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Who feels like a little WWF/WWE trivia? These questions are truly for the educated fan, but...
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Default Who feels like a little WWF/WWE trivia? These questions are truly for the educated fan, but...

...all are welcome.? 1. Who are the only 3 superstars who have held the WWE title, WWE World Heavyweight title, and WWE ECW title? (Keep in mind these are all WWE versions of the titles)

2. There is a very popular wrestling star who has participated in 6 Wrestlemanias and 5 Summerslams but has NEVER won at either event? Who is he?

3. What was the kayfabe reason for the "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's departure from the WWF back in 1996. Be Specific.

4. At Wrestlemania 8, Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair for the WWF title, however Macho Man was not the original choice for Ric Flair's challenger. Who was first chosen to challenge Flair and why did plans change?

5. What current WWE superstar dressed as the Easter Bunny during the APA Bar Room Brawl at Vengeance 2003?

6. Who are the only two men since 1993 to win the Royal Rumble, but not challenge anyone at Wrestlemania for a major title?

BQ: Which Rumbles were they?

7. The winner of the King of the Ring tournament usually goes on to become some sort of world champion in the WWF/WWE. Since 1993, there have been 13 Kings of the Ring, but 5 of them have never been a WWF/WWE or World Heavyweight champion in the WWE. Who are these 5 men?

8. Who is the only Money In the Bank winner to never get the chance to cash in? and Why not?

9. Who are the only 2 superstars in history to win the WWF/WWE title at three separate Wrestlemanias?

BQ: Which three manias were they (for each superstar) and who were the champions they defeated?

10. I'll make the last one easy. Who were Mr. Perfect's 3 managers during his time with the WWF?

I have been a devoted fan since 1985 and I love trivia. I am curious who can get these first.

Good luck!

Congratulations to THE COMMON MAN.

You answered the them all correct. Even if some were looked up, you answered in a very impressive time frame


1. Big Show, Kane, CM Punk have all held the WWE title and WWE's version of the ECW title and World Heavyweight title.

2. Jeff Hardy. He is 0-6 at Wrestlemania and 0-5 at Summerslam

3. Steve Austin lost a Caribbean Strap Match to Savio Vega and Ted Dibiase's WWF career was on the line. Ted Dibiase was already leaving for WCW to join the NWO, so that was the story the WWF came up with to explain it.

4. Hulk Hogan was chosen by WWF President, Jack Tunney at a press conference, but Sid continued to challenge Hogan to a match at Wrestlemania and it finally changed to Hogan vs. Sid and Savage vs. Flair

5. Damien Sandow was in the Easter Bunny costume at Vengeance 2003 in the bar room brawl.

6. Stonecold Steve Austin in 1997 and Vince McMahon in 1999. Undertaker ended up with the title shot at Wrestlemania 13 (in 1997) again

against Sid. Steve Austin ended up with the title shot at Wrestlemania 15 (in 1999) against the Rock.

7. Owen Hart, Mabel, Ken Shamrock, Billy Gunn, and William Regal have all won King of the Ring since 1993 but never won a WWE/WWF or World Heavyweight title in the WWE.

8. Mr. Kennedy put his opportunity on the line against Edge in May 2007 and lost the briefcase to him. Edge went on the use it on the Undertaker.

9. Hulk Hogan won the WWF title at Wrestlemania 5 against Randy Savage, Wrestlemania 7 against Sgt. Slaughter, and Wrestlemania 9 against Yokozuna.

Steve Austin won the WWF title at Wrestlemania 14 against Shawn Michaels and Wrestlemanias 15 and 17 against the Rock.

10. Mr. Perfect was managed by Bobby Heenan, The Genius (Lanny Poffo), and The Coach (John Tolos).
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russo mania [? Special] is on a distinguished road

1.CM Punk,Big Show,and Kane

5.Damien Sandow

8.Mr Kennedy lost the money in the bank to Edge on RAW.

10.The Coach(John Tolos),Bobby Heenan,and The Genius
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Lets try

1) kane, big show, ?

2) Shaun Michaels


4) Bret Hart?

5) ?

6) lex luger?

7) billy gunn, ken shamrock, mabel, william regal, ?

8) mr. Kennedy. He lost that briefcase to edge

9) Triple H

10) ?
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1 - Punk, Kane, and Big Show

2 - Jeff Hardy?

3 - Steve Austin lost a match to Savio Vega. In reality (lol?), Austin lost on purpose to rid himself of DiBiase.

4 - Hulk Hogan. Sid Justice lobbied hard to change it after Hogan screwed him at the 92 Rumble.

5 - Damien Sandow

6 - Vince McMahon - 1999 winner; John Cena - 2008 winner. Cena may not count depending on how you define challenge at Mania, so lemme toss in Steve Austin from 1997 as well.

7 - Mabel, Billy Gunn, William Regal, Ken Shamrock, Owen Hart

8 - Ken Kennedy - lost the contract to Edge when he was injured in real life

9 - Stone Cold Steve Austin (14 from HBK, 15 and 17 from The Rock) and Hulk Hogan (5 from Savage, 7 from Slaughter, 9 from Yokozuna)

10 - Bobby Heenan, John Tolos, The Genius?
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OMG i dunno!, i guess punk on first
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