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why doesn't cena do us all a favor and just retire plus bq?
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Default why doesn't cena do us all a favor and just retire plus bq?

john cena ******* sucks and his fans that support him are garbage and don't know **** about wrestlng he as no talent he is always in the main event they don't put the wwe title in the main event anymore they put john cena's fruity *** in the main event instead and he is constantly getting opportunities and title shots it is a disgrace that cena has more title reigns than the macho man,stone cold, the rock, hbk, and mr.perfect it is a slap in the face to hard working wrestlers like ric flair it took flair 30 years to be a 16 time world champion and by less than 7 years cena is a multiple time champion they handed this bumb everything and cena is not on the level of the rock we all know cena is jealous of the rock wwe ****** up his 2012 return to put cena over but the rock still owned the no talent hack.then cena can't cut a good promo it is typical pg **** his promos are garbage everytime he does a joke it's not ******* funny this guy is unorganized everytime he follows the scripted it's bad acting he stuggles in segments he is a trainwreck of a in ring worker and when he is in a match he bumps on his *** instead of his back and this super cena gimmick is stupid the guy gets beat up in the entire match and the last moment wins wtf?

and cna hustle loyalty and respect is retarted cena doesn't stand for hustle he can't rap he is a ******* vanilla ice wannabe loyalty this guy is not loyal he refuse to turn heel for the company then respect i don't respect john cena this guy had the worst year in 2012 got his *** kicked by lesnar,rock, and even lauranitus first man to lose money in the bank and he's superstar of the year i don't know if the slammys was rigged or kids voting and wwe is pathetic when they edit the crowd the passed two raws they tapped they actually edit some crowd noise to put cena over because cena is getting his *** booed because he ******* sucks nuff said.and wwe done everything to put this bum over they exploit cancer and the troops to put this ****** over even the troops the men that sacrifice their own life for this country can't get a ******* wrestling show because cena is shoved down your throats and the stupid pg **** like the muppets,team hell no gimmick rybotch etc, you know men don't like cena because he is a phony and those cenatards wanna compare him to stone cold, the rock, goldberg, hbk, bret hart, undertaker, macho man, eddie guerrero, chris jericho, kurt angle, or mick foley you absolutely are stupid cena is not in the same league as those guys cena is like justin bieber and tim tebow they are no talent hacks and their merchandise is advertise just for the women and children not the grown *** men and adolescent teenage boys nuff said your opinions please

bonus question

and if a cenatard says the pg is better than the attitude era you are ******* gay and stupid because if it wasn't for the attitude era ted turner stupid *** will still have wcw and the wwe would've been bankrupt by now and cena gay *** would've been in massachussets being a coach or something and the old wwf attitude era fans we bought the tickets we bought the pay-per-views we the one's that's putting money in vince mcmahons pockets and how does he repays us turn the product to a ******* kid's show and we say **** this we not going to watch this garbage on our tv because linda's stupid campaign linda doesn't know anything about politician and she lost twice and lost billions of dollars campaigning last week raw had it's lowest rating in 15 years and tna is climbing for the ratings and if wwe doesn't change and fire the writers and release no talent hacks tna will become the next wcw and raw is diffrent now since the ruthless aggression they only have daniel bryan, john cena, cm punk, sheamus, big show, kane, randy orton, and rybotch when you look at that roster you think that is not a roster full of talent only some but there is no badasses on the other hand tna has a much better roster like austin airies, bully ray, james storm, bobby roode, kurt angle, samoa joe, jeff hardy, and aj styles and wwe doesn't know how to use their talents anymore they bury them to get supercena and supersheamus over while tna let talents show off their moves give them time on the mic to make a name for themselves cut promos heel or face and tna and tna women matches are more better than shitty diva 10 second matches and their title is always in the main event instead of their top guy

tna is not better than wcw nitro, wwf attitude era, wwe ruthless aggression era, old ecw but it is better than the pg era crap
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Let's all stop watching until Vince brings back the Attitude Era so we can b!tch about that!
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you honestly have no life to write all that and every day complain about cena. why dont you do us all a favor and leave this section and get a life.

you are the worst troll i have dealt with all year. at least improve your self or get a life
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geez, who's gonna read all that? lol Cena is'nt my favorite wrestler but I don't really think he's that bad either. I mean give the guy a lil credit, he's been going almost non stop for 10 years traveling, movies, commercials, appearences for charity, all kinds of things. His wrestling is'nt as good as some of the other guys u mentioned there but like I said he's not that bad.

And so what if ppl like him? Everyone's entitle to their own opinion
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I'm not going to read something repeatedly regurgitated from the mouths of immature 18-49 year olds. Your grammar is a disgrace to humankind. Your rant is officially irrelevant.

John Cena is the best superstar in the company today. You're not a Cena fan? Good job, that must mean you're the greatest wrestling fan ever! Note my sarcasm. Cena fans, like myself, are ten times more civilized and mature than Cena haters, like you, as proved by this garbage you wrote.

I'm skimming through the first paragraph and most of arguments are just insults, justifying the fact that you have no real reason to hate Cena, you're just hopping on the bandwagon like everyone else in this section and beyond. Jealous of The Rock? Really? That's not proof. That's just.. nonsense. Please try harder next time.

Boo'ed out of every building? Let's see. 40% are yelling "Cena sucks", most of them with deep voices, that must be.. oh, the IWC! The same people that got on their knees for Punk after his pipebomb and now hate him, the same people that loved Randy Orton in 2008 and now claim he's "boring", and the same people that can't get it through their thick skulls that the Attitude Era was complete nonsense and that it will NEVER come back.

Using "gay" as a constant insult is not only degrading, not only embarassing your image but it makes this rant look like more of a piece of sh*t than it was when I first noticed it. Work on that.

Please explain to me who has been "buried" by Cena in the last five years. Please. You don't know the definition of buried as I see it. Cena has been putting over other wrestlers in the last five years than you think. You're just blinded by this idea of "SuperCena" that you can't see the big picture. But in your defense, most of Cena's haters are pretty stupid.

In terms of wrestling and maybe even promos and character, Cena is better than Stone Cold, Mankind, Kane, Goldberg, Randy Savage and several more.

Do me a favor and stay in school an extra year, okay? I think that should be your top priority right now. You need it.
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Calm down dude
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First off, you need to learn how to summarize. Secondly, the reason he hasn't retired yet is because, as much as I hate him, he's dedicated to his job, he's surprisingly still the face of the WWE and the fans love him.
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Default Re: why doesn't cena do us all a favor and just retire plus bq?

Ok, I didn't read any of what you wrote, but Cena is too young to retire.
Bonus Question answer - Centaurs are not real
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