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How good was RAW on Monday?
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Old 28 Feb 2013, 01:02 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default How good was RAW on Monday?

I don't normally ask questions like this, but I was really, really impressed with RAW last night. The opening segment with Lesnar and Triple H was excellent, and the final match between Cena and Punk was probably the best of their series. Hell, that match could have headlined Wrestlemania and I'd have been more than happy. I thought it was that good.

I was a little disappointed The Rock wasn't there but really, he wasn't needed. Sheamus/Barret was good and that's a match I'm really pumped to see. I thought Orton/Cesara was pretty good as well. The segment with The Shield was very strong, and it'll be interesting to see where they go with them. Orton/Sheamus vs. The Shield?

Ryback/Ziggler was good and the Swagger/Miz match (and the preceding segment) was VERY good.

Anyways, what did you guys think? Good? Bad? Did you think it acted as a good preview or setup to Wrestlemania? Are you more fired up for Wrestlemania?
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Cena vs. Punk was one of the best matches I've seen in a long run. They were just going at each other!
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Opening segment - AWESOME


Cena vs Punk - AWESOME

Every part I missed - AWESOME
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not bad
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I was pissed because Undertaker didn't come back despite appearing at a house show between this RAW and the previous RAW....

I liked the Brock & Triple H fight, and the Punk & Cena match alot though

The rest was kinda forgettable
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It was a very good Raw, wasn't expecting them to open with Vince and Heyman fighting, the whole way that played out was kind of predictable, but it was also enjoyable to watch Lesnar and HHH go at it!

WWE did a lot of side promoting for it's films, I guess that is just something you have to expect though from WWE, it didn't take away from the good things WWE did on Raw, and the main event was just amazing, I don't think it could of been any better, a perfect 5 star match between two of the best in the business today, so Raw kept my attention through out the whole show, and I even went into work early Monday, usually a doze off during a few of the segments on Raw when I go in early!
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Cena &Punk was great
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the greatest Monday Night Raw episode i watch since CM Punk becomes World Heavyweight Champion in 2008, but in 3 years, it's just back to normal like this episode except the Divas division and the Women's Championship is back on track with girl-on-girl kissing and lesbian moments & hardcore diva matches.
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?S|E|S?? (Ul???m?n?is) is on a distinguished road

There are some things I would change, but it was still a great episode.

One thing WWE has lacked in recent months is that they don't know how to build toward the upcoming Pay-Per-View. In my opinion, I think every episode, even if it's one segment or match, should lead toward a Pay-Per-View, and the WWE fortunately accomplished that. The opening skit with Triple H and Brock Lesnar was excellently done. The blood was completely accidental but it added believability to the segment, as if Triple H was legitimately pissed off. And Lesnar's decieving smile really topped it off for me because it gives off the impression that Lesnar can take anything. But, I do NOT want to see this match at Wrestlemania. Their match at Summerslam was only average. The attack was a perfect leeway to a rematch but I would've preferred Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker and Triple H/New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield. Here's how I would've had it.

Triple H comes out. He explains how excited he is about Wrestlemania and asks the audience who they want his opponent to be. Lesnar and Heyman then come out. Heyman says that Lesnar destroyed Triple H at Summerslam and he wouldn't mind doing it again at Wrestlemania. Triple H then responds by saying "I know I can beat you, Lesnar, but this can wait. Because there's only one man who I want you against at Wrestlemania". The lights then go out. Everyone screams as if it's The Undertaker but when the lights come back on, The Shield is behind Triple H and they attack him. Lesnar gets in on it. The lights then go out again, and this time when they come back on, it's The Undertaker. He throws The Shield out of the ring and gives Lesnar a Tombstone Piledriver to end the segment. This leads to Lesnar vs. Undertaker and Triple H/New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar happens at Extreme Rules.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are probably my favorite angle right now. It goes beyond the limits of wrestling, where political moguls (most notably, Glenn Beck) are taking this sincerely. I guess I'm a stickler for controversy. And the fact that a foreigner is the World Heavyweight Championship makes it that much more great.

The matches were good. Cesaro vs. Orton, Miz vs. Swagger, Team Hell No vs. Primetime Players, and Ryback vs. Ziggler were all entertaining. Also, The Shield's segment was strong as usual. They're slowly becoming my favorite stable in professional wrestling (that includes indies). One thing I'm worried about is the fact that Seth Rollins looks like the crash dummy of the group, like WWE favors Reigns and Ambrose over him when I want Rollins to succeed the most out of the group. Besides that, they're looking great.

CM Punk vs. John Cena is THE feud of this era, no doubt about it. They're chemistry is just phenomenal, and it seems as if Cena always steps up his game when fighting Punk because he pulled out a Powerbomb and a Hurricanrana. Not the best match of the series (second best behind their Money in the Bank 2011 match) but still an AWESOME match overall. My problem is why was this match neccessary? What benefit did either of them have from this match? You would think that if WWE booked this match, it would actually change something, but.. it didn't. I would've done it like this.

Cena and Punk have their awesome match. At the end, Cena is going for an Attitude Adjustment, but Punk slides out of it. Cena turns around, and Punk goes for a kick to the end, but at the same time, Cena connects with a major Haymaker. They pin each other at the same time and the referee has no choice but to declare them both the winner, making it a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania.
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would of been 10 out of 10 if it was only 2 hours and it removed all of the movie hype segments.
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Not as good as TNA for a long time now including the last RAW. Even if Cena did a hurricanrana and powebomb it doesn't change the fact that WWE only wants to build up Cena. TNA has made every single wrestler they have look good in the ring other than Bishoff. Nobody even wants to see John Cena vs The Rock 2 unless they are kids. This is why TNA is better to me and Lockdown is gonna be my Wrestlemania.
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I thought it drug and was like watching paint dry we knew what was going to happen and sat there as it exactly happend No way does lesnar get beat up by the big ego triple h and sigh super cena again yawn. At least the crock wasnt there so that was good. Orton Sheamus Shield has no where to go. I thought Sheamus who is boring same ole same ole was going after Barett.

Why dont the heels win matches a

To many movie previews and far to many commercials in drug on and was typical at the end

Great showing by punk and cena at the end but oh gawd no super cena puke
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This might sound bad, but I usually only watch a few segments on Raw, and that was no different yesterday. BUT, the segments I did watch were very good.

The Triple H - Brock Lesnar piece was well done. Man, that was some awesome stuff right there. Lesnar is a freak. Dude got spinebustered, hit by a chair, thrown into the ring post and was leaking like a faucet, and still walked away with a grin on his face. That's exactly why I love Lesnar. I'll be the first to admit that I do NOT want to see a rematch at WM between these two (I don't want to see Lesnar lose), but last night made me a bit more intrigued.

I thought the Del-Rio - Swagger segment was good, not great. They did what they needed to for the feud to continue to grow. I do have a concern though however. I'm not sure if Del-Rio is good enough on the mic to make this angle as compelling as it could be. He's not as convincing as I'd like him to be.

The Shield did a nice job on the mic. I really enjoy Ambrose's unique style. His mic skills are so different from anything I've seen in WWE before. I'd really like to see him get some more air time and in a way be the spokesperson for The Shield.

And the last part of Raw I watched was the final match. Punk and Cena never cease to amaze me. I've seen a few people say they're "sick of seeing Punk and Cena", and quite frankly that's just insane. Who's going to produce better stuff than those two guys? Such an awesome match.

As for Rocky, yeah he wasn't "needed" per say, but come on, he's the WWE Champion. When's the last time the WWE Champion no-showed on Raw?

But yeah, Raw as a whole was solid. We're slowly but surely getting a better idea of what WM will look like. I still think they'd be much better served to go back to 2 hours though.
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The segment with Vince and Heyman wasn't as good as I'd hoped for. Heyman started "shooting" on Vince with his "you drove every promoter out of business, including ME" comment and I wanted more of that. I want somebody to stand in Vince's ring and tell that bastard OFF. Surprised Vince took that crutch shot to his hip and disappointed that Heyman really only got that one good shot. Vince got absolutely destroyed a few years ago by the entire Hart family; he couldn't give Heyman/ECW fans a little more than that one shot? That irritated me.

When Lesnar hit the ring, to be honest I was expecting a double-cross with Lesnar and Vince all smiley hugging and laughing at a shocked Heyman. Thankfully that didn't happen and Triple H came out to reignite his feud with Lesnar. Can't wait to see that match! Excellent ringside brawl.

FINALLY going to get to see Sheamus vs Barrett, a match-up I've been wanting for a year. Sheamus is my favorite WWE performer and I've been a Barrett fan since day one in NXT. The in-ring segment with those two was funny and entertaining.

Orton has finally stopped pissing me off to the point I fast-forward through everything he's in. I've been a fan of Claudio Cas-- I mean Antonio Cesaro for many years; always enjoy watching him in the ring. The match with Orton was good. Title match at WM? That's not a bad thing.

Moxley -- dammit, Dean Ambrose is pretty damn good on the mic. He reminds me a lot of a great NWA territories wrestler of the 70's and 80's named Dirty Dick Slater. Rollins is pretty good, too. Roman Reigns should just shut up and be a badass. Cena, Sheamus (vs Barrett), and Orton (probably) have WM matches. That just leaves Ryback and he's still wanting more of The Shield. 3 on 1 at WM? No idea; we shall see...

I may be in the minority here but I'm bored with Ziggler. I'd rather see Big E vs Ryback (or anybody else really). I've lost interest in whether or not, and when, Ziggler "cashes in". I'd rather see Big E take the briefcase, dump Ziggler, and go after a title belt. Ziggler was over-matched against Ryback and did about as well as I expected. I was more interested in the Big E/Ryback "altercation" and hope it leads to a match between them.

Swagger vs Miz was very good. Both seem to have a new-found purpose and it's showing in their matches (not just against each other). I'm really liking Swagger's new angle. I'm a long-time fan of Dirty Dutch Mantel and it's great to see him mentoring Swagger; Swagger will only get better under the watchful eye of Dutch. Swagger couldn't pull off this new angle by himself (he doesn't have the mic skills). It definitely needed Dutch to make it work. Swagger is getting a master's class in promo-ing, psychology, and being the bad guy, from Dutch. The MizTV segment (with Alberto) was the best MizTV they've done yet.

Cena vs Punk was the best WWE TV match I've seen in ages. It could have easily main-evented Wrestlemania. It had everything I want in a high-profile main event. Excellent wrestling action, drama, desperation moves from both guys (Punk's piledriver, Cena's hurracarana) trying to win, kicking out of finishers to stress the importance of the match, and best of had a WINNER. No cheesy count-out/DQ/run-in/time-limit draw BS. It was a 5-star match in every sense of the phrase.

The only thing I REALLY didn't like was that joke match between Kane & Daniel Bryan and The Prime Time Players. The only team in the WWE anywhere close to approaching something resembling a main event tag team and they got beat like THAT? Bad. Really bad.

Very good show all-around. We still have a few weeks before WM but this week's RAW was a strong starting point they can build from.
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