves c'mon look at other wrestlers they are having same old shit everytime i respect him for what he is and i love him coz he dont care either you love him or hate him he fights for those who love him and truely he is a champ.
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they're losers.
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Default Re: Why do people hate John Cena?

he was a weight-lifter before wrestling so he doesnt know how to wrestle properly (or good) but he knows how to work the mic which is all you need in wwe to win a match or a championship

jesse ventura and hogan were weight-lifters too but they had charisma, and could work a match, cena f***s up on a weekly basis further downing the sport of wrestling... hes like a good guy chris masters just think about it for a minute

(also cena movies are bad hes a mid rate action star)
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