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How's WWE been lately?
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Default How's WWE been lately?

I have not watched wwe since RAW's disappointing 20th anniversary (Don't remember if it was 25th or w/e don't really care)

I'm curious as to what has been happening but too lazy to watch all the episodes since that one. Did HHH win against Brock? Did he get crushed? Is Ryback still throwing jobbers around? Hows Dolph Ziggler these days, and most importantly, please tell me that AJ Lee is GONE. Also hows the mid card going. Easy best answer question plox reply.

I don't care for wwe either, just wondering.
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wow, sorry, im not answering your question, but wwe... wow. i havent watched that since the very first time ufc was allowed on regular tv. i was completely religious on my wrestling watching, but once i witnessed something real, i havent been able to watch that fake stuff. the only thing i could think of, is wanting to see all those big name wrestlers, get into the octagon. that would be awesome
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HHH got his arm injured again when he fought Brock.. and he tapped out..and he's not around since the raw after his match..

Ryback is a one tough hungry beast.. actually he had two WWE championship matches against CM Punk but he lost both of them.. Punk cheated his way out to keep his title.. and Ryback will have a TLC match against Punk at TLC..

D.Ziggler is in a feud with Cena.. and he is still Mr.Money in the bank.. if he loses the ladder match against Cena at TLC he loses his money in the bank contract..

AJ Lee is no more the GM but she is still a WWE Diva..

I guess the easy answer is.. WWE is a bit boring these days..
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There is a story line involving 3 unknown wrestlers calling themselves "The Shield" and interfering in matches. The story line has caught my interest. I just hope WWE writers don't screw this one up. Brock "injured" HHH.. Ryback has actually been interesting and turned fan favorite over this "Shield" story line I just mentioned. Unfortunately, AJ is still around and even more immersed in stories. She is currently John Cena's love interest..(BARF). The mid carders are just having very fast matches, nothing exciting. Cm Punk celebrated his 1 year anniversary as Champion, he is now a heel. Jerry Lawlor had a real life heart attack during RAW, he is back now. It is this unknown "Shield" story that makes me tune it in now, it is actually pretty interesting to watch and see where it goes.
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Yuu're referring to The 1000th Episode of Monday Night Raw, which took place on Monday, July 23, 2012. The 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw will take place in 2013 and from what I read last week, WWE is making big plans and will bring back a lot of Former WWE Wrestlers for that one. If yuo're that interested in WWE, WWE has a Web Site, a Section on Facebook, a Sectin on You Tube, a Section on Twitter, a Section on Tout and a Seciton on Shazam and WWE updates Content al the time.
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No swearing

Bad or Poor Booking

No blood

No Weapons

No hard core matches

Boring wrestling match action

No high flying action

Too much talking and less wrestling.

= Boring

Watch TNA if you like blood, high flying action, swearing, hard core, ETC.
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Kind of boring
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