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Wrestlemania 29 stale card but good quality matches?
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Default Wrestlemania 29 stale card but good quality matches?

As you know the wrestlemania card seems pretty stable but it will be pretty good


HHH vs lesnar seems like a boring match with a poor storyline but this Monday how they beat the crap out of each other it seemed pretty bloody I see this match looking very bloody and very good like an early ruthless aggresion style match

Cena vs rock idk about this match I think this is a pretty unpredictable match because vince knows if the rock jobs to cena he will loose ratings and if rock beats cena he will loose his 3rd match in mania how I would book it rock bad mouths cena and makes cena get super booed and at mania cena is basically a face with a heel crowd at the end of the match cena beats rock and the rock goes for a handshake and gives cena the title cena hits the rock with the title and gets his thug crappy chain and hits him repeatedly with it surprising the wwe

Punk vs taker pretty good match i see it looking like a Bret and taker match punk is going to carry taker and taker is going to look good

Del rio vs swagger good political feud good technical match with lots of submissions

What do you guys think of wrestlemania 29
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I don't carry anybody, I refuse to let the Deadman have my spotlight. I will bury him once and for all at Wrestlemania a feet nobody else could ever perform because I am the best in the world.
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its lovable but not great let me tell u why? first of all, the main feuds are the ones that are fully decided they have really forgotten about their smackdown main-eventers & yes that name also includes a very talented yet a bit irritating randy orton. sheamus & chris jericho are other top names in this list. i don't know what they will do with shield & mark henry but for now let me tell my views on the card-

1) brock lesnar vs triple h- well everytime triple h is involved in a match since late 2010 it irritates me a bit & yes that list. the only thing i loved about "the game" since late 2010 was last years hell in a cell. triple h should move on now. i know many fans will hate me for saying this but ask urself is triple h still worth the main event? deep down u know the answer is a no. he still cuts class A- promos & does some decent to amazing segments but still i don't think its worth it. it will be like last 2 years wrestlemania but the only difference is this time brock lesnar will carry triple h's load instead of the undertaker. & as per brock ever since his return he is nowhere near to what he was in his previous stint with the company but yeah i believe he can still carry triple h's load in the match considering his job in summerslam 2012.

2) cena vs rock- bet cena will win & he won't turn heel because the only politics cena has played in prowrestling is telling the creative team not turn his character heel but it does'nt matters right i think the last time he was cheered by an entire section of crowd was when he came out to confront the big show & big johnny or wait a minute on raw 999 when he tried to cash the briefcase but somewhere near to that point only because now, he is struggling even for a mixed reaction. & as per rock i've said in my many posts that i don't wanna see rocky as the champ anymore so, it doesn't matters who ever ends his reign. i don't care if its cena, i don't care if its punk, i don't care if its zack ryder & i don't care if its u. just end it.

3) punk vs taker- another match of he year coming! this one is great. but i disagree with one thing u wrote that punk will carry his entire load in the match. yeah punk is great talent but taker doesn't needs anyone to carry his load. yeah he once gave a dud with giant gonzales at wrestlemania but that was due to a crappy gonzales not even able to walk properly in the ring due to that fucking suit. rest all of the wrestlemania matches undertaker has had he was the reason for every match receiving somewhere near to 3. he got many 5-star mania matches too. he gave it all with randy orton, shawn michaels, ric flair, triple h even against diesel a.k.a. kevin nash or king kong bundy or sid justice.guys like sid & nash are a guarantee for a negative rating. but this is a 5-star match for sure.

4) del rio vs swagger- it going to be an above average but the match will be good. i'm relying on swagger for 4-5 star rating because trusting always goes in vain. no matter whoever wins ziggler will cash-in.

there will be other matches like there was a plan of a orton-sheamus feud with randy being the heel. that will be amazing. jericho can face either ambrose or could continue with ziggler. mark henry i'm not sure what they will do with him because i think that they might want him to face an international sensation. i heard a rumor about shaq trying his hand in prowrestling. it will be good to watch. there will be some mid-cards feud too. it will be interesting to watch.
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