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What do wrestling fans think of Chris Masters? saving his mom?
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Default What do wrestling fans think of Chris Masters? saving his mom?

This past Tuesday night,a man entered Chris' mother's home and held her hostage and threatened to burn the house down if anyone came near.The police arrive and he made good on his threat.So Chris arrived and UPROOTED A TREE and TOSSED IT THREW A WINDOW! The mom was saved and Chris is a Hero!


1.Don't you hate it when ex-Superstars are always referred to former WWE Superstars,whether they are working elsewhere or not?

2.If WWE posts this news on their website,would you find it hypocritical that they post only positive news of former WWE Superstars,but if they die from drugs or commit a crime,WWE fails to post it?
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obviously Kane Set The Fire, Set Up For Extreme Rules Return For THE MASTERPIECE
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Did he stop for a second to flex his pecks?
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I was hoping he'd give the arsonist the Masterlock.
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The police should question Kane.
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KANE IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It was an amazing feat of strenght and a heroic act. It was first reported by TMZ, picked up by a number of Professional Wrestling Web Sites and then spread across The Mainstream Media. Kudos to Chris Masters.

Yes, The Media either doesn't know or completely ignores other Professional Wrestling Promotions that he has worked for or is workign for.

Yes, WWE does do that a lot.
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Maybe he should change his name to Chris Hero since the guy who WAS Chris Hero was assigned another name after he got signed by Vince : )

Well, being that Masters isn't in the WWE anymore (or at least isn't on WWE TV) this can't be a publicity stunt for some angle Vince and/or his crayon-wielders cooked up, though it wouldn't surprise me if Vince re-signs Masters to play up this situation on WWE TV. The WWE is really overdoing their "see what awesome people we are with all our charity-work and teaching kids not to be bullies, helping 3-legged dogs cross the road, rescuing kittens stuck in trees, and pre-chewing food for senior citizens" and all that. Jeez...

This story reminds me of the time, many years ago, when former World Champ Buddy Rogers subdued an armed bank robber while he was holding hostages and trying to rob the bank Rogers was in. If I remember right Rogers tried to talk the guy into throwing down his gun and surrendering to the police, but the guy wouldn't do that, so Rogers just wrestled him down and subdued him until the police got to him.

It's good to read stories like this every once in a while, to counter the narcissism and butt-kissing that usually surrounds WWE wrestlers in the press. They're not all prima donnas all the time. Granted it WAS his mother but Masters did risk injury, possibly death, to save another human being from danger and harm. That is a definition of "hero".

1. Yep. Once Vince gets his claws into you you never really ever get them out. Anything you do after appearing in the WWE is always referred to (by the media) by how you relate to the WWE. That IS where most people know Masters but the WWE is not the only thing he's done in his life. The implication ("former WWE star") is that's the highlight of his life and he'll never amount to anything more than that, "former WWE star", or even come close to matching it.

2. Very hypocritical. Same with the WWE disabling (or removing) comments on their official youtube videos and other places, for fear that somebody will write something negative. Vince wants the world to believe that the WWE is like Disneyland, a magical place full of happy happy fun-time and nothing bad ever happens and the performers are perfect people. When the media reports the negative things and the WWE doesn't, it just makes Vince and the WWE look foolish, as though they're blatantly pretending the bad stuff doesn't happen and if they pretend long and hard enough they can believe the bad stuff really didn't happen.
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