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Do you actually believe wwe has improved, if you do, so sad?
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Default Do you actually believe wwe has improved, if you do, so sad?

Wwe hasnt improved. heres why

1. Tag division is a joke. the tag champs are two comic reliefs.

2.the divas divison is a joke. they have lost great talent and are left with whores. eve torres sucks.

3. They over promote things

4. Majority of the shows Is talking.

5. They do to much social media crap

6. They are predictable

7. They are using to much past wrestlers like flair, dreamer and boogeyman.

8. No crusierweight division

9. Aj lee is boring and a channel changer

10. Smackdown sucks

11. Ppvs suck

12. The midcards suck and titles arent Relevant.

13. The wwe marks make it suck

14. Ryback suck

15. They have wrestlers like 3mb, brodus clay, khali, Hornswoggle, zack ryder, santino marella and adr who suck.

To all people who say they are, i say bullshit.
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I am a Wrestling GOD? is on a distinguished road

1 i agree tag divison sucks

2 I agree except Eve and Katylin put on a good match on smackdown

3 i dissagre they dont promote matches enough

4 Raw is three hours adn Smackdown was commerical free tuesday so there is gonna be alot talking

5 agree

6 agree

7 not really they are foucusing on new guys The sheild is a good example of that

8 Yeah and they are talking bout bringing it back

9 I like AJ Lee she has been keepin things intresting

10 Aggreed except tuesdays show

11 They have had soild ppv TLC Mania Rumble this year

12 I dissagree Kofi and Cessero hold the title well

13 cant blame it on ppl who llove the wwe

14 No i think Ryback is solid in the ring

15 Del Rio is a good wrestler so is Drew Macintire of 3mb
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I think the Tag Division exists more now than it did a few months ago, and beside being comic relief, they are also a monster face and one of the most talented guys in recent memory.

The diva's division has been a joke since 2003, it was good for about 3 years but even before then it was a joke. Calling them diva's alone is pretty shit, A Diva is not a good name for someone. Triple H also stated about a month ago that when he takes full control (and he already has a lot of control as it is) of the company that he will be dropping the women's division entirely.

When it was two hours only 1/4 of that runtime were matches, the collective time of the 4 or 5 matches amounted to about 33 minutes on good day of Raw. I doubt it's gotten any better.

Seeing as most people in the WWE can't actually do a decent or original promo it doesn't make sense to make the majority of the show, promo's.

As someone who hates Twitter, I really couldn't care less who's 'trending'. If I want to follow a wrestler, I'll get a map and wait for the restraining order like everyone else.

I unlike most people am not a big Flair fan, even when he was younger his matches were too formulaic and yes his matches bored me, longevity does not make you great. I will lose what little respect I have for him if he wrestles in a WWE ring. No is no point signing Dreamer to a company that is PG, I do like Dreamer but he can't wrestle to his full potential-he's the innovator of violence why sign him when he cannot innovate violence on a PG show?

I do miss the cruiserweight division, and they have so many guys now who be in it.

I liked AJ's gimmick to start with but that was many many months ago, I really don't care if she's now dating Ziggler or if she fucked John Cena.

Smackdown has been on a sliding scale for a while, it was at it's best years ago.

I only buy Wrestlemania.

They are starting to make the US and IC titles matter and the WWE title (though it still looks shit) has gained prestige with Punk.
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You just answered your own question.....
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Candle (87%) is on a distinguished road

Okay. Let's look at your claims.

1. Yes, they are funny. But they're also both former world champions. They're also one of the more entertaining things going in wrestling anywhere right now. While I do believe the division still needs work, with teams like the Usos, Rhodes Scholars, and Mysterio/Sin Cara lining the roster, I don't think it's in nearly the bad shape that it once was.

2. Eve is pretty talented in all facets of sports entertainment. While I can't say the booking for the division has gotten much better, I'd hardly call Eve, Layla, Tamina, or Natalya talentless whores. But I tend to agree, the division isn't getting better booking wise.

3. In what way?

4. True, but at least about 90% of the talking is entertaining. Punk and Heyman have kept me watching, and Cesaro isn't bad on the mic.

5. I tend to agree. Tout and twitter needs to die.

6. Most wrestling is predictable if you watch it long enough. It's a formulaic sport. It can't be helped.

7. Flair, Dreamer, and Boogey Man aren't even written. Boogeyman was on for less than a minute, Dreamer had ONE match,and it's not like Ric's getting in the ring. They were a spectacle for the Slammy's, and outside of maybe Flair, wont be on TV again anytime soon.

8. Who cares? Most of the guys who would've been considered cruiserweights years ago are headlining PPV's, and getting time to deliver awesome bouts.

9. Agreed. I wish they'd just let her wrestle.

10. Also agree.

11. Disagree. WWE's had quite a few good PPV's this past two years.

12. Not true. Cesaro's a big deal. He's not losing matches and he's defending the US title regularly. Likewise, Kofi's getting plenty of spotlight. The midcard straps are more relevant than they have been in years. Both champs also tend to deliver the best match on the show and have time to do it.

13. That's an opinion on the fans, not the product. I can't make you like WWE fans, and neither can Vince.

14. He's green, but he's entertaining.

15. Most of those guys are barely on TV anymore unless they're losing to someone. Outside of 3MB and Santino, I can't even tell you the last time I've heard most of those guys talk

I'm not the biggest WWE fan in the world, but I give credit where credit's due when it's due. Raw's been entertaining. I don't think it needs 3 hours, but it's entertaining. Are there flaws in the program? Yeah, but few promotions with so much episodic air time to kill have a flawless track record. As a matter of fact, none do. Name me any promotion and I can point out it's flaws.
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Kurt is on a distinguished road

1.Yep true

2. Defiently agree about the divas divison they only have 3 minute matches these days, disagree with Eve Torres i find her exciting.

3.Who cares


5.Agree, it's starting to pee me off


7.I like see past wrestlers so i disagree.

8.Don't care

9.How is she boring, i find her watchable.

10.Smackdown is more edgier than raw so i disagree.

11.Yep most of them, some are good like tlc,wrestlemania,royal rumble,mitb,extreme rules.




15.Yep they all suck except adr
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