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My WWE 2013 Predictions?
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Default My WWE 2013 Predictions?

Ziggler will cash in the MITB at WM 29

Randy Orton will turn heel at WM 29

Big Show will turn face

John Cena will hold the WWE title at least until Summerslam

Ryback will win a World Title

Aj will turn face

@Did I Do Dat, I was talking about real life you idiot
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"My WWE 2013 Predictions"

Fail, the WWE '13 game came out in 2012.
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hmm not bad. Big Show turning face, that pretty much already happened. Randy Orton turning hell honestly, as much as us WWE fans want that to happen I don't see that happening just yet. Ziggler cashing in his MITB I don't see that happening just yet either. Most likely after Wrestlemania. Maybe. I do know Del Rio will win, and yes, unfortunately, Big E, and Ziggler will win the Tag Team Titles. I see tha happening by a long shot. Ryback winning a world title, I don't see that happening just yet either. WWE pushed the guy a little to much a few months back, and thanks to The Shield he doesn't have a title around his waist. I don't see the WWE pushing once again Ryback for a world or WWE title anytime soon. I want him to be a champion tho. United States champion perhaps? let's see. Aj turning face, I can see that, maybe later on in the long run. Her heel character is getting quite annoying and stupid, I tell you that much. John Cena, will be champion for a while I guarantee it. If you say he is going to hold it until Summerslam because of CM Punk, you're mistaken big time. CM Punk, won't be WWE champion for a long long long time.

Nice predictions.
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not bad, anyone could have predicted Orton would turn heel though and Ziggler cashing in at WM might happen but I doubt it. They have plans for Del Rio vs Swagger. Don't get mad at me this isn't what I want to happen just what I think will, I would love if Ziggler cashed in at Mania and won.

My predictions

-CM Punk will turn face

-Kofi Kingston will turn heel and debut a new character

-The Uso's will get released

-The Big Show will announce his retirement

-The Rock will face Randy Orton at a ppv

-The Miz will be injured

-Ziggler will turn on Big E after he starts to gain some of the spotlight and AJ will have to pick sides

-Rey Mysterio will announce his retirement

-The Shield will disband after a major loss

-Dean Ambrose will become a star

-Roman Reigns will get a major push

-Seth Rollins will be pushed with a new character until it flops and then will become a jobber

-Daniel Bryan will get back into the main event picture and stop jobbing and/or tagging
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Damn Big Show is going to turn face for a thousand times in his WWE/WCW Career. Cant say nothing about that and he should win the award for best of turning face/heel for a thousand times for the slammy. Anyways I don't see Ryback winning either the WWE or World Heavyweight titles maybe in the future he will but not right now. AJ will turn face soon because Layla is about to turn as a hell diva. Randy Orton may turn into a heel at WM 29 but then again maybe after WM 29. Either way we will see Randy Orton turns heel any moment now. Ziggy will cash in his MITB briefcase and will win the World Heavyweight title at WM 29 when ADR retains his title against Jack Swagger. Oh Team Hell No will retain their tag team titles at WM 29 against Ziggy and Biggy. As for the rest John Cena wins the WWE Championship against The Rock (ofcourse that's going to be the main event and after the match The Rock will hand the WWE title to John Cena and both will shake hands and raised both their hands with confetti coming out everywhere in Met-Life Stadium, Triple H will win the No Holds Barred match against Brock Lesnar meaning Triple H will not end his career yet with the WWE, and finally The Undertaker will be 21-0 at WM when he defeats CM Punk-a$$. Also I think Chris Jericho will face Fandango and this will be Fandango's first match as his dancing gimmick and will win against Y2J and ofcourse the battle of the powerhouse in WWE Ryback will win against Mark Henry, and also Wade Barrett will retain his IC title against The Miz..I don't know what they will do with U.S. Champ Antonio Cesaro though.
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Yes, i think ziggler will cash it in. There is no reason too hold it back any longer. this is why i am not looking forward to Swagger vs DEL rio. If ADR wins, too bad. I don't want him to win, but it won't matter. He is cashing it in.

Randy orton very well could. I agree. He might not though knowing wwe and they could randomly turn him any time they want. Even on a normal smackdown show, when your bored not paying much attention.

Bigshow: What i said above. Except it already happened. He knocked out dean Ambrose.

I don't want cena too hold the title the tile..Too bad for me because you are completely right. Want too know what will happen? He will beat the rock. They will fight in the main events of the next 2 pay per views. Superman wins both times with his 5 moves of doom

Ryback: I agree he will. World heavy weight championship. Not wwe title. but if he does it will be much later in the year. I'm talking October- November.

Aj is terrible on mic. She always drags her words like she is trying too hard. It's world wide TV, not a Middleschool Play.
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