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i give up wwe after wm 29 if this pg crap keeps happening?
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Default i give up wwe after wm 29 if this pg crap keeps happening?

i have alot to say but if you are a pg era fan criticizing me you do not know shit about wrestling

we all know john cena is fucking garbage but he forgot to admit he can't be a good mic worker and botch in all of his matches and his fanbase are kids and women and he is not the best of all time worst main eventer yet wwe keeps pushing this no talent hack and give him title opportunities and it is disgusting that john cena has more title reigns than hbk, the rock, stone cold, macho man, undertaker, ric flair, bret hart ,or kurt angle

and cena has the balls talk about hustle royalty and respect get the fuck out of here cena got everything handed to him on a platter and cena constantly goes over talent and this man refuse to turn heel for the company the writers suggest cena to turn heel but he says he can't because he is a inspiration to his fans that hasn't passed puberty 40 year old virgins and stupid women and wwe exploit the troops and cancer to put him over this company is shit and i heard wwe edit the crowd so the let's go cena chants is loud if this true wwe u are pathetic and the commentators try to put him over we do not get good commetary no more i miss classic jr attitude era and ruthless aggression instead we have no talent hacks like josh matthews and michael cole (cole was a bitch in the attitude era)

here's a link for what cena admits he can't learn a wrestling move

i am sick of pg wwe shit even the soilders can not get a good wrestling show with hardcore wrestling and the soilders are mostly men and they have to sit through watching the muppets and brodus clay fatass dancing vince is suppose to be ashamed of himself.

they are stupid the writers are garbage fire them they refuse to put ziggler in the main event they always put john cena bitch ass in it wwe seriously need to push the shield to further their careers but we know that wwe is gonna fuck that up they need to stopped making kane like a joke with the gay ass "yes" and "no" chants. the "what" chants are better than this shit and they need to stop missusing daniel bryan he is a great technician wrestler and wwe makes him act like a jackass and wwe needs to release no talent hacks like zac ryder, heath slater, david otunga, great khali, jinder mahal, and brodus clay i didn't say hornswoggle because i thought the mcmahon hornswoggle promos were kind of entertaining back in 2007 before wwe went pg.

i hate how wwe try to fuck up the rock's return back earlier this year because the coo triple h is jealous of the rock at least the rock earned everything triple h got everything handed to him he was in hbk's shadow in dx and he fucked the boss's daughter to get over and he books his own title reigns back when he was in evolution because he is the son in law after all and he fuck up brock lesnar return by having him loose to the no talent hack john cena and triple h's ego to face lesnar at summerslam and then have a retirement tease on the episode of raw with that video package showed him dressed as the rock like he owned him well triple h compare bank accounts with the rock you tool

i am sick and tired of the wwe product selling us men boring pg bullcrap if it wasn't for the fans wcw would've been and wwe would've been bankrupt we tune in every night in the attitude era the best era in professinal wrestling to see tv 14 entertainment where blood was allowd and we do not see officals come down to the ring and cleaning off blood on a superstar cause it is pg we see the crowds are wild and always excited but now crowds are silent now cause it is full of kids and women the only crowds that is loud is anti cena crowds like in chicago miami new york and philly.

if u do no like what you see in wwe i suggest tna tna is not good than the attitude era ruthless aggression era wcw nitro ar the old ecw but it is better than this pg garbage

tna actually push their talents it is a wrestling show for god's sake wwe ratings are going down linda lost senate twice why wwe doesn't go back to tv 14 what are they scared of?

i am sick of this fucking garbage
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The following is on USA Network at 7 but in all seriousness if you care so much why dont you go to college for film,drama,tv,or whatever degree and become a WWE creative writer.
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And if WWE does bring the AE back you would still complain on how it's a) a rip off of the original AE or b) the new AE sucks. If you hate it so much stop watching.
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If your getting sick of WWE PG.

Watch TNA Impact Wrestling Total Nonstop Action 2nd largest and fast growing professional wrestling promotion in USA. ( )

I've watched TNA since the start and always grow up watching it but however I did watch WWE 2006-2009. But I'm 15 so I can tell the difference the WWE and TNA of what they are producing in terms of wrestling matches and more.
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Very big question
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PG, this makes the WWE becomes a novel for children, was very good at was that damn attitude just makes the PG WWE loses the grace and excitement of before no longer exists, if it continues like this I prefer to watch the BWF.
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Its true, the crowd cheers are fake when John Cena comes out, even the chants are fake. Notice how everytime John Cena comes out, the crowd cheers sound the same pitch even with dead crowds.
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I say fire the creative writers team for wwe & that Fake Cena
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