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On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Chris Benoit at his very best,on these attributes?
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Default On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Chris Benoit at his very best,on these attributes?










In-Ring Psychology-

BQ1- Juventud Guerrera;same thing. You don't have to answer this one. It's just extra.

BQ2- If you want,you can do RVD or Ultimo Dragon;in replace of Juvi.But again,just bonus.
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dead maybe
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Strength- 8.5

Technical- 10

Brawling- 8

Stiff/Force- 9

Submission- 10

Aerial- 9

Workrate/Heart- 10

Speed- 8.5

Agility- 9

In-Ring Psychology- 10

BQ: I will do it with Ultimo Dragon

Strength- 8

Technical- 9

Brawling- 8

Stiff/Force- 9

Submission- 8.5

Aerial- 9

Workrate/Heart- 9

Speed- 9

Agility- 9

In-Ring Psychology- 9
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Strength- 9. Benoit was VERY strong for his size; there really wasn't anything he couldn't do because he wasn't strong enough.

Technical- 10+. Benoit was as technically sound as any pro wrestler I've ever seen.

Brawling- 9. Tough as nails and wasn't afraid of being hurt. He was sometimes overmatched because his opponent was much larger, and he'd lose a brawl, but that never stopped him.

Stiff/Force- 10. Benoit didn't take it easy on anybody. One of the hardest hitters I've ever seen.

Submission- 9. He really only used the Crippler Crossface and the Sharpshooter. He didn't have a million submission holds but the ones he did were VERY effective.

Aerial- 8. Benoit was fearless but he wasn't an aerial artist like RVD or Jushin Liger. Benoit's aerial offense were just faster harder-hitting ways to pummel his opponents.

Workrate/Heart- 10+. Benoit wrestled every match, no matter the spot on the card, no matter the size of the crowd, as though it was a PPV main event. Benoit gave the fans their money's worth.

Speed- 8. His massive muscles slowed him down some. He was quick but not a speed demon.

Agility- 7. Like most guys with massive muscles Benoit was "muscle-bound" which slowed him down and limited his mobility a little. 20 pounds lighter Benoit could have rivaled Chris Jericho in speed and agility.

In-Ring Psychology- 9. Benoit was the best in-ring performer I've ever seen. His one "weakness" (if you can call it that) was his overly-aggressive balls to the wall style. He only had one gear, shift into drive and floor it, which sometimes made it difficult for him to wrestle defensively.

BQ1: Juventud Guerrera

Strength- 5. Power was not Juvi's strong suit.

Technical- 9. Almost every luchador is trained very well on the mat; Juvi is no exception.

Brawling- 7. He CAN brawl but at his size it's really not very effective.

Stiff/Force- 6. Most luchadors work very light, so does Juvi.

Submission- 2. The only submission I've ever seen him do is a single-leg Boston Crab.

Aerial- 10. One of the best high-flyers in the business.

Workrate/Heart- 9. When he's on his game, he's one of the most entertaining flyers in the business.

Speed- 10. Juvi is a speed demon.

Agility- 10. And made of rubber.

In-Ring Psychology- 8. He's a show-offy kind of wrestler, more about spectacular flying moves than telling a story.


Strength- 9. Very strong for his size, especially his legs.

Technical- 8. Very good but not exceptional.

Brawling- 5. RVD sucks at brawling unless there is furniture involved (which raises the score).

Stiff/Force- 8. Has a lot of high-impact strikes and moves in his arsenal.

Submission- 3. You rarely see RVD try submissions.

Aerial- 10+. One of the most creative and effective high-flyers in history.

Workrate/Heart- 10. You never see RVD phone in a match. He gives the fans their money's worth.

Speed- 9. Larger than most high-flyers RVD is deceptively quick and fast.

Agility- 10+. Maybe only Jack Evans is more agile than RVD.

In-Ring Psychology- 9. Gets his stuff in but never forgets he has to tell a story in the ring.
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