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Who would win a dream match?: Evolution vs The Four Horsemen?
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Default Who would win a dream match?: Evolution vs The Four Horsemen?

I'm talking about Flair AA Tully in there primes takes on HHH Batista and Orton in there primes.

The Four Horsemen: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard (w/J.J. Dillion) vs. Evolution Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton.

I meant who would win a six man tag team elimination match?
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Evolution. Even in their prime the Four Horsemen were no match for the sheer power and aggression of roid rage. lol No, seriously, Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton were always in much better shape than the Four Horsemen and they also abstained from partying so they were much healthier, stronger, intellectual and had more endurance.
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i think it would be evolution if everyone is on their prime. even if they are not then, also evolution should win. why? let me tell u-

1) believe it or not evolution is the most decorated stable of all time. u see after armageddon 2003 evolution had every title the company had on its raw brand. hhh had the W.H. title, randy orton was the I.C. champ & batista & flair were the world tag team champs. whereas horseman also had the majority of the titles once but orton makes the difference. meaning orton was the longest reigning I.C. champ in past 7 months none of the horsemen ever had such a long mid- card reign.

2) if all men are on their prime meaning we have triple h against flair, orton against anderson & batista against blanchard. here we clear 2-1. meaning even flair beats hhh, anderson & blanchard will never be able to defeat randy orton(of 2007- 2010) or batista(of 2005- 2008).

3) even if we compare the star magnitudes then, also orton, hhh & batista will have a more star power than the other 3 mentioned(no disrespect they all are great wrestlers too) because apart from flair the horsemen don't have a world champion in this list at least. if u would have given sting or luger then, it would have been a real slobber knocker.

4) just a match written(interesting part mentioned)- flair & triple h will start first. after some styling profiling the nature boy gives some chops. then, a scoop slam. then, a knee drop. now, flair holding the leg but hunter kicks him. as flair comes running hhh reverses it to a spine buster. batista gets the hot tag, anderson gets the hot tag. there we go, nice take downs by batista. the animal is fired up. picks anderson up going for the clothesline but missed. anderson countered into a suplex. anderson taunting for the spinebuster but batista reversed it into spinebuster of his own. the animal has been unleashed. he is shaking the ropes. but as anderson was near to the ropes tully blanchard made a blind tag & as batista was turned blanchard eliminated him by pinning him after the piledriver. orton entering in after some brawling orton managed to hit the rope assisted DDT. viper is coiled but J.J. dillion was on the apron orton also was involved in the verbral war with dillion but was on the receiving end of the slingshot suplex. cover but ORTON GETS THE SHOULDER UP. blanchard going upstairs i'm not sure what he will do in frustration but orton suddenly gets up & gives him an R.K.O from the top of the turn buckle. blanchard is eliminated. orton gave hhh the tag flair entered after a big brawl hhh gave the spinebuster. hhh playing with the crowd. dillion once again on the apron argument this time randy punches him down to the mat but in the ring flair gives hhh a low blow & rolls him up. hhh is eliminated. orton enters tag made to anderson. anderson gets the upper hand on the brawl & hits the clothesline. spinebuster time but gets countered by a DDT. then, randy once again taunting for the R.K.O but misses it anderson lifts him up but randy takes him out. dillion on the apron & flair is also taunting the refree. randy takes both of them down & as he turns around he finds arn is on a kneeling position. the punt strikes. he pins him. flair enters the ring he first asks for mercy as orton goes near to the nature boy he gives him a thumb to the eye. then, he takes him down. figure 4 time but hhh & batista are taunting the refree flair goes to take out the distraction & as he turns around orton gives the R.K.O.

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Evolution. They are a lot stronger than the Four Horsemen, as they were able to hold every male title on Raw, and all 3 became World Heavyweight Champions during Evolution's existence. And later on in their careers they wouldn't hold the championship just once, they all held it at least 3 times, and they all held the WWE Championship at least twice each. Meanwhile, Flair is the only World Champion of the group
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I was gonna say it couldnt exist cause Flair was in both. But since you put them in a six man tag match. It really depends on teh promotion they are in. If in the NWA I'd say the Horsemen. If the WWE, I'd say Evolution. Both are heel factions. In WWE, managers are real good about getting banned or kicked out from ringside, Ric Flair would turn on the horsemen and join up with his Evolution buddies and complete the 4 man group. So no matter which group wins, The Nature Boy ALWAYS wins.
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