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wrestling question ??????
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Default wrestling question ??????

wwe v.s tna

1.better roster

2.better show
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Better Roster: WWE, but the WWE doesn't use them correctly

Better Show: TNA, but they don't want a live road show so its kinda unlikeable.
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TNA has Hogan so therefore it is inferior.
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???m ?? Mascot ?su????? ?????? is on a distinguished road

roster: TNA

show: WWE
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1. TNA. A lot of WWE guys go to TNA. Angle, Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Devon, Luke Gallows(DOC), Devon, Bully Ray, Hogan, etc.

2. TNA. Edgier, more wrestling then talking, better storylines, better roster, and better segments.
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1. WWE

2. WWE
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Roster - TNA has a better roster, top to bottom. WWE has a larger roster. I think the WWE is too spread out. Would be better if they dumped superstars and just had Smackdown and Raw.

Owners - McMahon aren't Billionaires. Vince was a billionaire once in his life and it lasted less than a year. His current value is about 340 million. The Carters are also multi multi multi millionaires. The McMahons have the edge with 59 years of experience the family has had in the wrestling business. However, Shane and Vince clashed to often and are like oil and water. Not to mention Shane has always been against HHH having any power or booking say.

Matches - I am sorry but TNA puts on better matches than WWE. If you can't see that then you have no business watching wrestling. WWE is limited and bland when it comes to their matches. TNA is always pushing the limits. You are 95% more likely to see a move you have never seen before in TNA than you are in WWE.

Diva's VS Knockouts - HUGE difference between the two. TNA hires woman wrestlers who are experienced wrestlers. WWE hires models and turns them into wrestlers. However, most of the WWE Diva's re still very green. Don't get me wrong TNA has brought in some models and they have forced us to watch them attempt to wrestle. But! not to the extent that the WWE goes. TNA hands down has the better woman's division. TNA sports both a singles World Title and Tag team world titles for the woman. WWE used to have two woman's champions 1 per brand and no tag team titles.

Tag team division - Hands down TNA. WWE simply has no credible division to speak of. They just put the tag titles on singles performers like Kane/Daniel Bryan. DX is now the oldest tag team on TV between TNA and WWE. Booker T and Stiener were the oldest but that team has been split up and Booker T is no longer with TNA. Team 3D are younger than HHH and HBK.

High flyers - No contest - TNA again. WWE has some in Bourne and Mysterio. But all in all no contest. TNA all the way.

Who's pushing their youth more: TNA hands down again wins this one. Current TNA champions - Jeff Hardy, Devon, RVD, Tara, Eric Young/ODB, Hernadez/Chavo. TNA is going through a youth movement and is phasing the older stars out of TNA.

In WWE CM Punk, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro, Eve, Kane/Daniel Bryan. WWE is pushing SOME youth but as you can see Big Show, Kane, CM Punk are no longer considered YOUTH. So TNA hands down is pushing youth 100% as every title is held by a young wrestler. WWE is around 45%

FANS / Fan base - WWE has been around for 59 years. They have a established fan base of 5.5 million fans. TNA has only been around for 7 years and in that time has a established fan base of 1.9 million fans. I am more impressed with the fact that TNA has 1.8 million fans in only 7 years than the 5.5 million the WWE has now. However, the WWE does currently have the larger fan base. Everyone knows about the WWE. This all could change as more people discover TNA. I heard they might do a super bowl commercial which will introduce TNA Wrestling to 100 million people around the world. IF that happens then maybe we could see a closer gap in the ratings.

Production value. WWE hands down better. A benefit from being 60 years old. However, Look at WWE back when Wrestlemania started or even when Raw started. TNA's current production value blows them both out of the water only 10 years in. The point is that TNA is WAY ahead of the curve ...It took the WWE 30 years to accomplish what TNA has done in only 10 years. THAT IS AMAZING!

CREATIVE - They both have their ups and downs. However considering that WWE is PG and Kiddie programming I am giving TNA the win here.

In the end it is my opinion coming from a one time die hard WWE fan that TNA Wrestling is the all around better product. However, I cant wait to see what TNA will be like when their fan base grows and they can start filling 15,000 seat arenas and take a Live TV show on the road.
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Better roster: TNA

Better show: TNA

10 times bigger: WWE

Why? I don't know.
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Better roster: WWE, but they really just don't treat them correctly, with all the Jobbers they have and the PG Era.

Better show: I really don't watch it that much, but when I do, TNA always outlasts WWE, especially with the Divas (or Knockouts as I'm told they're called)
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