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If you don't like wrestling, can you still be a good fighter?
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Default If you don't like wrestling, can you still be a good fighter?

I did martial arts for 8 years. when i hit middle school i wanted to do wrestling, turned out i did not like it at all. I'm a quarterback for football, point guard for basketball, and sprinter in track. i also do swimming. i just want to know, if i were to go into the MMA, would i be a good fighter without a background of wrestling.

-please help!!!!!
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Yes you would still be a good fighter wrestling is stupid and can u seriously see anyone doing wrestling kind if stuff in a fight so yes you would still be good especially if you have done 8 years or martial arts training
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You may need some of wrestling fundamentals. Youdony necessarily need wrestling but it will be better if you knew it going into MMA. If you are trying to be an MMA fighter you will need to be really well rounded.
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It's possible.

Junior Dos Santos is a beast, all he uses is his fists, but he practices TakeDown Defense A LOT.

Instead of becoming an expert wrestler, you can just become an Expert On Defending Against Takedowns.

In MMA this is even more true, you can take up Jiu Jitsu, (a big part of MMA and a counter to wrestling)

p.s. DONT LISTEN TO DONALD... He's one of those "wrestling is everything" people..

The proof is in the UFC, there are Many UFC Fighters who only use striking/takedown defense.

Wrestling isn't a necessity...
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I suggest you at least learn the basics & fundamentals of wrestling if you want to have a successful MMA career. Wrestling is not a necessity in a controlled MMA environment but more of a asset when doing Mixed Martial Arts at a professional level.

Please stick to your primal art, whether it's Taekwondo, Karate or Muay Thai, yet never limit yourself to one technique and rather try to grasp every style of fighting, opposed to being one dimensional.

Adding wrestling to your arsenal will greatly help you prosper in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Like previously stated, that learning wrestling in MMA is not obligatory, but if you decide to learn that craft, then your skill will greatly improve your chances of winning.

You're Welcome!
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There are many different forms of fighting, so yeah. You may not study in wrestling, but that's fine because there's karate, Tae Kwon Doe, all sorts of other fighting styles. You can fight in MMA, just not as a wrestler, really.
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I respectfully disagree with the other answers.

No: You would not be a good MMA fighter without at least a moderate background in wrestling.

There are some necessary things you learn in wrestling that you're unlikely to learn in other martial arts. The most obvious one is takedowns. Now, if you want to learn judo, you can learn some takedowns. And there are other skills, like Sambo, that could help. But, one way or the other, you need takedown skills.

Meanwhile, as others have noted, you need a good takedown defense. Yes, I suppose you might be able to develop that without really knowing wrestling. Still . . . .

But there are lots of elements of ground control that you should know. Sure, BJJ will teach you a lot. But a lot of what you'd want to do on the ground in MMA goes beyond what you'd learn in BJJ.

Finally, even if you don't like wrestling, you should know enough so that your opponents don't immediately go to that to defeat you. Here's an example: My son started off with traditional martial arts, then did wrestling in high school. He added grappling and then BJJ. Finally, he added kickboxing. Striking is his weakest area and he really prefers a ground game. Still, he's fairly good at striking and has a really mean left hook. The striking helps him have a more rounded game and helps him set up takedowns. He's exactly the sort of person you wouldn't want to face--good enough at standup to be a threat, but really dangerous on the ground. That's what you're going to run into--and the type of person who's going to beat you--unless you get reasonably good at wrestling.

Oh, and one other thing. Wrestling is great for cardio and conditioning. Yes, you can just exercise to strengthen your cardio, but if you really want stamina, don't ignore wrestling. And that's critically important in MMA.

Hope that helps.
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