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Is tna better than wwe?
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Default Is tna better than wwe?

I mean let's think about this for real. Tna builds better superstars, they have entertaining and interesting segments. Those that cut promos are so good at it. Tag team and womens division is just as strong as their mid card and main event division. Their show just has that feel to it that's unexplainable and they also put on better matches. They put on matches the way punk/cena did like each week. The most important is their fans are the most loyal pro wrestling fans, wwe fans come and go fast, and the new fans now are rock fans. Tna needs to go global and wwe needs to take notes; not business wise but on the product.
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TNA has always been better than WWE, WWE Sux, and TNA Rox!

Just so people know why I hate WWE so much, there is way too much talking, hugging, bro-mances, commercials, repeats, recaps, pointless backstage segments! TNA isn't about this, it is about total non-stop action, the most prestigious titles, the best wrestles putting on the best matches!

Seriously, why does WWE need so many people in charge, they got Vince McMahon, Triple H, Booker T, Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, Brad Maddox! Half the damn roster are in authority roles, it is the stupidest thing I have ever seen!

Then you got guys like Big show Crying, Paul Heyman and Cm Punk hugging, Kane and Daniel Bryan Hugging, WTF!!! So many bro-mances, I straight, I don't want to see dudes all over other dudes, whats the deal with Jack Swagger hanging out with this dirty old man all the time, and Alberto Del Rio's love slave Ricardo!

Speaking of the Dirty old man, why does he have to be so rasicest, TNA is never racesist, you don't see anyone wanting to send Chavo back to Mexico!

TNA has the right formula, one show, One World Champion, One GM, no stupid talking segments, wrestlers who deserve to be in the main event, guys like Hogan leading the company into the 21st Century!

WWE has Hornswoggle and a Giant, A White Japanesse man and a tubby guy who thinks he is a dinosaur dancing, A walrus and a homeless guy who love to talk about how long they have held that thing WWE calls a championship!

Plus, why does WWE have to copy every little gimmick that TNA has!

Kane = Abyss

Zack Ryder = Robbie E

Triple H = Robert Roode

Jack Swagger = Kurt Angle

Cm Punk = Austin Aries

Stone Cold = James Storm

Rock = The Pope

The Sheild = Aces & Eights

When WWE starts being original, I might take them seriously, until then, I will stick to a product that delivers the best action, a product that doesn't cater to kids, and that Product is, TNA, brother....
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No way not even close I would say TNA is comparable to ECW I think TNA needs better management that is the only way they can be competitive with WWE like WCW was back in the mid 90's I also think it would spark more interest and create another Monday night war.
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wwe is best!

bcuz of its history

it have people like the rock!

cm punk the longest raining wwe champion in last 25years..

ofcourse john cena the ultimate face of entertainment.

most of the tna wrestlers are the one who have no spot in wwe rosters..

tna dosent have longest raining champion,

tna dosent have 2enemies put in to be a tag team

tna dosent have any wrestlemania streak like the undertaker.

tna rosters are never good on microphone as cm punk is..

wwe is better okay
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Tna is better

@Edge. Dont comment on stuff, if you dont know the truth.

1. Bobby roode is the longest regining world champ in tna(tna is ten years old), which created punks title regin. Also Austin Aries is the longest regining x division champ.

2. In tna, sting is undefeated at bound for glory, around/maybe 8-0.

3. Alot of people are better/same on the mike then/as punk like, Aj styles, bobby roode, austin aries, kurt angle, sting, kenny king, rvd, gail kim, velvet sky, matt morgan, mickie james, etc
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Yes in a parallel universe.
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no ,wwe is way better than tna.
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Well said.

WWE fans like to use numbers to "prove" the WWE is better than TNA. The WWE tours the country and the world more often than TNA. The WWE has more TV viewers than TNA. The WWE gets more PPV buyers than TNA. WWE performers are more well-known than TNA performers. They even say WWE performers are paid more than TNA performers as though they sit in on negotiations between the performers and the companies.

All of that is true. What WWE fans fail to mention is the fact that while the WWE is talked about more around the internet, the WWE is complained about more than every other promotion in the world combined. The WWE has more viewers/fans but those fans complain about everything the WWE does, from the main event stars to the mid-card performers to the Divas to the non-existent tag team division to the various champions. You don't see that with TNA and it's fans. WWE fans mostly watch the WWE purely out of habit; you can draw that conclusion simply by the amounts of complaints that are everywhere about the WWE; reading the comments/complaints you get the real impression that WWE fans really don't like the WWE but they keep watching out of habit and maybe just in case the WWE might on the off chance suddenly get better. TNA fans watch TNA because they enjoy the shows. Comparatively few complaints about TNA or it's performers. Most of the complaints about TNA are coming from WWE fans who don't watch TNA anyway; they just make generalizations and draw conclusions about who the TNA performers are. Invariably they are wrong in their observations but that doesn't stop them. You can draw another conclusion that WWE fans (who don't watch TNA) complain about TNA to make the WWE seem better to themselves.

The size of the fan base doesn't matter. What does matter are the reactions, opinions, and comments of the fan base. Based on that, TNA is MUCH better than the WWE. For me personally, TNA is much more entertaining and more fun to watch (than the WWE).

TNA IS "going global". It can't happen overnight but it IS happening. Their touring "territory" is ever-expanding, they are doing shows in other countries, and Dixie Carter herself is asking TNA fans to send in their tweets for where they want TNA to do shows next. TNA is listening to their fans, and responding to them. Can't say that about the WWE.
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