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TNA has Dudley Boyz, what the hell does WWE have?
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Default TNA has Dudley Boyz, what the hell does WWE have?

WWE no good matches and wrestlers.

TNA has better wrestlers.

Doesn't the WWE writers make you mad?

Like they waste lots of talent compare to TNA writers
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CHUNG CHOGAN is on a distinguished road

WWE has more money and better talents.

What the hell does TNA have?

TNA old and used WWE wrestlers and hicks.
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TNA is certainly growing. However WWE will always be one step ahead in the game in my opinion.

WWE is more globally recognized, they have more money and their history is a lot more widespread than TNA's.

Every well known global pro wrestler (MINUS STING) has had a stint in WWE at some point and the majority have had their biggest success and greatest pay days there too. It is a well run company and although fans often site their displeasure with the product from time to time on the internet, they still tune in every week to watch.

WWE will make money for years and years to come. However every dog has its day and TNA one day may take WWE off the throne, that being said may be many years from now but with the right production , writers and a positive booking and clever outook the interest in TNA might grow amongst casual fans and even some WWE fans might jump ship.
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The Great White Sheamus is on a distinguished road

WWE has Team Hell No
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CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are great talents.. And so are Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose..

Chris Jericho is awesome..

It's not that they don't have talents.. It's how they use them which frustrates me so much.
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Thousands of Professional Wrestling Promotions around the world have a Better Tag Team Division than WWE. You can easily go to an Independent Wrestling Show in your home state and find better Tag Team Matches on a consistent basis than you find in WWE. I've come to the conclusion that Vince McMahon doesn't like Tag Team Wrestling although The WWWF/WWF/WWE had Great Tag Team Wrestling for more than 4 Decades.
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Want to talk about irony? The running joke is that TNA is the retirement home for pro wrestlers......but look at WWE in 2013: HHH, Rock, New Age Outlaws, Undertaker, are the "big stars" of RAW.
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Are you kidding? I agree that WWE writers do waste a lot of good talent, but TNA pushes over-the-hill wrestlers who are 10 years past their prime, and it bothers me more because all of those wrestlers are working off reputations that WWE/WCW/ECW worked hard for. Those companies worked hard, put years of time and millions in marketing, had their wrestlers make those guys look good, etc. TNA didn't make Sting a star, WCW did. TNA didn't make Angle a star, WWE did. They don't make stars, they buy stars. And they buy them too late. Even guys like AJ Styles came from RoH. Except for Roode and Storm, TNA has never made stars, and even those guys aren't SUPERSTARS. Like, I love the Dudley Boys, and I think they're great heels right now, it made sense to make Bubba the leader of Aces and Eights. But the fact of the matter is they're still old stars and Bubba is 10 years too late. They have all this young talent, but who are the top dogs in A&8s? Bubba, Devon, Tazz and freaking D-Lo Brown. They made a GREAT call with Austin Aries, and then made him lay down to an inferior, past his prime Jeff Hardy just to get Jeff to sign a new contract. Not to mention having Hogan STILL hogging the spotlight every chance he gets.

You can not say TNA is better than WWE. Hell, all of 2011 was Hogan and Bischoff playing out the same tired nWo gimmick, while WWE was pushing CM Punk, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. Which company has the better roster? No contest. On paper, you'd say TNA. Sting, Angle, etc. But REALLY think about it. WWE has Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Ryback, Cesaro, the Shield, the excellent talent in NXT. Who's going to have the stronger roster in a few years? Is TNA going to rely on just Roode and Storm? Face it, guys like Mike Knox, Doc, Robbie E., Rob Terry, etc... those guys aren't STARS. On the other side, Ryback will be a star. Dean Ambrose will be a star. Dolph Ziggler will be a star.

To say that TNA has the better roster is just foolish. Their young talent pool is for the most part so weak that they have to keep pushing old, past their prime stars that the Big 3 promotions of the 90s made famous. If you could take both rosters and put everyone into their prime, maybe it would be a close call, but even then, TNA is still relying on WWE/WCW/ECW stars. So for you to say "TNA has the Dudley Boys" actually proves my point about WWE's superiority.
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