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Random ??? ????????? Questions?
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Default Random ??? ????????? Questions?

1.Why doesn't the National Wrestling Alliance use the Big Gold Belt anymore?

2.Now that N-W-A lost it's Hollywood show,what's it's biggest tv show now?

3.Would Ring of Honor get bigger by joining N-W-A or will joining hurt their promotion?

4.When retired wrestlers start their own promotion,why don't they join N-W-A?

5.Would the Welsh family have any luck if they bring back Continental Championship Wrestling this day and age?

Welch* family (ie Robert Fuller)
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1. I think the WWE bought the rights to it with WCW. It's the current belt on Smackdown, correct?

2. I don't think it has anything resembling a big show to be honest at the moment. When they lost Hollywood, they lost their biggest exposure. Cabana, Pearce, Ryan, and various others really made an impact on the 10 lber that probably wont be reached again anytime soon.

3. It'd be a setback at this point. I think ROH joining NWA would be a bigger help for NWA than it would be ROH. ROH has it's own identity and has built a reliable brand that a lot of wrestling fans still put stake in. I don't think many people put much stake in the National Wrestling Alliance these days.

4. Politics mostly I'd assume. Politics and ego. From both sides of the fence.

5. I don't know enough about CCW or the Welsh family to properly answer this question. But you've given me homework.
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1. It was owned by Jim Crockett Promotions. When they left the NWA they kept the belt.

2. I don't know. There is no NWA programming available here.

3. It wouldn't make a difference.

4. They don't want to pay the fees.

5. Locally, maybe. Nationally, no.
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1. The NWA never owned the Big Gold Belt. That belt was made (by Jim Crockett Promotions {JCP}) specifically for Ric Flair when he was NWA World Champ based in JCP. It was property of JCP and included in the sale from JCP to Ted Turner. When Vince bought the out-of-business WCW the Big Gold Belt was included in the sale. Vince owns the Big Gold Belt.

2. It SHOULD have been NWA On Fire. That NWA promotion was going to get a prime time weekly TV show. Vince stopped it. The TV spot that should have gone to NWA On Fire now shows WWE Main Event every Wednesday night. That killed the NWA's exposure on a national level. Several months ago, in a rather highly-publicized (for something NOT WWE) squabble, the NWA's ownership was transferred (from NWA Hollywood owner Bob Trobich) to a damn lawyer in Houston. NWA Hollywood was the flagship NWA Promotion. That Houston lawyer immediately changed the NWA from a "membership" to a "licensing" type of business, which caused many NWA Promotions (especially NWA Hollywood) to withdraw from the NWA. Current World Champ Adam Pearce and former World Champ Colt Cabana both left the NWA as well. Pearce vacated the title upon leaving the NWA. The current NWA World Champ is a guy I've never heard of. Where he's based I don't know. I'm not even sure the NWA HAS any TV shows anymore, and if they do, it's just at the very local level.

3. It wouldn't hurt ROH but it would do nothing for them. ROH is doing well enough as an "indy" (it IS recognized by everybody as the Number 3 promotion in North America). The NWA's recent history of revolving door memberships, fighting over management, and the recent change from "membership" to "licensee" has done nothing but hurt the NWA's legacy. The NWA would benefit FAR more having ROH than anything they could do for ROH.

4. When the NWA was THE power in North America (and the world, really), they did. Benefits far out-weighed the rules they had to follow, AND they got appearances from the NWA World Champ (when guys like Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr, Harley Race, and Ric Flair were Champs) on some of their shows. With the NWA's problems and the ever-decreasing value of the NWA name, it doesn't do anything for them to join anymore. They have to pay to be members but they really don't get anything in return. The NWA just doesn't have anything to give anymore.

5. I seriously doubt it. That area is synonymous with Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler; they had a friendly rivalry between promotions going on and Jarrett's Memphis territory had better TV coverage than Welch's CCW (based in Knoxville). I don't think anybody even remembers Roy Welch and his family anymore. The final years of CCW were much different than what Welch promoted. The company was booked then by Eddie Gilbert and Paul Heyman and the shows were a lot like what those two would go on to do in ECW. Welch's old-school "rasslin" really doesn't work anymore, sad to say.
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