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can someone explain to me how wwe is a better "wrestling" product than tna?
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Default can someone explain to me how wwe is a better "wrestling" product than tna?

wwe, is a bunch of crap, pg bull shit, but all of their fan base say that tna suck, heres my arguments of why tna is way way way way way way x 100 better than wwe.

1. TNA doesnt shove one person down our throats like wwe continues to do with cena, hell they got him main eventing wrestlemania this year.

2. WWE fans say that tna copies their story lines, fuck, so does wwe, witht he shield, and not to mention the wwe pg bull shit version of the Aj/clair lynch storyline with cena and aj lee, nice one, couldnt have made it anymore obvious.

3. WWe continues to bury their younger talents while TNA gives all their talents a shot, thats why we have seen guys like james storm, bully ray, austin aries, christian york, and kenny king get titles unlike wwe making dolph job tot the likes of rybitch and cena.

4. Wwe fans say tna is getting burried tot he ground because of hogan, bitch wwe is gonna be at the ground pretty soon with the way tna`s shows are becoming consistent.

5. wwe has to rely on past talents like the rock and bret hart in order to make their show better while tna doesnt have to rely on anyone.

6. wwe fans say tna is full of wwe rejects, i dont get why no one was complainign when wwe stole stars from ecw and wcw.

7. cena vs rock at wrestlmania this year is all about cenas redemption when cena didnt even need a redemption storyline hell he main evented all the ppv this year and won against brock lesnar the month after wrestlemania.

8. wwe fans say wwe has more money and more production value then tna, then why the hell is tna kicking their but in prodcution, and if you think im lying go check the latest promos for their shows and ppvs, then talk to me.

9. wwe stands for world wrestling entertainment, hell tna is a "wrestling" company, tna`s wrestling can fuck up the whole wwe roster.

10. wwe uses soap opera storylines while tna uses realistic well thought out storlylines.

11. you guys say shield is better than aces and eights, hell then why the hell do they lose to the coperate bitches every damn ppv, while aces and eights has the world title currently.

12. wwe fans say tna ratings are nothing compared to wwe, why are you guys looking at the ratings that proves that you guys arent wathcing wwe for the quality but to justify the fact that everyone else watches it so you have to as well, this proves wwe fan are just a bunch of bitches listening to the status quote, while tna fans (hardcore wrestling fans) watch for the "wrestling" and quality of the show, and theres quotes around wrestling because tna has wrestling wwe has guys in tights going gay for each other.

13. BFG and Lockdown will be and already are better than Wrestlemania 29, because wrestlmania this year is the night for coperate bitches and repeats.

14. wwe fans say impact would never get out of the impact zone, look at reality idiots their on the road and getting bigger, in fact their starting their own attitude era pretty soon in fact it already started.

15.face of wwe: Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Alberto del rio, rybitch (all of these except orton absolutley have no in ring talent, cena sucks he cant sell, rybitch is a botch machine, del rio is boring and sheamus sucks.) Faces of Tna: Bully ray, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Aj styles, James storm, Bobby roode, Austin aries, etc (tna has more faces for the company than wwe and they are all good in ring talents unlike those wwe bitches.)

so what do you wwe idiots need to say now

if my points are highly illogical than lsiten to this man

and another thing that idiot who says that tna`s stars are all wwe rejects well, wwf was made up of wcw and ecw rejects, nice one really, you guys should read the points not skim through them idiots.
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I say quit hating the WWE because it's beautiful.
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What's that?

Oh! Is that the lame wrestling company that recycles the WWE trash?

Yeah! The one where Jeff Hardy is the multiple "Pawn-Shop World Heavyweight Champion"?

Oh! That crappy company...

Well. WWE is better.

Live with it.
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I dont see the shield losing in matches?

And ummm i like how half the people you named faces of tna are former wwe stars

Meaning they focus on wwe stars bigger.

Like when hogan and ric flair was there who did it focus more on? Flair and hogan which was one of the dumbest storylines ever.
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Your reasons are awful and illogical. However, TNA's wrestling can sometimes (a large majority of the time, actually) be better than WWE's. Storylines, production value and everything else is where WWE thrives and TNA isn't too good at.
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TNA for action wise.

WWE for PG BS.

WWE fans have been brain washed by Vince.
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What's your point? This is just another "WWE sucks TNA is better" rant, there's been a million of those, get over it bruh. Just don't watch it, you won't get anything out of hating it.
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Watch the Cena vs. Cm Punk No. 1 contenders match from Raw, that is all you need to see!
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