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HBK or Hitman, who was the better man?
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Default HBK or Hitman, who was the better man?

edit: can somebody please tell me why they hated each other so much, even in real life?
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HBK. They hated each other in real life because both were in love with 'Sunny' at the same time. ( Tammy Lynn Stynch ).
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They hate each other because of what happened at the Montreal Screwjob
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Shawn didn't hate Bret. Bret complained anytime Shawn got attention because he refused to admit Shawn was the best in the company which means rightfully he should have been at the top but even after Bret had his time he still refused to give Shawn his rightful spot, Shawn was more talented and obviously nobody like to admit that especially in pro wrestling when everyone's mindset is ''I'm the greatest'' as well as it should be but the thing is with Shawn it was true. Total package, perfected every style and blended them all together so nicely and could lead and tell a story like nobody else has or ever will. I guess that's why Bret hated him, jealousy. It's a natural thing and we all get it. Usually it's is somebody who annoys us for some unknown reason is better at us then something. Bret was always annoyed by Shawn as a person so Shawn being perfect at everything certainly didn't help the case and sent Bret over the deep end. Shawn was kind of a jerk which might be another reason even though it was funny and the way he stayed on top of the business was sneaky but none the less smart. The Kliq isn't still running the pro wrestling business today for nothing, it's because they were smart and HBK lead them all.
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I love both of them. But I have to say Shawn Michaels is better.

They hated each other onscreen because of the screwjob and stuff. In real life, I think it had something to do with Sunny.
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Bret "The Hitman" Hart, he has had the longer career and achieved more in his career than 85% of all the professional wrestlers past and current, I would say his wrestling skills exceed HBK's by a little too. HBK is one of the greatest as well, but overall Hart is better.

They hated each other in real life because of the Montreal Screwjob. They don't hate each other now.
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everyone has their own views on this question but i personally feel that bret hart was a better in-ring performer than shawn michaels . no disrespect to shawn as he was the second best but i personally think hitman was better. he gave great matches with almost everyone. same was the case with HBK. but the thing which got me was the comparision i played both of their matches one after the other & i loved to watch bret's matches so, i feel bret is better than shawn in the ring & even as a person.

there are many reasons for their hatred i'm telling u the entire history-

1) it all began in 1995 when diesel better known as kevin nash was asked to drop the belt to bret "the hitman" hart. now, diesel was champion for a historic 300 plus days at that time & he was very good friends with shawn michaels. so, HBK came to up him & asked him to "give the fucking strap to me." bret interfered on the scene & promised HBK that he will drop the gold to shawn michaels, he kept that promise by dropping the strap to shawn at wrestlemania 12 but backstage when bret asked shawn to "return the favor at summerslam" shawn simply refused. further he stated he will defend the title against diesel, razor ramon, hunter hearst helmsley even the 1-2-3 kid which enraged hart as he felt that michaels doesn't have the heart of a champion & he just wants to stay in the main event along with his friends.

2) that was the beginning of the tension between the 2 which led to a point when shawn michaeols became & ego maniac & refused to job to anyone even if the person's name was diesel. he kept the title for most of the year 1996 & went on to lose it to sid justice(his former storyline bodyguard) at survivor series that year. after wrestlemania hart took a hiatus & would also be involved in a storyline with a rising star stone cold steve austin. hart lost to sid because of shawn's accidental interference & that also saw a great stroryline in the future.

3) shawn took the title from sid at royal rumble 1997 & was asked to drop it to bret at wrestlemania13. HBK didn't agree to it. during this time they both did interviews throughout criticizing each other. then, the real point came up shawn michaels did a contoversial promo in which he stated that"bret is having some sunny days."this was a reference to wwe diva sunny who was bret's manager at the time. bret had real family tensions due to this. so, next week in a house show, bret met shawn backstage & accused him "for fucking with his family"& beat michaels to an extent that he bled. neither davey boy smith nor jim neidhart bothered to save shawn michaels's skin that time. they were eventually seperated by the undertaker & mick foley. foley himself stated in his book that the boytoy took a beating backstage. michaels screamed" i'm going to the other arena" after being pulled back to his feet by wwf employs. W.C.W was also in the same city at that time. michaels was declared injured & didn't compete for 2 months & the undertaker was given the title at wrestlemania.

4) hart was now the canadian champ after sunmmerslam as he beat the undertaker after shawn michaels accidental chair shot to taker which was meant for bret hart. now, we came to survivor series. hart signed a 20- year old deal with the W.W.F in 1996 but due to company's continous fall in ratings vince mcmahon told bret that he should talk to W.C.W as he can't complete the deal. hart still swears that vince was a fatherly figure to him & he never wanted to leave the W.W.F. as he was the champion eric bischoff asked him to bring the title with him to wcw. hart never agreed to it but said that "i will not drop the belt in canada" which caused vince to be scared. he met with his employs namely- pat peterson, sgt. slaughterer, triple h, earl hebner & shawn michaels. triple h said"fuck him if he doesn't wants do business we'll do it for him"& they all planned the controversial montreal screwjob. its reported that the undertaker(a senior W.W.F employ) was strongly against such a thing so, he was dropped of the idea but backstage taker advised hart(taker's real good friend) that he shouldn't allow shawn to lock him in a submission hold or he shouldn't allow much pinning attempts as he feared a screwjob or a fast count. at survivor series montreal screwjob hated which caused hart to hate shawn michaels even more. backstage bret asked shawn that was he involved in the screwjob to which shawn replied that"as god as my witness i wasn't involved in it." later shawn admitted that he was involved in the screwjob which caused them to hate each other.

however, now they agreed to work buried their hatchets. that embrace on raw was actually genuine. u can always look for their interviews on youtube.
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They didn't hate each other, Bret hated Shawn that's it. HBK was still early in his career and said to Bret that he's not willing to put him over(Not willing to be the loser of the rivalry). A lot of Bret fans hate HBK because of this including Bret because it's like spit in the face to not be willing to be the one who loses.

I don't blame HBK either I wouldn't want to be in my prime waiting till Bret leaves(to WCW) for my real push to start.

HBK was the smarter man, Hitman might be the better, but you gotta take into account that this hatred wouldn't have started if Bret didn't jump ship for a bigger paycheck.
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HBK has ring psychollogy down to a T man. Bret heart is soooo over rated. "punch, kick, leg sweep, pile driver, irish whip into a back elbow, figure four round the ring post, jump and land on opponents knee from ropes, jump off second turnbuckle,) that's pretty much your average bret hart match. Boooooorrrrrrrrrrring to watch.
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HBK. Hart never really got over the whole "Montreal Screwjob" thing, which is why he hated Shawn, but HBK never hated Bret, really. Sure, Shawn was kind of an a** to some of the people backstage, according to various interviews. But, in the ring, I always felt HBK was superior to the Hitman. Both are legends, though.
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