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How would you be as a WWE Wrestler?
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Default How would you be as a WWE Wrestler?

I want to be in WWE and I've always be dreaming about how I would be and what impact I would make. I ask anyone:

How would you set yourself to be not only a great wrestler, but also a great entertainer?

Real Name: Ronnie Faulcon Jr

Ring Name: Ronnie Faulcon

Face or Heel: Heel and then Face later on

Theme Music: Ya'll Don't Really Know By DMX

Styles: Brawler, High-Flyer, Submission, Technical

Move-Sets: MMA, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Street Fighting.

Stable Name: Begotten Ones or Begotten Brotherhood.

How would any of you male or female would present yourselves in WWE?
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I would be a heel later accepted by the fans as a tweener like Stone Cold was and a rebel that needs nobodies help and refuses authority, my name would be Ace Lee or Ace Williams from Texas and entrance would be Cowboys From Hell by Pantera or maybe Desperado by The Eagles lol... Style would be brawler and hardcore, move-set would be just basic powerhouse as I'm naturally a big strong guy basically like British Bulldog, Barbarian, Batista and Animal move sets with a little bit of Stone Cold mudhole stomping style with a technical side and some submissions mainly the Texas Clover Leaf or a crossface would be my well known submission with a type of power bomb also as a finisher and a powerslam or Oklahoma slam, Texas piledriver and clothesline from hell as signature moves. I would be introduced after Wrestlemania on Raw when Cena goes to the ring to talk about how great of a wrestler The Rock is and how proud he is to have shared the ring with him and after he goes to name Rock the most electrifying and possibly best wrestler to ever step foot in WWE the CM Punk comes out to say his normal speech saying he's the best in the world and he wants a title shot then the arena goes black my music hits then everything comes back to light and both are laying down bleeding but nobody has seen me yet then the following Raw I come out to the ring for my first match against the US champ a non-title match and totally demolish him and at this time everybody knows it was me cause of the music that played my entrance and after i get the mic give an aggressive heal speech on how I just ripped apart the US champ and I knew I would and thats why I did what I did the Cena and Punk because I'm the next WWE champ which later leads to a TLC match between me, Punk and Cena.
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MMA? Boxing and kick-boxing? Karate? High-flyer? Wow this guy is good! LOL
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I would call myself Tony Jabroni and be a bad guy
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Name Iron Lung

Gimmick Stoner

Song hits from the bong cypress hill t rays mix

Attire black tights with a red yellow green belt Buckle tha says 420 green gloves red boots yellow stonecold style knee pads with long blonde hair reaching below the nipples


Great entertainer like a chessy punch line like smoke my nuggets and toke on my blunt bitch

(To girls)

I am the bongmaster

Style technician like punk Jericho Bryan

I'll love to feud with punk straight edge vs stoners
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I would be me since I'm the best in the world.
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I would love to say that I would be great, but realistically I would be pretty bloody terrible.

But then again, so is Cena and he's retarded. So there is hope for all of us.
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